Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Do You Cherish to Possess a A Civilized Nature ?

For many years, I was under the impression that power corrupts only the rich and the affluent people. But keen observations later have forced me to change that perception.

I now know that power corrupts all.

If it does not, then the person concerned is either senseless or highly civilized.

' Possessing the highest power and not using that power for self aggrandizement is a mark of the highest civilization' .

This is one of the highest learning of human philosophy. 

That is what my book of super mortal origin keeps reminding me !

Once I was introduced to a soldier of a paramilitary organization.

He appeared to me as a very simple and decent fellow. May be because I was a friend of his boss and there was nothing of sort at that time for him to exercise his powers on me !

But one day I saw the same person using his lathi (stick of the policemen) so inhumanly to terrorize a group of road side vendors. He was beating all who had not paid him the weekly hafta [bribe] for allowing them to carry on their business on the road side ! He was trying to exert his power and authority selectively for his own benefit on those poor fellows on whom he could do that whimsically!

Almost all people whom I have known personally as simple, good persons have shown the tendency of becoming rude and unfriendly the moment they get to some position of power. I have seen them coming back to normalcy only when they are no more in that power position. The transformation to either way has been observed as taking place almost instantaneously !

The more the power vested, the more arrogant and non-courteous the person be.

Business men are very polite with their customers. You may not find such loving persons anywhere if you happen to be a valuable customer !

But watch them how they treat their staff and employees on whom they can exert their power !

When it is the election time, have you watched our ministers and peoples' representatives ? They are so polite, loving and approachable ! But when they get their chairs of power can any one think of approaching them ?

I read yesterday about the results of a research some psychology researchers have carried out somewhere in the west.

They have found out that people occupying power positions tend to become too reserved and artificial that they do not smile back at those who are previously known to them, as a mark of friendly reciprocation. Deep in their minds they began to consider their old friends as potential competitors. So they no more like to continue with such friendships !

I had known a person who retired as a managing director of a big company. While in power he kept all his friends and acquaintances of yester years at a distance as total strangers that after retirement he became a lonely fellow eagerly desiring fellowship of others which was not forthcoming. I remember him crying sheepishly holding my hands when I touched upon that issue when I happened to meet him a year before his death.

Another old man who used to be a tough task manager with a rude face lived the rest of his retirement life virtually as an orphan. When he died, there was no one to assist his poor widow to carry out his last rites. I remember the company where he worked earlier sending some people on official duty for this purpose. He was fortunate that he lived in the vicinity of his previous organization and some of his junior colleagues in power that time acted to help out at least mechanically !

I have also noticed some other interesting things in this context.

The fellows who tend to become unfriendly with those on whom they could exercise their powers are those who got into the power position not so legitimately by using some clicks and connections. Those who get into power positions legitimately try to use their power and position for the benefit of the people and the organization. They generally recognize that their power and position is for the common good of the society and not for satisfying their own whims and fancies.

Those who get in to power by unfair means would be too much eager to please their bosses. Because they subconsciously know their incompetencies and try to cover up that by doing such acts to over please their bosses and keeping away from their colleagues and subordinates. For them bosses are like gods and others are like dogs ! Within no time they are in the grip of the 'god-dog syndrome' .

I personally feel that it is not their mistake after all. Their minds have not come to what we understand as civilized levels. Remember the universal truth statement that I reproduced above. Only those with highest civilized minds can withhold the temptation of misusing power for their own selfish pleasures !

Human nature is a mix of beastly and divine. When divine nature predominates we become civilized. Otherwise we are uncivilized savages !

In the so-called civilized societies, the number of people possessing the god-dog syndrome would be lower. I haven't got the opportunity to study or observe people of this group much. But to the extent I have observed, I think this is true.

In India, presently the god-dog syndromized people appear to be more, especially in the power positions. This is not a good sign. ( That is what I feel !)  How safe you feel when you travel in a plane piloted by two uncivilized pilots though both are technically competent and certified ?

At no time in the history of independent India we had such arrogant ministers and top officials that we have now. In the guise of security, peoples' representatives are closing the high ways and roads for hours together for their motorcade to pass displaying authority and power so shamelessly !

Never in the history of India we had government and ministers suing individuals for highlighting some of their misdeeds !

My book also tells me this : Cleverness is not a substitute for true character !

It also tells like this : High civilizations are born of the sagacious correlation of material wealth, intellectual greatness, moral worth, social cleverness  and cosmic insight.

Do you cherish to possess a civilized nature ?

If not, then perhaps we may have to wait for ages to become part of a high civilization !

If you do not belong to a high civilization, there are chances that you are praised and hanged almost instantaneously.

Holding power positions in a savage society is not at all safe !

Unfortunately those holding power positions will never read this !

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