Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some Interesting Information About Our Sun That Even Our Scientists May Not Know !

Today I was refreshing my reading of my favorite revelatory book of life guidance-the Urantia Book- where the invisible revelators of the book have described some interesting aspects of our sun in our solar system. Many our our physicists are breaking their heads with their theories to explain the solar physical phenomena for the last few decades. But the divine beings are now telling us some aspects of the physical organization of the stars in their effort to make us understand just incase some of us are willing to listen.

The following paras they wrote some time in the 1920's when 99.99 % of the human beings were not in a capacity to understand the complexities of physical sciences that existed in nature to be discovered by humans some time in the future. But the divine beings while revealing this information to us were telling us the manner in which the living God and his invisible divine beings create and nurture the physical aspects of the universes just as they manage the non-physical aspects.

Now those of you who are interested may read the following that I have quoted from the book in the words of the divine beings telling us about our sun from which we get our energy for live sustenance:

The mass of your sun is slightly greater than the estimate of your physicists, who have reckoned it as about two octillion (2 x 1027) tons. It now exists about halfway between the most dense and the most diffuse stars, having about one and one-half times the density of water. But your sun is neither a liquid nor a solid—it is gaseous—and this is true notwithstanding the difficulty of explaining how gaseous matter can attain this and even much greater densities.

Gaseous, liquid, and solid states are matters of atomic-molecular relationships, but density is a relationship of space and mass. Density varies directly with the quantity of mass in space and inversely with the amount of space in mass, the space between the central cores of matter and the particles which whirl around these centers as well as the space within such material particles.

Cooling stars can be physically gaseous and tremendously dense at the same time. You are not familiar with the solar supergases, but these and other unusual forms of matter explain how even nonsolid suns can attain a density equal to iron—about the same as Urantia (earth)—and yet be in a highly heated gaseous state and continue to function as suns. The atoms in these dense supergases are exceptionally small; they contain few electrons. Such suns have also largely lost their free ultimatonic stores of energy.

One of your near-by suns, which started life with about the same mass as yours, has now contracted almost to the size of Urantia (earth), having become forty thousand times as dense as your sun. The weight of this hot-cold gaseous-solid is about one ton per cubic inch. And still this sun shines with a faint reddish glow, the senile glimmer of a dying monarch of light.

Most of the suns, however, are not so dense. One of your nearer neighbors has a density exactly equal to that of your atmosphere at sea level. If you were in the interior of this sun, you would be unable to discern anything. And temperature permitting, you could penetrate the majority of the suns which twinkle in the night sky and notice no more matter than you perceive in the air of your earthly living rooms.

The massive sun of Veluntia, one of the largest in Orvonton ( one of the seven material super universes that makes up the whole of the present Physical Universe) , has a density only one one-thousandth that of Urantia's atmosphere. Were it in composition similar to your atmosphere and not superheated, it would be such a vacuum that human beings would speedily suffocate if they were in or on it.

Another of the Orvonton giants now has a surface temperature a trifle under three thousand degrees. Its diameter is over three hundred million miles—ample room to accommodate your sun and the present orbit of the earth. And yet, for all this enormous size, over forty million times that of your sun, its mass is only about thirty times greater. These enormous suns have an extending fringe that reaches almost from one to the other.

That the suns of space are not very dense is proved by the steady streams of escaping light-energies. Too great a density would retain light by opacity until the light-energy pressure reached the explosion point. There is a tremendous light or gas pressure within a sun to cause it to shoot forth such a stream of energy as to penetrate space for millions upon millions of miles to energize, light, and heat the distant planets. Fifteen feet of surface of the density of Urantia would effectually prevent the escape of all X rays and light- energies from a sun until the rising internal pressure of accumulating energies resulting from atomic dismemberment overcame gravity with a tremendous outward explosion.

Light, in the presence of the propulsive gases, is highly explosive when confined at high temperatures by opaque retaining walls. Light is real. As you value energy and power on your world, sunlight would be economical at a million dollars a pound.(Cost as prevailing in the 1920's)

The interior of your sun is a vast X-ray generator. The suns are supported from within by the incessant bombardment of these mighty emanations.

It requires more than one-half million years for an X-ray-stimulated electron to work its way from the very center of an average sun up to the solar surface, whence it starts out on its space adventure, maybe to warm an inhabited planet, to be captured by a meteor, to participate in the birth of an atom, to be attracted by a highly charged dark island of space, or to find its space flight terminated by a final plunge into the surface of a sun similar to the one of its origin.

The X rays of a sun's interior charge the highly heated and agitated electrons with sufficient energy to carry them out through space, past the hosts of detaining influences of intervening matter and, in spite of divergent gravity attractions, on to the distant spheres of the remote systems. The great energy of velocity required to escape the gravity clutch of a sun is sufficient to insure that the sunbeam will travel on with unabated velocity until it encounters considerable masses of matter; whereupon it is quickly transformed into heat with the liberation of other energies.

Energy, whether as light or in other forms, in its flight through space moves straight forward. The actual particles of material existence traverse space like a fusillade. They go in a straight and unbroken line or procession except as they are acted on by superior forces, and except as they ever obey the linear-gravity pull inherent in material mass and the circular-gravity presence of the Isle of Paradise.

Solar energy may seem to be propelled in waves, but that is due to the action of coexistent and diverse influences. A given form of organized energy does not proceed in waves but in direct lines. The presence of a second or a third form of force-energy may cause the stream under observation to appear to travel in wavy formation, just as, in a blinding rainstorm accompanied by a heavy wind, the water sometimes appears to fall in sheets or to descend in waves. The raindrops are coming down in a direct line of unbroken procession, but the action of the wind is such as to give the visible appearance of sheets of water and waves of raindrops.

The action of certain secondary and other undiscovered energies present in the space regions of your local universe is such that solar-light emanations appear to execute certain wavy phenomena as well as to be chopped up into infinitesimal portions of definite length and weight. And, practically considered, that is exactly what happens. You can hardly hope to arrive at a better understanding of the behavior of light until such a time as you acquire a clearer concept of the interaction and interrelationship of the various space-forces and solar energies operating in the space regions of Nebadon. Your present confusion is also due to your incomplete grasp of this problem as it involves the interassociated activities of the personal and nonpersonal control of the master universe—the presences, the performances, and the co-ordination of the Conjoint Actor (Third Member of the Triune Diety) and the Unqualified Absolute ( A kind of Diety Manifestation) .

Dear reader, you may not have read to the last unless you are a bit scientifically learned having a quest to understand the unknown.

If you did, then you should consider reading and understanding the book I mentioned above- marvellous master piece of revealed knowledge from superior divine beings about whom we know pretty little. Once you start understanding what they want to communicate with us, then the apparent complexities of life that perplex you would start becoming clearer to you.

I have experienced it and am experiencing it. That is a wonderful transformation !

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  1. dear rajan, it is marvelous info about the our sun, but having heard or read it i do fill humble. what is it that man is to have such a solar system, of marvelous creation if we have no concern for spiritual values, meanings of which to converse and things that share the senses and pertain to everyday living that we share to create joy and happiness, if we do not become aligned with the creative unity of the creator, our god and his son.

  2. Thank you, Winston. How wonderful this world would have been if the majority of us in this world ever paused a bit to think for getting aligned to our Creator !

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