Saturday, November 8, 2014

How My Twitter Account Failed Me?

To be very honest, I was not very enthusiastic about twitter, the social networking and messaging site which is very popular among the so called elite intelligentsia of the world. So some time ago I thought of having a taste of it lest I would be left out in today's competitive race where every one tried to prove his or her mettle.

So I googled out twitter and got in to it by becoming a registered user. I got a twitter handle and was ready to tweet out to the rest of the world.

Soon I was learning the rules of the game that the twitter team had deviced for the tweeters. 

My tweets are of no use unless I have similar idiots like me who follow me. So I should now learn the game of making followers!

But the problem is who in the world would follow an idiot like me? No one ever would like to be a follower of any one else because all are greater than every one else according to their own assessments.

The world follows only celebrities and celebrities are either good looking women who know the art of making a beeline of followers for them or those handsome men who possess the traits that attract the former.

The rest are either the trapped followers of the celebrities or the unfortunate commoners who aspire to become celebrities by imitating the tricks and tactics of the ones who have transformed themselves to the celebrity status already.

In to this twitter pool of celebrities and their followers another group of tweeters try to catch some fish. They are the marketeers and their affiliates with all kinds of tricks to sell products and services.

The man or woman with millions of followers in twitter become a potential high value advertiser as his or her tweets could potentially influence millions in a second. 

And the free twitter for individual tweeters made billions from this game! And all these things are made possible through computer software which looked so simple for the individual but extremely complex from the inside!

That made twitter a global IT corporate giant.

But in what way it is of some use for people like me? I tried and tried to find its use, but I was soon to get disappointed.

No one is there to read my tweets which only appear for a few seconds for those of my followers, that too when they are glued to their computer or android mobile screens connected to the internet.

Who the hell has such time to be like that always?

If commoners like me are to gain followers, the only way out is follow some one expecting that person to reciprocate that gesture. It happens very rarely. That is what I realized soon.

Then came the offers from many marketeers who offered millions of follower, if I shell out some money. So followers are on sale on twitter! Why should I buy followers if I am not a marketeer of products and services or even a seeker of political or religious popularity?

The twitter fellows do not allow the tweeters to upload tweets which are more than 140 characters. I do not know why they kept that limit. Perhaps their computer servers get jammed if tweets are longer!

So it became a prerequisite for the tweeters to self master the art of tweet making which are within the 140. And when you log in you are perplexed by the kinds of tweets flash in and out and you go mad!

But twitter makes automatic short links and tweet it if the tweeter wants to tweet a link. With lot of efforts I became successful in making 600 odd followers and began to tweet these blog page links.

To my utter dismay, hardly any one noticed it or got interested.

So I decided to end the game of the twitter game any way. Fortunately, twitter or some one in the internet ocean sensed my intention and one fine morning I found my twitter account not getting opened on my PC.

That was some months ago. Today, a thought came to mind to have a check on my twitter identity. Luckily this time twitter page opened up on my google chrome browser (which was not happening earlier!) 

I knew my handle id but forgot the password. I tried the forgot password link to reset my password. It worked halfway and stopped.

I stopped my attempt to revive it for now and thought of sharing that experience here.

But there is a lesson that we should remember from this incident. The internet highway and the computer networks are the hand work of millions of computer code writers and they are bound to make mistakes here and there. And such mistakes could cause harmless difficulties for the twitter tweeters like me.

But it could cause harmful difficulties as well. Better we prepared for it!

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