Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do You Have the Mind Capacity to Explore the Fifth Epochal Revelation to Mankind?

Those of my readers who are familiar with this blog site would perhaps know that the contents of this site are essentially written taking inspiration from the massive information that is contained in my favorite book of life guidance.

It is impossible for a blind person to comprehend knowledge presented through visual inputs.

It is impossible for an illiterate person to understand knowledge presented through literature.

It is impossible for a person who has not learnt science and mathematics to comprehend the advances of science or to understand scientific research papers authored by scientists.

It is impossible for a person who has not learnt the Chinese language to read and comprehend a passage written in that language.

We, human beings, however advanced we might be, have limitations in various degrees. Only a fool would say that he or she knows everything! 

The reality is that we all know something to some extent but not everything to the full. Our information, knowledge and mind capacities vary from person to person. None of us are perfect or infinitely knowledgeable. 

Those who are among us who have acquired a relatively higher level of knowledge as compared to the rest of others at some stage of their knowledge acquisition would come to a point when they begin to realize the extreme limitation of their capacities and knowledge. 

At that stage they tend to become humble and their egos begin to vaporize.

Perhaps that would be the stage when they intelligently and logically begin to realize the presence of the Infinite Intelligence that pervades our planet and the space.

It becomes amply clear to them that everything around us including we humans are created with extreme intelligence and planning. They would start realizing that we are not any random accidents of space and time.

At that point, perhaps, the intelligent man would  not disagree with his inferior cousins in accepting God Almighty as the Infinite Intelligence behind all creations of nature. 

Having agreed so, the intelligent mind of man keep wondering why the Almighty God has not come to the vision of human kind.

Is God hiding from the vision of man? 

Why does He not reveal Himself? Why does He not remove the confusion of man? Intelligent men and women perhaps might ask.

Many human authors, thinkers and writers have been exploring the mysteries about God for centuries. 

They postulated their theories, philosophies and theologies.

Modern science thought of doing it alone without God coming into picture at all. 

So, sometime in modern era, science got separated from God consciousness or spirituality. Science was something for searching and discovering the realities of the world and the universe and not for searching imaginary existences. Some of the scientists argued and the majority agreed.

The outcome was a permanent public divorce of science from the quest for God while many scientists kept their God consciousness intact in private.

That enhanced the great confusion of modern man in understanding the universe, their own origins and their relationship with their Invisible Creator.

In that great confusion, the human kind got divided over their Creator. The creatures begin to argue, fight and kill each other in the name of their Creator who remained as a mystery for them. 

It was like the quarrelsome children of the combined family when the head of the family went outstation!

They knew the existence of the father who built up the family and provided for their existence. But still they quarreled because they knew the father would not come to punish them!

But has God left His human children for ever? Is He hiding from them? Doesn't He love his creatures? Doesn't He want His children feel about His ever presence?

God is not hiding. God has only become incomprehensible for His finite children of time and space. Finite humans are incapable of comprehending their infinite creator!

Yet, God as a loving father, has been compassionate and loving all the time. He has been providing several ways to make His finite creations understand Him and reciprocate His love. 

God has provided a direct link to the minds of all humans to understand him. He had provided external links as well.

He has been making arrangements to make his finite children understand his plans about them.

God has been revealing Himself and His plans to human kind by several means.

Divine revelations are part and parcel of human history.

For the thoughtful intelligent humans of the present era too, God has arranged to reveal Himself and His plans in greater details.

And that is the content of the book which is introduced by its authors as the Fifth Epochal Revelation to human kind. 

Unfortunately, human mind is not so mature in general to distinguish between truths and truths mixed with clever untruths.

Human mind gets confused when exposed to truths and untruths and get shaky to pick the truths from the myriads of untruths.

The minds of all humans have not reached to the basic minimum capacity level to distinguish between truths and untruths.

So the Fifth Epochal Revelation would appear as untruths to a good majority of humans.

When they are forewarned of mysterious deceptions that might force them out of their existing spiritual concepts and beliefs, these innocent humans get all the more confused and scary.

They get too scary that they would not even dare to open the book which, in their innocent but biased opinion, might contain information that destroy their souls for ever! 

Yet they do not find it much of a problem to read and immerse themselves in a devilish fiction book containing texts depicting vulgarity and cruelty!

What a pity!

Did God create them to be foolish idiots not capable of using their pretty intelligent brains properly?

Of course, not! Yet it is a reality of human existence.

The reasons are several and it would continue this way for some more ages till all humans develop to equitable mind capacities!

But for those who have reached to better comprehension levels, the fifth epochal revelation is something for a serious exploratory study.

It is a great facilitating revelation to read and contemplate to come out of human confusions. I feel honored and privileged that I got the opportunity to do that.

Did you read this much?

Did you get any clue to what this fifth epochal revelation be? 

If not and if curious, explore this site to find out more about the great book containing immense knowledge direct from divine sources now available to the intelligent and broad minded humans of modern times.

Read and contemplate to check whether it is really of value or not!

Put your mind to test to establish its truthfulness and probable origin.

When you do it, you would perhaps become a transcendent human being!

But it is purely up to you. You alone! I honor your free-will.

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