Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Food and Knowledge Without the Capacity to Digest Are Baneful!

We are now going through a time period where everything is in plenty for those who do not need those in plenty. 

It is a peculiar situation. Those who need and desire do not have or get what they desire or need while those who do not need or desire are forced with abundance.

When you analyse the situation carefully and if you have the desired levels of mind capacity to analyze the situation it would be easy to see that both kinds of people, the haves and the halve-nots, live in some kind of misery, though for different reasons.

To put forward my point further, I would like to give you two widely unconnected examples. One is knowledge and the other is food.

Human beings are a unique species of animals which aspire for knowledge and food with more or less equal degree of desire, though not necessarily simultaneously. Animals and humans do have a few other desires which develop in them at various times and in varying intensities and I am not going to those details here.

Food, security, pleasure, and leisure provide the foundation for the development of culture and the spread of knowledge. The effort to execute knowledge results in wisdom, and when a culture has learned how to profit and improve by experience, civilization has really arrived. Food, security, and material comfort still dominate society, but many forward-looking individuals are hungering for knowledge and thirsting for wisdom. Every child is provided an opportunity to learn by doing; education is the watchword of these ages.
[The Urantia Book Paper 50:5.7]

Desire for food is the most predominant common factor for both humans and animals. Perhaps this desire is the one that makes humans at equitable position with their animal cousins. On the other hand animals do not show the desire for knowledge which the humans have, next only to their desire for food.

Desire for food for both animals and humans comes from their intrinsic biological design. While animals maintain the desire for food more or less as originally in built, humans have continuously evolved their need for food with creativity, curiosity and other mind capacities including their desire for knowledge.

Humans, therefore, have the most widespread food habits. They have significan likes and dislikes for their evolutionary food habits and food tastes. Discovery of fire and invention of cooking by humans have made dramatic changes in human food habits, likes and dislikes. 

Though knowledge is important, for many humans, food is one of the most determining factor that make them love their living on earth. Had they been provided with a physical body that digested all food always, they would have prefered to live all the time relishing their tasty foods! Unfortunately, the human body system does not allow such a thing. Food, however tasty or enjoyable, cannot be eaten beyond certain limits at a time. They need to give some time for rest, digestion and waste defecation.

Most humans become perplexed, troubled and dull when their digestive capacities are impared by any means. A man or woman may have all the food they want, but yet they may have such body defects that prevent them from digesting the food. They are are practically very very unlucky and their lives would be actually miserable inspite of the plentiful in their possession!

Knowledge too adds up to the problems of humans when there is a knowledge explosion. When humans do not have the proper digestive capacity to assimilate knowledge for good, they land into miseries induced by the limitless raw knowledge that flooded their brains with lesser capacity to process those. Too much of knowledge about food also become cause for their miseries.

Even instant foods that multinational companies make and market such as the Maggi noodles of Nestle could bring about much distress due to unbridled explosion of raw knowledge. Not only the food ingrediants for tastemaking better known by the names of their makers such as the ajinomoto, but even the atoms and molecules of the food could become problems of human indecisiveness and food fear! Unprocessed knowledge about medicines and diseases make some humans perpetually sick with a kind of uncurable disease called the hypochondriasis

In a similar way spiritual knowledge in a little abundance can cause cow and pig allergies and hate disorders in some people. Advanced Japanese military officers of world war-2 had been reliably reported to practice cannibalism (eating human flesh) as they gained some kind of knowledge that misguided them to believe that the practice would make them super men! With that kind of knowledge in their incompetent brains, they killed and ate several Indian prisoners of war only to become condemned prisoners to be hanged or disgraced by others, later!

The terrible holocaust of the Jews initiated by Adolf Hitler and many similar incidents of modern history happened because of the inadequate knowledge digestive powers of certain humans. What these individuals did due to their defective knowledge processing brains caused much miseries to all including they themselves!

So my dear reader, food is good only when it could be properly digested. Otherwise it acts like poison. Knowledge too is good when it could be cooked, processed and properly digested. Other wise it would poison the most vital part of the body, the brain. 

Once the brain gets poisoned, the whole mind and body starts degrading causing much miseries. When you eat and drink deliciously too much, the bad effects starts appearing later. Same is the case with the effects of badly processed information and knowledge.

Unfortunately, no man or woman has perfect digestive capacities for food and knowledge. Every human has limitation and that too in varying degrees! 

To overcome this difficulty, it is essential that individuals learn the art of screening food and information. Better not to dwell deep in to both unless you have definite capacity for doing the same.

Due to the peculiar imbalaces of our world, you might be living in a situation of abundance of food and knowledge. Due to the same imbalances of human progress, you might also be handicapped to digest the whole of that abundance that is in your possession. Why do you want to make that abundance to poison you? It could be perhaps better if you try to share your abundance with those who are really in need of some part of your abundance instead of trying to force digest all by yourself. 

Why do you want to have a baneful (harmful) life due to indigestive abundance? 

Abundance of food and of course, those raw knowledge!

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