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What Could Be the Best Criteria to Identify the Best Corporate Entities?

Before I try to find the possible answers to the title question above, I think I should find out the most appropriate answer to another question:

What should be the most important purpose of my life in this world?
Live in Style? Is it the Purpose of Life?
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I have been pondering over that question for quite some time.

I have been hearing and reading what others say about it.

Some say: Make money and enjoy as much (before you die, of course!)

Some say: Do some thing so that you become a well known celebrity! In other words, by this they mean acquiring the attention and admiration of others by showcasing some of their abilities by which they can project themselves as superior to others in some manner! The inferior souls then would be so willing to flock behind them to be pushed to fame, political power and all the associated material enjoyments! 

Fame to celebrity status can be due to some really good qualities and also on account of clever crookedness. Either way such celebrities get immature followers who would be all willing to surrender their self to their heroes and heroines.

So some keep trying to become celebrities and to acquire as many followers as they could while some others get enjoyment by being followers of their demigods. 

Then there are the neutral ones who do not come under any of the above. They live either blissfully ignorant of their lives or as silent saints contented with the life as it is!

And yet another group too exist. They are the disgruntled ones. They are with malice towards one and all. They are born to criticize and fight every other. They exist to add pain and suffering to all others and also to themselves! 

All the above are realities of human life. You cannot deny it. 

But then, being human is something unique and special. A human life is superior than all other types of material life forms that our world has. At least that is what I now believe.

And that superiority comes from our multifarious abilities of language, creativity, intelligence and other body and mind capacities. But on the top of all these are our unique capability of Creator (God) consciousness and our ability to love and help others.

Inherently we are conscious of good and bad , whether we actually act accordingly or not. And we have the natural tendency to do good and be of help to others without expecting anything in return, though all of us may not be like that always. And that comes from our God consciousness!

But many of us do not nurture our God consciousness and the divine qualities of goodness that are within us. As a result we fail to live as real humans!

Our prime mission in this human life, in my opinion, is to enhance our real human character and values that are inherent within us.

And it is not difficult to accomplish that mission. Be aware of God always as our Creator and source of life, while recognizing all other humans as equally receiving the same unique gift of life from God. 

In simple terms that amounts to loving God the Creator and also His creations just for the great wisdom of God in everything. When we realize the greatness of Our Creator God, then and there we start realizing our limitations.

When we begin to have that great realization, we begin to forgo our egos and our pride in our own greatness. When we see another human, we start seeing the wisdom of God reflecting in some way. We then automatically learn to love God and live our lives in goodness. Our world will then begin to change as a place of divinity!

Now the best corporate entities or companies are those formed of humans with more and more divine qualities.

For such companies, the prime motto or objective is not enhancing profits by cleverly depriving others in some clandestine manner.

If they happen to enhance profits to disproportionate levels, they use their intelligence to remove such anomalies and to carry on with their work in a balanced manner that benefits all.

They work to propagate happiness to all, their customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, the government and the general public. 

They embrace values and character while discarding selfishness and the urge to control others.

They should be doing business as a noble, sustainable service to others and our planet.

Unfortunately, the majority of us are yet to acquire and nurture our divine qualities of goodness. Till such time, we would not be in a position to discard our fears, anxieties, envies, greed and such other negative qualities. 

When such among us are predominating our business entities, our companies cannot have the real human character. Profit and growth in profit  would predominate our criteria to judge our best corporate entities!

Whether it is good or bad, you should try to analyze yourself.

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