Friday, January 1, 2016

Come! Let Us Join to Pray to Make 2016 A Happy New Year!

Today is Friday, January 1, 2016 according to the Common Era that is now almost global. I wish all a Happy and Prosperous new year 2016!

In my life time so far spanning six decades, our world has progressed much in many fields. But unfortunately, that progress has done little to a good majority of our fellow beings.

Our world is still a world of inhuman acts and chaos, mercifully not everywhere, all the time! As intelligent humans possessing a divinely piloted mind, we have many collective challenges ahead!

The year that just passed, the 2015, was not a pleasant one for millions of our brothers and sisters elsewhere. There have been so many incidences of human cruelty against fellow beings, whether that happened in the name of law enforcement or otherwise. The Syrian refugee crisis and the manner in which other nations responded to that crisis are all there for us to introspect. Then there have been natural calamities aggravated by human mismanagement such as the Chennai floods that happened just recently in 2015.

But on the positive side, I see great humanitarian leaders like Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Unified Germany who has been reportedly adjudged as the contemporary world's second most powerful person and the most powerful lady. I consider the German people fortunate now to have Dr.Merkel as their national leader having all the desired qualities that a good leader should have- the 4C's representing competency, character, courage and compassion. While all the other world leaders showed varying degrees of arrogance or insensitivity towards the problems of the Syrian refugees due to their lack of courage and compassion, it was Dr.Merkel who stood out as a humanitarian champion for the cause of the refugees courageously facing challenges from within her own country. Nothing surprising then that the Time Magazine had chosen her as the Person of the Year (2015)!

Leaders like Dr.Merkel may be few in this world now. The number of good individuals also may be lesser as of now. But surely and definitely, in the coming generations, such people will definitely increase and this world would gradually change from bad to good!

And I am confident that the present day crisis of the world is a passing phase and our world is not going to be a hopeless disaster facing the ultimate Armageddon, as some pessimists keep believing.

Our collective wisdom will keep increasing as we move forward through the future generations. Our future generations will learn the advantages of being good, rather than being bad people. But the collective learning may not be anything very quick!

Ultimately good will prevail over bad. 

Do you feel an inclination to agree with me?

Come! Join me! Let us pray to make this year and all those coming years to bring joy and prosperity to all! 


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