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Some months back I introduced a page titled Crucial Questions & Answers [C-Q&A] on the Urantia Book for the benefit of the readers of the website Urantia-India. This website in itself was a humble effort to introduce this great revelatory book to my countrymen.

Ever since this revelatory book got published in 1955 scores of spiritually curious truth seekers have been doing such efforts to make the contents of the book known to similarly inclined human beings of the modern era.

Since there is a lower probability of the Urantia-India website getting the attention of those browsing the Internet, I felt a strong desire to reproduce some content from that site to this blogpost site, for enabling it to be noticed by a larger audience of truth seekers.

The following was a crucial question that I asked myself :

What are the reasons that keep making me convinced about the truthfulness of the Urantia Book ? Why I consider this book not a hoax creation of some clever human beings ?

My answer to this crucial question is this:

When I began reading randomly from some papers of the book initially I too had this kind of a doubt coming to my mind. Essentially that was because of the unusual phraseology and the occurrences of many unusual words commonly not found in English language. Besides, the book deals with many subjects like history, science, religion, spirituality, geology, etc, which was not the way in which we normally are accustomed with books. In books, we normally expect to find some subject matter of specific interest and not something that goes beyond our interest at the moment.

For the majority of people, this would be reason enough to discard the book as something rubbish and leave it there.
Most likely they will not attempt exploring it further by careful reading.
Then there is the problem of religious dogmas and upbringing. If someone says that this is a book that teaches something different from their holy religious book, a kind of fear sets in. The common people are taught to believe that such books are 'satanic'.
For example, the Christians consider religious books of other religions in that manner, the Muslims consider the same way and the like. Again among the same religions, various sects and denominations consider their teachings sacrosanct and others' teachings originating from Satan! Thus there is a type of fear in common people to view books that deals with spiritual matters differently than their own belief systems. This matter is a delicate issue.
But the Urantia Book has enough things for those who are daring and curious. Therefore, those of this kind would naturally pursue reading this book to know more. In essence, the Urantia Book is meant for such people. These are the kind of people who are intellectually keen with above average IQ , educational background and have risen to such levels that they are inclined to devote time for intellectual pursuits of mind that goes beyond their day to day problems involving materialistic existence.
This implies that such people are now in a position to devote some of their time and mind in the pursuit towards spiritual curiosity-the curiosity to know about the invisible realms and God. Essentially they are the kind of people who are spiritually starved. They are the kind of people who want to connect to God, not for some materialistic benefits, but for fulfilling their desire for knowing their Unseen Father and to make their minds harmonized with Him as far as possible.
Such people, with this innate and unselfish desire to know God, are a negligible minority in this world bustling with people engaged in multifarious activities, including religious rituals and practices. The Urantia Book , though written for all mankind, is going to attract this minority individuals more than the others. The numbers of these minority individuals are going to increase as generations pass and there will come a day when such people would be the majority. That era would perhaps be the beginning of another epoch in human civilization!
Man has got the innate capacity to discern truth from untruth, provided that his acquired values, education, training and position do not cause him to be elevated to such a level of self importance that he is unable to utilize his God given capacity to separate truth from untruth, beauty from ugliness, good from bad and godly from ungodly.
Therefore, I feel it unwise to state my reasons for finding the Urantia Book true, or more precisely, believe what it says it is.
I can only say this much. I have found nothing in it that my innate mind discerns as untruth.
Moreover, it is the book that caused me to change my track from a life with more of materialistic concerns to a life with more of spiritual concerns.
It is the book that made me realize who is Jesus Christ and the essence of what he taught to the people of earth some 2000 years ago. 
It is the book that caused me to believe in the existence of God without any doubt.
It is the book that caused me to learn to lead a life without anxieties and worries. It is the book that made me to understand other religions. It is the book that keep inspiring me ever since.
One more thing I can say here. Before the Urantia Book came to my notice, I had the opportunity to read most of the sacred books of all the major religions. Later on I got the opportunity to read many New Age literature and the so called 'channelled' books. All these books have many good things, but at the same time there are things that cause doubts and questions. There are things which do not stand validated in the truthful probe of the mind.
But the Urantia Book goes much beyond, at the current level of my understanding.
I have not yet found anything in it that my mind cannot accept ! And my mind tells me that such a great work is beyond the capacity of human beings to fabricate.
People and powers who are capable of twisting the truths in clever manner still exist and are doing their part and that will keep happening.
But my safeguard is my god-given power to distinguish truth from untruth.
And this power is not exclusive to me.
It is with every one !

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  1. While I am a curious fan of the Urantia Book, let me clarify one thing. If I happen to find a greater convincing truth, I am prepared to accept those and correct the errors that my present level of mind might have developed. At least that is one great philosophy that the Urantia Book taught me. Regrettably this is what most people find as most difficult-changing the convictions that had set in previously ! The ability to continuously evolve to greater knowledge and discard the misconceptions is what make the humans different from the animals.

  2. You can find the complete answers to atonement in a kindle book called Renegade Gospel The Jesus Manifold by Jamey Massengale.
    1. God is the creator completely soveriegn
    2 My separation from God is due to my knowledge of good and evil because i use it to judge god i.e. why do the innocent suffer etc. is an accusation in interrogative format.
    3 If God is omniscient I cant do other than what God KNEW i would do before He created me and He created me as He did; therefore God is responsible for my sin
    4 If God is responsible for my sin then God should die for my sin
    5 In Jesus God did die for my sin or Jesus as god died for all sin ( which is by the way the ultimate statement of soveriegnty, where God says in essence “I do it all” cause effect and resolution.)
    6 However Jesus the man did not sin nor was He under original sin so He didn’t deserve to die, but being God as man, now by the rule of equity, all men are equal to God, syllogism: Jesus is a man and all men are human therefore Jesus is human and Jesus is God therefore all men are in Jesus equal to God in their HUMAN/GOD rights.
    7 Therefore since only God as the “potter” had the rights of life, liberty, and property; and since Jesus transfers to all humans like Himself those rights, we don’t need a law saying by fiat “thou shalt not kill”, because all men now have the right to life; I know I violate that right if I kill a man. Thereby the law is fulfilled in right-eousness, or “the having of the rights of God”.
    That’s it in a nutshell and it explains a lot of ambiguous statements Paul makes. I haven’t quoted much scripture for brevity’s sake but I find the Jesus manifold completely supported from genesis to revelation. It affirms the homoousion, it satisfies the complete taxonomy of sin(ontologic, deontic, and relational), and it satisfies all of Abelard’s criteria: 1. it’s logical 2. It’s not arbitrary if God is omniscient, therefore actions are predestined, and love demand’s it to satisfy the human cry of injustice. 3 It’s intelligible being stated capable of syllogistic treatment in plain unambiguous language. The implications to a multiverse for an omniscient God require He know everything in all possible universes, this single incarnation would then only be required in this one to satisfy it’s precise constraints, as it exists within the multiplicity of universes in God’s consciousness.
    I apologize if the first part is ambiguous as to the idea of multiverse. Only in science fiction and thought experiment is a multiverse with divergent timelines considered. This universe has the timline it does because of physical constraints that cannot be changed if human life is to exist as it does(see Anthropic principle). There are approximately 20 such constraints that are so precise the universe would cease to exist as it does if they varied even one plank measure. Those multiverses actually possible would be defined by changes in those constants. Therefore there can be no other universe which would value the atonement as this one does(anthropically); however these constants do not forbid interactions at the quantum level, and may derive their stability from these interactions. In that case the incarnation in this universe has it’s meaning only in this universe but would have implications to all other possible universes.


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