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What is Morontia Material and Morontia Life ?

The word 'morontia' is not to be found in the English dictionary that we have today. But if you use any of the search engines of internet such as the Google, there are chances that you come across thousands of references to this word.[ It is done for you to see- just click this !]

Infact this word and its definitions are not of human origin. It is a new word defined in the Urantia Book. Now, there is a chance that you might not have even heard of this book either. Anyway, as far as I am concerned, I am a very serious reader and student of this mysterious, but fascinating book. To know more about this book please visit my urantia-india website that I have created to introduce this book to those who have not heard of it earlier.

So, the word morontia is a term explained in detail in the Urantia Book. The details of that in the book is too elaborate that one might get lost in reading and understanding that directly from the Urantia Book. Ofcourse that is the best method, provided you are a curious one to know the secrets of our vast universe and the varied life forms that it might contain. Unfortunately, many of you have got no time, patience and curiosity in such abundance !

The Urantia Book explains energy and existence in three different realms or phases. Just as water exist in three phases, namely gaseous (water vapour), liquid (water) and solid (ice) energy and its variations also exist in three phases or realms. Water in gaseous form is not normally visible to us. But that does not mean that it is non existent. There are now ways in which we can prove its existence, though many of our ancestors didnot have that scientific mind to give such proofs.

So, according to the Urantia Book (the contents of the book are intellectually a bit above the present grasping power of many of the present day humans as the source of authorship of the subject papers of the book comes from a higher level of intellectual existence !) the three realms of existence are:

1. Material ( Both energy and material that are visible and perceivable by us ) : So, all elements and all material formed of those elements, the energy that we derive from these materials or the energy that we get from visible celestial bodies such as the sun all come under this realm. Here too, there are many things which are invisible to us. For example, we cannot see light and radiations having wavelengths lower or higher than the visible spectrum.

2. Spiritual ( Both spiritual energy and material that are totally incomprehensible to our normal senses). This realm is the original source of all energy and matter according to the Urantia Book. The fundamental particle that make up the electron is an ultimaton and the ultimaton is a conglomeration of primordial spiritual forces or energy. 100 ultimatons constitute one electron and perhaps this is the so-called 'God's Particle' that our scientists are searching to discover ! [To know more about it you may read my blog titled: God's Particle Discovery : What Caused Our Scientists To Be So Jubilant ?]

3. Morontial (Both energy and matter that exist in a realm that is between the visible material and invisible spiritual realms) So, morontia matter and morontia energy is a type of existence between spiritual and material realms or phases. But this existence also gains its source of energy from the spiritual realm. That means, morontia matter is also made up of fundamental particles that are made up of ultimatons made from spiritual energy or forces. Morontia elements are 200 in all as compared to our natural elements that are about 100 in all. The morontia matter has an electronic configuration that operates at a different, perhaps lower, energy level orbits as compared to the elements of our earth and sun.

Now just as life can exist in material bodies, just as in us humans , life can exist in morontia bodies and spiritual bodies. Intelligent life forms exist in all the three realms. The highest forms exist in the spiritual realms.

Just as there are various types or orders of material life, there are various orders of morontial and spiritual lives. The highest and the original intelligent life which caused all other lives to take shape later is that incomprehensible and infinite source of universe power that we identify as the Universal Father God.

Personality is a unique and special feature of intelligent life and this comes from God. Personality of intelligent living beings in the lowest material realm can survive even after their material bodies are lost during material death under certain conditions of survival as set forth by the universal laws of God.

A material personality who survives material death migrates first to morontia realm and then to spiritual realm. In this case the personality remains intact, though the existence may be in different form of body made of either morontia matter or spiritual matter.

Such personality survivals are managed and administered by innumerable orders of intelligent beings who exist in morontia and spiritual realms and work according to the laws of God.

The lowly material being who survives and migrates to higher levels is given various responsibilities and works according to his ability and experience in later times. During this process he or she might get different kinds of bodies in morontia or spiritual materials and his personality improves in experience, calibre and perfection.

So an intelligent material being like the human being has the potential to live infinitely retaining his original personality but gaining in experience and perfection even after lose of the material body during the first physical death. In later times too his bodies might change from time to time during the process of translations for improvement of life.

Lower forms of material life and those intelligent material beings who willingly adopt to lead a life equivalent to a low and unworthy life may not be found suitable for personality survival in which case such lives cease to exist after physical death.

The simple rule for personality survival is the desire to lead a life willingly according to the will of God which simply means leading a life desirous of doing good and achieving progressive perfection just as God is perfect.

Death is a temporary transition period for all such intelligent material beings such as human beings. While they are dead, their personality essence is preserved and kept in the safe custody of superior beings whose job is just that. They get new morontial bodies in a morontia world some time later and they continue their life further in stage wise progression to ages upon ages ultimately getting spiritual material bodies which are practically indistructible and capable of being in the presence of the ultimate power of God.

Normal material does not offer any resistance to morontia material and hence morontia material can easily pass through normal materials. But they may be made to be like normal materials with some energy adaptations. Similarly they are  invisible to the short range vision of human beings. However, by certain energy adaptations they could be made visible to human eyes. However, spiritual materials or bodies are much more difficult to be brought into the vision of humans.

The Urantia Book explains that the resurrected body of Jesus Christ was not his original human body, but a look-alike body made of morontia material. That was the reason why resurrected Jesus was both visible and invisible to humans and also was able to pass through material enclosures and walls while some could actually feel him as a genuine person in fleshy body. Jesus remained in his morontia form for some time on earth and in the morontia worlds later to adopt his original spiritual body.

My dear friend, our universe is a treasure house of wonders for not only we human beings of earth, but also for thousands of other material beings living in many other worlds far away from our earth.

It is not possible for us to ever visit to those far away worlds in our material bodies because of the limitations of time taken for travel. We have to be dematerialised and projected to far away spheres if at all we have to be in such places.

Death is part of such a dematerialization process planned by God, the universal creator. Death also makes it possible for God to test the ability of those who could be passed for the dematerialized projection to other worlds.

Even NASA would not be selecting astronauts with out intensive testing for space travel !

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