Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adieu to 31st December 2013 with Some Abstract Thoughts !

Today is 31st December 2013 and my last working day of the year. I thought of sharing some abstract thoughts with you today, which may not be of any interest to many of you. Yet I have the compulsion to do so.

I have been thinking. Thousands of people might have departed from this world for ever and thousands of new lives might have been added. When it comes to death and birth, are we any different from plants and animals? I do believe that we are. If not, there is absolutely nothing that makes any human to boast of his life. It makes no difference to him or her in the long run.

But, I am convinced that human beings do have a greater role to play in this world not only for its material accomplishments, but also for some other things which are even greater than those. In my opinion, living a life only for living and only for fulfilling some desires associated with material living is perhaps a life similar to that of the animals, birds and plants. They also live to fulfill their inherent life desires and do contribute some thing to the dynamics of this world. They all seem to have some purpose in maintaining the material environment, the energy cycles, the food chains, the climatic and weather conditions and even the beauty of this world in some manner.

We humans with enhanced intellectual and mind capabilities coupled with independent decision making abilities are capable of doing fantastic improvements and modifications on the face of the lands on which we live. We are creative, adventurous, ambitious and also have qualities commonly found in plants and animals as well.

But what is that quality that makes us distinctly different from animals and plants and make us human? I think it is the divine qualities that are in us that makes us different from animals and make us human.

And what are these divine qualities that are within us?

First and foremost, we think about a divine personality about whom we know pretty nothing. Yes, we all think about an invisible power beyond our normal perceptions at times whom we designate with some word in our languages such as this word, God. More than that, we do love our invisible God, just as we love our children, parents, spouse, etc.

More than that, some of us are even possessive of our God, just as some of us are too concerned and possessive of our dear ones.

With our intellectual mind, we are ready to accept that God is the universal supreme and creator of our world and all worlds if at all they are there. Yet we are not ready to accept the possibility of their God as the same as our God! How can my parents be the parents of theirs? It is not acceptable. Like wise, my God cannot be his God. By this refusal of acceptance, we negate our first concept of our God being the supreme creator of everything.

We have intelligence to create these computers, but do lack the intelligence to understand the essential and possible nature of the supreme invisible power personality that we identify as the source of our existence.

We are ready to conceptualize God in our own way and are fully satisfied with our cultures, customs, beliefs and thoughts and are not willing to upgrade our thoughts and concepts as we progress just as we do in other fields of knowledge. When it comes to our beliefs and concepts of God, we prefer to be orthodox and prefer not to be progressive.

Is it not a ridiculous thing for a scientist to argue  the size of an elephant being similar to that of a mouse because he had got that knowledge only from a picture earlier?

Thirteen years of the 21st century had passed. We are much progressed in our scientific and technological capabilities. But we have not much progressed in our concepts about God, the sole and unique flicker of a reverence that we possess deep in our minds!

We know clearly that we are different from those plants and animals who too share their living existence with us in this world. We know that we are much more intelligent and have immense mind capacities. Yet we are unable to nurture that unique concept that we have in our minds to any logical conclusions that are agreeable to all. Some of us would say that we are religiously different. We follow different belief systems that we call as our religions. Our religions are about God, the supreme invisible power that created every thing and that keeps us going. But we are not able to arrive at some uniform thoughts about God with our intelligence.

In other words we fail to understand God. Had we been able to do it to some extent just as we progressed in our science and technology, how marvelous it would have been! But no, it is not taking place that way!

Why do we try to fathom an unfathomable God with our own yardsticks? When our science can have the same symbols, formulas, theorems and postulates universally, why can't we have such a thing in our spiritual quests and knowledge?

Is it so desirable to leave our spiritual quest unanswered and at primitive levels and allow our scientific quest only to go forward?

If all our achievements on this earth are to be forgotten one day and we are to forgo all those experiences and knowledge that we gained in this life just on that final day of our material existences what have we really achieved?

Was it all an illusion ? Maya ? Are we still forcing us to believe that way that old philosophers taught us?

No, sir, no! There could be better answers. And we need to find it out.

We need to find an answer to the whole purpose of our human life on earth. We need to find an answer to the purpose of our higher intelligence, our creativity, our reverence to God, our power of choice and our concepts of good and bad.

Let us nurture those thoughts as well while we pursue our living careers full of ambitions and aspirations in a lot of other facets of life.

Let not 2014 too pass away just as 2013 and those other previous years!

Let us also nurture that so-called spirituality in us! Not the conventional way, but using our inherent intellectual and spiritual capacities in a better way.

Wish you all a better and enlightening New Year 2014 ! 

May the Universe Administration of the Almighty God be Merciful to Our World to advance more towards Real Prosperity and Happiness!

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  1. Such a nice thoughts, not everyone thinks that way you described life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with use, would love to hear more from you.


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