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Modern Democratic Diplomacy in Mutually Disrespectful Mode as Exemplified by Two Great Democracies!

By being in the interiors of my great nation where human civilization originated for the first time, I often think about the factors that make humans being different from animals. More appropriately I do think of human civilization and the progress of it in the last many millenniums.How do we make the differentiation among us as being more civilized or less civilized? 

Civilization is perhaps the ability of humans to co-exist peacefully and work jointly for bettering their own conditions of life. The more civilized you are, the more you shed those traits that are found in animals, such as greed, selfishness, fear of the unknown, fighting for self existence and self gratification, disrespecting the weak, committing suicidal errors, etc. In other words, civilization is the evolutionary progress of humans from animal nature to real human nature, the latter being nearer to divinity.

The ability of humans to evolve a democratic form of government in itself is a sign of advancement of civilization. It shows that the majority of the population has been able to remove much of their inherent animal tendencies to some considerable degree that they could voluntarily empower some others as their leaders without any fear contributing to such decisions.

It is indeed a good thing that the modern world has two large nations have progressed in collective civilization that they are democratic nations. One is my own country- India, the home land of a variety of mixed race peoples existing from pre-historic times. The other one is again a nation of mixed race peoples who took the pains of establishing and recreating a land of opportunities by adventure and hard work in a great unexplored continental mass in the recent few centuries of human existence. And it is called the United States of America.

While both have attained certain levels of civilization to the threshold of sustaining democracy in their respective geographic areas, both seem to keep some collective prejudices and envy against each other, though for different reasons.

The Americans through their short survival struggles of a few centuries have learnt the techniques of better human resources management that they now hold the trump card of modern intellectual superiority that has made their country a super power in wealth creation, technology and warfare.Obviously, the average individuals in this nation are too proud of being the citizens of a super power and they obviously aspire for reaping benefits of that status. They have rather evolved as a super race of modern times by some better human resource management techniques which essentially give respect to human intellectual abilities and utilizing the individual and collective human intelligence for collective strength of the nation.

On the other hand, the Indians collectively adopted the policy of discrediting their intellectuals that they seldom allowed the superior brains of their lot not to get involved in nation building programs. Many of such Indian intellectuals finding no opportunity to utilize their intellectual creativeness soon thought it wise to cross the seven seas to reach the land of opportunities, the USA. The Americans,  knowing fully well the worth of human brains have been too glad to accept intelligent brains from any place in the world. But for that they only asked one thing-the allegiance to their new found nation! After all they are all immigrants and being an immigrant was not a taboo for them as was the case with those ancient settlements of human races elsewhere in the globe.

The GDP of India may not match the USA now and the average Indian might be much poorer in international monetary measurements, but Indians know the strength of their nation and the value of their culture. They don't need to work hard like the Americans for a living. Their land is much more fertile and yielding than the lands of the new continent. So, Indians in general can afford to be lazy and easy going than the average Americans. Of course, they do not mind those modern technologies developed by the intelligent brains being sold to them for enhancing some of their comforts for exchange of some of those exclusive things their ancient land so abundantly produce for them. Indians know well about the value of the customer and they are customers always. And they know that customers are kings in modern times of international trade.

And even if these modern gadgets do not come to them they are not so worried. They can also live without them. It is only the seller who is going to loss. Not the buyer!

And Indians also know very well about their potentials. If they manage their nation a bit more carefully, they know that it can surpass any nation in the world. But for now, there is no compulsion for such management techniques! When the time is appropriate, it would be done!

Indians, like me, have much aristocracy in our blood streams as a result of thousands of years of existence. We have castes and creeds of all sorts. But all are benefited from all sorts of blood streams and all sorts of genes that we can adapt to any sort of roles at any time. We can be king or slave, both at the same time, depending upon the situation.

We can appear as very civilized or very beastly both at the same time, depending upon the situation and the circumstances. Indians also know very well the ancient tactics of Chanakya inherently and there is not need that they learn about such tactics in schools and colleges.

So, if any one think that Indians could be taken for a ride, they are totally mistaken. It might be difficult for people with straight forward genetics to understand the genetic make up of Indians with so many genetic features and characteristics. 

So, some of those american law enforcers totally made a wrong judgement when they thought it as an adventure to arrest and disgrace the honor of an young Indian lady who have been holding a high diplomatic position representing India in the USA.

I have been listening to the news and reading about this incident of booking this elite Indian diplomat posted in the Indian consulate in New York for violation of some US law. 

Let me give some of those news links here:

"Lawyer for the domestic help of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade on Thursday said there was legitimacy to the charges against Khobragade "

"Tough-talking Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara, the prosecutor credited with ‘busting’ Wall Street and the Gambino and Colombo mafia crime families, has jolted India"

"The U.S. Marshals Service (USMS), the detainment authority in the case of the senior Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade (39) arrested in New York last Thursday, confirmed that the Deputy Consul General had been strip-searched" 

"Outrage and overreaction"

Any Indian back home would naturally feel insulted and agitated by this American hegemony and they feel naturally offended and insulted. Back at home, no law enforcer would ever dare to handcuff a lady officer from the elite administrative services without due sanctions from the higher authorities. The Americans have exceeded all limits and even did such things that are only done to people of the lowest orders or those who do not have any support from any sources of power or influence back in India! Both in India and in the US, laws and rules apply differently to different people. And those handling laws in both countries realize that too well. No wonder then that an ex-bureaucrat of India has openly told that fact in one of his articles that he published in the newspapers the other day. In short what he meant was that the laws are never implemented in letter and spirit by any one any where. Perhaps only fools would do such a thing! Incidentally, the man who took the pains to book the Indian lady officer of the diplomatic services using the american law has an Indian origin.  

Perhaps, the common citizens of both these great nations would now be wondering and fuming for various reasons. Individually, many have not yet reached the state of maturity to analyze these things to a common conclusion.

They are yet to learn many things to realize the fundamentals of the games that the (ruling class) people play globally. So long as you do not know such tricks of the games, you just belong to the class of the commons. 

So you could get elated or annoyed when India retaliates. You would not know what to say when some of the elite ruling class from either sides sit together the next day and exchange pleasantries heartily smiling before the media cameras. And that is part of diplomacy and governance. 

Unfortunately, our civilizations have not so progressed that we are able to express our views honestly! In fact, diplomacy means the art of hiding honest views! And we have not yet learnt the benefits of being true to our selves both personally and collectively!

And yet I would not be doing an honest writing unless the full story of the incident as reported elsewhere is also brought out. The incident is more than what appears in the daily media in broken pieces. I give two other links below which give some more wider picture of the incident:

"the Indian establishment colluded to victimise the domestic assistant"

"US Attorney Preet Bharara has issued a statement defending their actions"

So as we stand today, we really do not mean any thing when we say, we respect each other. For the same reason, we do not mean any thing when we say just the opposite. Again when democratic governments officially declare that they do all things as per law, it may or may not mean the same.

And to reach to a meaningful level we need to go much further towards civilization. We need to reach to our full potentials of divinity to be real humans! A state of existence when we are real humans upholding truth honestly and boldly!

And as of now what we lack is our ability to be true to our inner consciousness, as individuals and collectives.

Or in other words, we lack the ability to lead a life governed by honesty and truth in the true sense. So long as it is so, these kind of incidents keep happening! And we remain divided without really knowing what is right or what is wrong!

Some of us would support the wrong doers while some others would sympathize with victims of hegemony. Some would justify the acts of our so-called democratic governmental representatives while some others among us would feel ashamed.

Remember, all of us have not yet reached to the perfect mind levels. We have improved a lot from the past and we would keep improving in the future! But perfection is millenniums ahead!

Such incidents are just reminders of our present status!  

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