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Jesus' Discourse on Science in Athens- the Capital of Greece!

The gospels of new testament bible gives only some limited and partial information about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ when he lived in this world, as a perfect human being for a short while of just over three decades, some 2000 years ago. 

The narratives in the gospels are written by human beings of limited abilities, even though they might have been strengthened in their abilities by some divine blessings. The Bible gives only very little information about Jesus Christ, especially about those 28 odd years before he actually began to preach and teach in and around the land of the Israelite people.

At the same time there are many non-biblical books and the so-called apocrypha books telling the stories about Jesus that are available to mankind. But these books have many things which could be well judged as human imaginations or exaggerations by a closer study by any unbiased and logical probe.

But in the latter half of the twentieth century AD, something miraculous happened in this context. This was the publication of the Urantia Book in 1955. The last part of this great volume of information in English language depicts the life and teachings of Jesus Christ- a much treasured historical information that was hitherto unrecorded or lost from being recorded.

My purpose is not to discuss about how this detailed history got prepared and published. My purpose in this blog is to provide my readers an exposure to what Jesus taught those with him, as given in the book that I mentioned above.

Please read carefully the following passages, directly quoted from the Urantia Book, Paper-133:

They [Jesus and his Indian merchant friend Gonod and his son Ganid) shortly arrived at the olden center of Greek science and learning, and Ganid was thrilled with the thought of being in Athens, of being in Greece, the cultural center of the onetime Alexandrian empire, which had extended its borders even to his own land of India. There was little business to transact; so Gonod spent most of his time with Jesus and Ganid, visiting the many points of interest and listening to the interesting discussions of the lad and his versatile teacher.

A great university still thrived in Athens, and the trio made frequent visits to its halls of learning. Jesus and Ganid had thoroughly discussed the teachings of Plato when they attended the lectures in the museum at Alexandria. They all enjoyed the art of Greece, examples of which were still to be found here and there about the city.

Both the father and the son greatly enjoyed the discussion on science which Jesus had at their inn one evening with a Greek philosopher. After this pedant had talked for almost three hours, and when he had finished his discourse, Jesus, in terms of modern thought [the concepts of the discourse when translated to English language as understood in the 20th Century AD], said:

Scientists may some day measure the energy, or force manifestations, of gravitation, light, and electricity, but these same scientists can never (scientifically) tell you what these universe phenomena are. Science deals with physical-energy activities; religion deals with eternal values. True philosophy grows out of the wisdom which does its best to correlate these quantitative and qualitative observations. There always exists the danger that the purely physical scientist may become afflicted with mathematical pride and statistical egotism, not to mention spiritual blindness.

Logic is valid in the material world, and mathematics is reliable when limited in its application to physical things; but neither is to be regarded as wholly dependable or infallible when applied to life problems. Life embraces phenomena which are not wholly material. Arithmetic says that, if one man could shear a sheep in ten minutes, ten men could shear it in one minute. That is sound mathematics, but it is not true, for the ten men could not so do it; they would get in one another’s way so badly that the work would be greatly delayed.

Mathematics asserts that, if one person stands for a certain unit of intellectual and moral value, ten persons would stand for ten times this value. But in dealing with human personality it would be nearer the truth to say that such a personality association is a sum equal to the square of the number of personalities concerned in the equation rather than the simple arithmetical sum. A social group of human beings in co-ordinated working harmony stands for a force far greater than the simple sum of its parts.

Quantity may be identified as a fact, thus becoming a scientific uniformity. Quality, being a matter of mind interpretation, represents an estimate of values, and must, therefore, remain an experience of the individual. When both science and religion become less dogmatic and more tolerant of criticism, philosophy will then begin to achieve unity in the intelligent comprehension of the universe.

There is unity in the cosmic universe if you could only discern its workings in actuality. The real universe is friendly to every child of the eternal God. The real problem is: How can the finite mind of man achieve a logical, true, and corresponding unity of thought? This universe-knowing state of mind can be had only by conceiving that the quantitative fact and the qualitative value have a common causation in the Paradise Father [God]. Such a conception of reality yields a broader insight into the purposeful unity of universe phenomena; it even reveals a spiritual goal of progressive personality achievement. And this is a concept of unity which can sense the unchanging background of a living universe of continually changing impersonal relations and evolving personal relationships.

Matter and spirit and the state intervening between them are three interrelated and interassociated levels of the true unity of the real universe. Regardless of how divergent the universe phenomena of fact and value may appear to be, they are, after all, unified in the Supreme [manifestation of God].

Reality of material existence attaches to unrecognized energy as well as to visible matter. When the energies of the universe are so slowed down that they acquire the requisite degree of motion, then, under favorable conditions, these same energies become mass. And forget not, the mind which can alone perceive the presence of apparent realities is itself also real. And the fundamental cause of this universe of energy-mass, mind, and spirit, is eternal—it exists and consists in the nature and reactions of the Universal Father and his absolute co-ordinates.

They were all more than astounded at the words of Jesus, and when the Greek [Philosopher]  took leave of them, he said: “At last my eyes have beheld a Jew who thinks something besides racial superiority and talks something besides religion.” And they retired for the night.

My dear reader! After reading this much, could you get a feeling deep in your mind for exploring more about what is written in this book?

If so, it would perhaps be a good idea to nurture that feeling and proceed accordingly.

Best Wishes!

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