Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A New Indian Mahatma is Emerging and the Demonic Forces Are Panicking !

Yesterday night I was watching the Indian national TV news channels with tears in my eyes and chocking in my throat caused by untold emotion. I tell you, I am not a person of sentiments and emotions in the ordinary manner. But when I see the acts of characterless people getting overpowered or resisted by even in the most insignificant manner by any one who champions the cause of human values, I get emotional. 

This indescribable emotion pervades my mind and senses whenever there is some victory of good in some way in this world now entrenched in the hands of demonic forces in all subtle ways not normally discerned by ordinary souls!

Something big was happening in the National Capital Territory (NCR) of India-Delhi on the 20th January 2014. It was a peaceful protest agitation of an unusual kind. A democratically elected members of the state government of Delhi protesting against the federal or central government of India. 

A group of elected peoples' representatives belonging to the brand new political entity of India, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) were proceeding to lead a peaceful protest agitation in front of the building that houses the home ministry offices of the central government of India. Leading them from the front were the whole members of the cabinet of ministers of the new state government of Delhi marching behind their undisputed leader and their Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal.  They had only taken charge of the new governmental administration in the capital region of Delhi under compelling circumstances just a month ago.

And this group had a challenging responsibility with them. They had given an assurance to to the people to work against corruption that has engulfed India almost fully in the recent decades that the existing political set up had failed to accomplish. More precisely, the existing political system have become part and parcel of a corrupt system which the people have almost taken for granted because there was no escape route for them. Now on this scene, a new face has been emerging. And he is Arvind Kejriwal, a name that has become well known to most of the common people of India. His rise to popularity was not an easy task, but a saga of sacrifice, dedication and determination.

Kejriwal has been a pioneering crusader fighting corruption from public offices in India. An engineer by training and education from one of the IITs , he quit his enviable administrative job with the Indian government as an Asst.Commissioner of Income Tax to take up a much more important mission that he felt as his prime duty, that is to organize and work for eradication of corruption in India. He first fought to bring about transparency in public administration and was the key player of a movement that caused the Indian government to pass the Right-to-Information Act in 2005. His next movement was India Against Corruption that culminated in the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party in India.  

Arvind Kejriwal is no ordinary soul. He is not from my generation, but one from  a much younger generation of Indians. The time when I began watching this young man and his activities towards initiation of reforms in the otherwise doomed Indian society, instinctively I was realizing that this man is a new saint in the making in my country. A Mahatma. Perhaps even greater than Mahatma Gandhi ji who took the British empire head on to free India from the foreign colonialism of the last few centuries.

Mahatma Gandhi could become successful in his peaceful satyagraha agitation because he was fighting against a system of governance which gave some credence to human values. But Arvind Kejriwal has initiated a struggle against a system that totally ignored human values in practice while deceitfully projecting it as the fundamental law. Undoubtedly, the latter's task was not at all easy when compared to the former. Besides, in the times of Kejriwal, the people for whom he took up the initiative have become a divided , confused and lethargic lot who have lost their basic ability to discern good and bad or to react. 

I have been witnessing the gradual deterioration of my country with the rise of demonic forces in all walks of life in the past nearly six decades. The percentage of good people in the country have been reducing in the leadership positions and the ordinary citizens of the country have been losing their faith in good and have been moving towards evil for survival. The majority having some good still left within them have been losing their strength to resist evil in any manner. They took shelter under many promising leaders in the past only to realize that they were all demons in disguise to cheat and mislead them. The net result was that people like me were losing faith in leaders. There is no one out there who could be trusted. Vested interests ruled the roost. People were entering politics with huge spending only to reap higher personal gains. The political scene of India has been becoming increasingly and perceptibly corrupt with time. While some were reaping the benefits of the corrupt system a majority of Indians have been silently suffering either directly or indirectly. To add to their woes, their elected representatives and their subordinate public servants have been showing a perceptibly higher level of arrogance towards the common man. The situation has been becoming worse than that existed during the days when the foreigners and the local royals ruled the land.

But this is what many people who care the least about good or bad for achieving the end results want. Everything is justified in war and love, they say. Everything is justified in politics, the game people play to gain power and position for personal benefits.

And when you are driven by this attitude, the attitude that promotes an in-compassionate personality development among the citizens, the invisible demonic forces have their objectives achieved! They are getting successful in making the society move away from the blessings of God and getting it aligned towards evil.

So long as the people do not have any good leader, victory of the evil forces remained unchallenged! 

The demonic forces therefore first attempt to destroy any possible good leadership that tried to emerge, either directly or indirectly. If such leaders showed any inclination to get tarnished in error or evil even to the slightest manner, the demons (and also those humans with demonic minds) celebrated. Demons (those who are against God) know extremely well the power of false propaganda and the power of propagating falsehoods mixed with some truths and half truths in making the simple folks confused. 

In other words, in a time has come where good is denounced and evil is praised constantly apparently making it feel the other way to the common people. Good people are constantly branded as evil people by the majority minds pervaded by evil. This kind of a situation would naturally derail even the wise men, what to speak about those who are not so wise!

So naturally, Arvind Kejriwal who took up the moral issue of eradication of corruption as his mission, was naturally becoming an enemy of the evil forces who were all around him. In the beginning they were too confident of their might that they pooh-poohed him. But when they found that more and more of the simple folks are willing to listen to his voice they began to think of clever ways to discredit him. He was trying to make them understand more about the underlying evil called corruption and was trying to motivate them to fight corruption which they thought as impossible earlier.

The confident evil forces were not at all in any mood to listen to the people's concerns on the rising corruption perception in the so-called land of Mahatma Gandhi. But corruption transactions in billions kept happening with ease using the currency notes bearing the image of the Mahatma. They were not at all willing to make any law to punish the evil doers who perpetuate corruption, as demanded by this soft spoken crusader. They denounced him and took umbrage in the power of democracy and told him that they are right as they are in democratic majority. Because, in a democracy, what majority thinks is right, even if it is evil. 

They challenged him to enter politics and fight corruption in the democratic manner. That is the civilized way, they reminded him. They were sure of their positions when they told him so. But he and his supporters took up that challenge and he took the mantles to rule the capital of India in less than a years time to the utter dismay of those forces who were not willing to arrest the propagation of the evil called corruption in the Indian soil.

The time has finally come for them to take this young IITian more seriously. Why should any IITian who could earn millions in the USA  or continued in his powerful class one job and lead a comfy life took to the streets  to make an unnecessary hue and cry over this corruption issue? He could also have made millions silently just as many others like him are doing. Then why all this fuss? Many Indians were finding it difficult to digest. Perhaps he is more greedy and has bigger plans to make it big by entering the dirty political arena of India. Some others argued with their common sense experience they gained from their society.

The evil forces has been trying to hoodwink this frail looking, physically weakened leader with acute cold and cough in the cold polluted weather of Delhi ever since he got elevated to a position of high responsibility under compelling and shameful political drama played by the established political forces of India by all means. Many thought he would succumb to the evil influences. Many have been eagerly watching and waiting him to fall from grace to disgrace. The invisible evil forces have been making all out efforts to bring him down. Some were doing it the way the cat drinking the milk. They kept their eyes closed thinking that no one is seeing (their clever deeds that they kept doing)

I have been watching and reading those small pieces of information and news about the hard testing this innocently looking young man was facing in the political arena of India.

There is a big group of young and dedicated Indians supporting him openly. All their faces reflected a radiance of honesty, innocence and determination to fight the evil. I listened to the common Indians around me. What were they saying about this new leader. To my surprise I found that the hitherto silent Indians are now speaking out their frustrations about the system that has been suppressing them cleverly for all these years. The system so deceptively woven up by clever and intelligent people from their lot who were using it for their full benefits and selfish ends!

Now here is a leader who is not there to take advantage of the system for his personal gains. 

How do you know? It is too early to tell because some of the previous leaders too were like this. Even Hitler too was a pious common man's leader earlier before he became a ruthless dictator!

Of course, power and position corrupt even angels. What to talk about the lowly humans?

But yet, there is some thing different in this man, my mind was telling me. He is not going to be like Hitler or those of that kind. Neither he would be of those deceptive ones who keep talking many things but never do any thing against the societal cancer called corruption. 

He is not there for making some big gains for him. He seems to be honest in his mission of fighting corruption. And that honesty is reflected on his face that is discernible by all who are unbiased.

That instills awe and admiration. 

I prayed to God earnestly to give him the strength of mind that he needs most to withstand all those tacit pressures his opponents have been applying with no sympathies. For them, the cause for which he stood for was nothing. For them people and the country have been just opportunities for meeting their personal agendas and interests. They cared little for the nation in the real sense. But collectively they cared much for themselves. 

The demons know the real threat that could have from any being with some divine blessings! The best way to withstand any divine intervention is to influence any divine messenger to their fold.The practice of converting saints to demons have been in vogue for the past many thousands of years!

But if a saintly person keep refusing to join their ranks, the demons become nervous and showing off their demonic real faces. They then take out the weapons of physical aggression and cruelty, their last weapons in store.

But this determined young leader with a will power stronger than any other leaders that human kind has seen in recent times has been showing a determination to take the demonic forces head on. He has no army and no weapons. What he has is his strength of character and ethics and the motivation of the good mission that he has so courageously took up. He has embarked upon a mission to fight corruption, the deceptive weapon of the demons and the followers of evil, knowing well that the demons could attempt to destroy him with all their might.

They had gifted him the covet position of chief minister-ship  as if as a great favor and expected him to enjoy this 'office of profit' quietly as every others have been doing so far or would have naturally done. They also began to bestow him all the associated facilities and perks. When he declined to accept those, they tried to mock and ridicule him by branding him as a person of high and insatiable greed and ambition dreaming of capturing the highest office of profit in the country- the prime minister-ship! Even the media men who were praising him a few days ago have been influenced to speak against him and tarnish him by using any opportunities that they might get.

Deceptive games were played to instigate this novice chief minister to make moves that could be lambasted as grave errors of incompetency and ignorance. Even forces of physical aggression were paraded against him so that he becomes scared.

But he has been relentless. He has so far withstood all those pressures, an unlikely sight in India in the recent past history. And he was heavily and visibly depending on his moral strength and his conviction of the divine protection and support.

As I watched that display of moral courage that this saintly man has been showing so far, I was feeling proud of this leader. Is he the incarnation of the legendary god of India, Shri Krishna? The famous quotation of Bhagavat Gita began to play back in my mind:

"paritranaaya saadhoonam vinashaaya cha dushkritaam dharma-samsthapanaarthaaya sambhavami yuge yuge" 

[परित्राणाय  साधुनाम  विनाशाय  च:  दुष्कृताम  धर्मं संस्थापनार्थाय संभवामि युगे युगे]

In order to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to re-establish the principles of religion, I advent myself millennium after millennium

He is obviously getting some divine protection to accomplish his mission. He is slowly and slowly becoming a divine protegee for a great task to be accomplished for his great nation. He is turning himself to the status of a Mahatma (saint) in the political arena of India. Opposing him are many Duratmas (unholy souls). 

Mahatma Kejriwal ji is asking for a small symbolic gesture of giving some small punishment to a few erring policemen of Delhi now. It is not a big deal any way. But underlying that apparently small gesture is a big issue that the evil forces are scared of. The demonic forces cannot accept that small thing now because they know that would provide this frail saint a big moral victory.

But if the stories of the great Indian epic Mahabharata is any indication, then we should remember that the divine forces normally start their actions from seemingly small mistakes of the demons.

I am not sure whether Mahatma Kejriwalji  is going to win his war of morality that he has undertaken now against the immoral forces that prevail the length and breadth of India, the land of Mahabharata.

But it is going to be the beginning of a big era of changes in this land that the demonic forces are scared of from happening. 

Because I am convinced of the wisdom of the divine administration that pervade in the whole of the universes including our small world earth. Divine forces do intervene in human affairs when things go out of order too much. But they do not do it every now and then, nor they do the work that humans are capable of doing.

Arvind and his team would be able to do that and they would have the divine blessings so long as they follow the divine rules and keep upholding their moral superiority over evil.

If you support the cause of good over evil and the views I have expressed, you should consider sharing this with others for supporting this war of morality that has begun in India.

And that is one of the easiest support that you could perhaps do.

At the least, we should give this saintly leader our moral support when he needs it most.

[Read the full news about the back ground of the latest struggle of India led by Arvind Kerjriwal in this article: Arvind Kejriwal's dharna: Why Delhi Police vs. state govt row is more political than administrative? I would also suggest you to read this interesting article written by Mr Avay Shukla, Rtd IAS officer, giving his analysis and opinion about Kejriwal's Delhi Dharna (agitation of 20-1-2014) ] 


  1. Regrettably, Mr Kejriwal and his team committed some gross errors that caused them dearly. While many like me got enthusiastic about Mr Kejriwal's honesty, he now seems to have spoiled it by overplaying ideology and becoming impractical. But sacrifices are what making people saints!

  2. Power corrupts everyone and Kejriwal has proved that he is no exception. By becoming the CM of the Indian capital state with a thumping majority he seems to have achieved his aspirations and has preferred to become an unquestionable chieftain of yet another political party forgetting the roots! It is indeed a fall of a Mahatma in the making!


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