Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sharing Some Pieces of Wisdom Thoughts That I Received Today With My Readers !

My friend Prof.Ujjager Singh Kooner has a very appreciable habit of sharing many pieces of humour, wisdom thoughts and interesting information to his friends by e-mail. No doubt there are many such good people in this world who take pains to create such thoughts and ideas in to pleasing visuals and keep sharing these with their friends and followers. 

While many writers and bloggers do things for some material returns and personal benefits, there are a big community of people who do such things without expecting anything in return. 

Whether done for some benefits or not, their services are to be appreciated. Kudos to all of them. 

Let me  share some of those visuals that I received today from Prof. Kooner. I am in full agreement with the wisdom thoughts reflected in these visuals.

[Courtsey: All those unknown creators and publishers!]

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