Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wild and Mild Animals and Humans!

Humans are evolved from animals. Higher animals and humans have much in common. There are mild animals and wild animals and both become mild or wild from time to time and as per situation. Same is the case with humans too.

All animal and human varieties that we observe today have evolved to become what they are today from inferior living beings at some remote time in the past. But they are no more evolving to other forms any more. The evolutionary changes they all underwent are all events of the past.

While they are not making any drastic changes in their general features by which the biologists could separate out any new species, they are all undergoing some kind of minor changes with regard to their behaviors.

While in animals these behavioral changes may not be noticeable much in a long span of time, in humans such changes are visible from generation to generation.

In general humans are changing from wild to mild, cruel to gentle. 

But such changes are not taking place en mass. Such genetic changes affecting the behavior centers of the brain cells are taking place very slowly as the generations advance.

Yet, the individual change from wild to mild is not perfectly taking place just it happens in the digital world. It is analogous! 

Thus there is a big interaction among wild and mild individuals having varying degrees of mild and wild genes performing within their physical bodies in such a way that every human is unpredictably wild or mild!

In the wild world of the animals, this is more predictable. The nature of wild animals are more predictable with regard to their wild and mild behaviors than in human beings.

This poses a big problem for those humans who have evolved to higher mild natures to live among their lesser evolved cousins.

The milder ones are capable of understanding the problems and also have the physical and mental capacity to withstand the wild atrocities from their wilder cousins. But their inherent milder nature makes them apparently vulnerable.

To withstand the onslaught of wild acts of their wilder cousins, the milder humans might be tempted to revisit their discarded wildness.

In this dilemma, they might feel exhausted, tired and helpless.

But they also get some golden opportunities to find some intrinsic truths from these contrasts.

But mild looking wild animals (and humans) are anyway too dangerous for those mild and unsuspecting animals (and humans)!

The mild ones need not become wild to get away from such threats. They only need to develop the technique of identifying those mild looking ones with wild features hidden deep in their brains!

Even identifying is not enough; they also should know how to get away from getting caught by those wild teeth and claws!

Remember, evolution is not yet a finished process. It is still continuing and in the intermediate stage.

It is going to take much time before every one is finished as perfectly mild!

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