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The Dalamatian Civilization: The First Civilization on Earth, Developed Under a Super Human Supervisory Team!

Some time ago I wrote about the origin of human beings on earth nearly a million years ago [BC 991474 to be precise!] and the first parents of human race were a pair of twins, one male and another female, now named to be known as Andon and Fonta.[ Read about the origin of the first humans in this blog] However, our human scientists have been arguing with their theories based on their analysis of fossils they had collected from here and there. According to them humans beings got evolved on earth some 200,000 years ago, while not so developed humanoids evolved some 2.5 million years ago. 

But human scientists are arguing with their theories and that are after all theories while what I have written was based on facts revealed by some immortal personalities who have been witnessing and supervising the human evolutionary progress. This too is some thing non digestible to the human scientists. [Read this wikipedia article about the scientific views about human evolution].

We cannot blame them because they can do their experiments only on observable things and evidences. They have not yet progressed to such levels that they are capable of conducting experiments on super material existences! Perhaps our scientists would agree to theorize on such phenomena in some later years so that super material phenomena too would become part of human scientific studies!  

Now, the descendants of Andon were the primitive peoples of earth called the Andonites.[Read more about Andon and Fonta in this Blog ] Andonites were the primitive tribals of earth, many of whom were not much developed than their animal cousins. Of course they had better developed abilities to live in a hostile environment than many of us now living in the 21st century.

In another blog I wrote about the evolution of the colored races of earth from the Andonites. This happened by another evolutionary change that occurred in the genetic structure in one family of the later day Andonites some half a million years ago. They are known as the Sangik races. [Read about the evolution of colored races on earth in this blog] This genetic mutation in the children happened in a much progressed human family living in the Indian sub continent somewhere near the present day Afghanistan. 

As per the universal plan of creation and development of human like beings in any planet in the universe, the creative agencies of God use the technique of controlled evolution. This is one of the technique adopted to get mighty future personalities of the universe who become perfect and mighty through varied life experiences from an initial weak and imperfect origin. In this process, there are also chances that the originally created human personality losing his or her individual existence. This happens when the individual is not careful enough to use his or her God given wisdom to live a life which is justifiable according to the universal laws of God. It is God's mandate that all humans created are inherently will creatures (living beings capable of taking their own decisions) and God or His agencies would not interfere with human will at any time!

But God has also mandated that human beings be given all assistance for their cultural progress at appropriate times by some of  those orders of beings who are more advanced in knowledge in a progressive manner matching with the evolutionary progress of human intellectual capacities. 

According to this plan, any evolutionary world in the universe similar to earth would get a super mortal ruler when the evolutionary primitive human beings multiply in population to a few million and when some of them are fully developed physically and biologically to grasp higher ideas. Though this super mortal ruler would be normally invisible to the humans, this ruler might use a group of advanced humans from other planets who lived justifiably and died but provided the opportunity to live again and advance their lives in some advanced form of living in some other advanced worlds. 

Accordingly, our earth also got its super mortal ruler some half-a-million years ago near about the times when the Sangik races evolved from the Andonites. This super mortal ruler of earth is an order of an intelligent non material being known as as Caligastia (this name is for our purpose of identification. Know more about the plans of God about evolutionary worlds in this blog ) 

Caligastia having a non material form is not visible to human visual senses and therefore there was a need to have some volunteers who are both visible to Caligastia and the humans to act as intermediaries between the new celestial ruler of earth and its evolutionary human tribes. These intermediaries by appearance had to look more or less similar to human beings and they should also had to be experienced with human nature. 

Thus such intermediaries in every evolutionary planet would be a group of volunteers drawn from a lot of one time humans who lived and died in some planets and had been successful to advance to a higher form of living in some other advanced worlds. 

Caligastia got 100 such volunteers to function as his staff. They are identified as the corporeal staff (aids with bodies similar to humans) of the celestial planetary ruler of earth. In fact they were 50 male-female couples who were given synthesized human bodies developed from the genetic cell plasm of some of the humans of earth living at that time. The work of de-materialized transfer of these volunteers and giving them human bodies were effected by various orders of living beings having requisite capabilities for doing such tasks.

Caligastia had also subordinates who were celestials of various orders invisible to humans. He and his subordinates established their headquarters in a region in Asia identified as Dalamatia ( the region now known as Mesopotamia)

The Celestials with the assistance of their intermediaries (the corporeal staff) began to select the Andonite and Sangik races of earth now in millions in the Asian African lands and began to train them in various fields of knowledge. For the earthly evolutionary humans, the corporeal staff of 100 were like gods as the latter did not die before them while the former died. The corporeal staff were supervising the humans of those days for many generations. These corporeal staff are also known as the Caligastia-One-Hundred.

The corporeal staff were divided into ten groups consisting of 5 couples selected by Caligastia, each group responsible for a special function. These ten groups were to train and teach the humans about various aspects of living such as the following:

1. The Council on Food and Materials- Leader Name, Ang
2. The Board of Animal Domestication and Utilization- Leader name, Bon
3. The Advisary Group on Predatory animals- Leader name, Dan
4. The Faculty of Knowledge Preservation and Dissemination- Leader name, Fad
5. The Commission on Industry and Trade- Leader name, Nod
6. The Teachers of Knowledge about God and Worship- Leader name, Hap
7. The Group on Health and Life- Leader name, Lut
8. The Council or Art and Science- Leader name, Mek
9. The Governors of Tribal Relations- Leader name, Tut
10 The Supreme Court of Racial Coordination- Leader name, Van

The Caligastia corporeal staff were in reality not humans of earth. They looked like any other Andonite and spoke their tribal language. But they were superior beings. They were intermediaries between invisible celestials representing the universe government of God and the evolutionary primitive humans. Some of the humans were having the potential to live again after death and progress in their life to become later day mighty celestial personalities of God in some other parts of the universe.

The corporeal staff members had the following special features or abilities:

1. They had dual body characteristics. They had human bodies with superior acquired mind qualities and capabilities. They could see and communicate with their celestial superiors as well as with the humans around them. The primitive humans also could see them and communicate with them.

2. Their bodies were not made by birth in the natural evolutionary manner, but were constructed by special techniques. They did not age or die as was the case with the humans. So the humans held them in high regard and revered them in awe.

3. They were one time humans in some other worlds similar to earth, but had died long before and survived their physical death to continue their lives in some other advanced form and were in the process of advancement towards attaining their mighty status before God. In fact they had survived seven stages of life after their material death and had acquired a status of citizenship in the headquarter world of about 619 planets including earth, called Jerusem.[ A real existence and not any myth!]

4. They were both male and females and were capable of reproducing other beings in their new existence as the corporeal staff of Caligastia on earth. But they were prevented from sexual reproduction. However, they were in a position to create a type of non material living beings by a different kind of mind or soul union. This way each couple of the corporeal staff became parents to 1000 non material beings now known as the primary midwayers of earth. These primary midwayers whose number is 50,000 are a permanent order of living beings of earth ever since they came into existence. They are not visible to humans under normal circumstances. [Know more about them in this blog which discussed about the reality of facts about ghosts]

5. They were one-time humans of some other material world such as earth and had acquired the immortal status  and had seven advanced life experiences before they became volunteer teachers to the ancient tribal humans of earth some 200,000 years ago. They had superior knowledge but they also knew the technique of slow and patient teaching techniques they should adopt for their earth pupils. They knew very well the dangers of forcible and fast teaching such as some impatient methods of curriculum loading being adopted by some modern public schools of the 20th and 21 centuries in some countries!

The following were some of the things that the ten groups taught the ancient people of earth through their leadership and training activities that went on for many centuries some 500,000 years ago which caused the first ever human civilization to take root, in and around the present day Mesopotamian region on earth, which is now designated as the Dalamatian civilization:

1. The people learnt to make neat and clean homes made of bricks. They learnt working with fire and to use fire for making various useful objects with clay and metals.

2. They were taught the importance of family and equality of men and women at work.

3. They were taught the importance of imparting education (transfer of knowledge and skills and thinking) to future generations.

4. They were taught about the concepts of God and the concepts of the non-human supreme nature of about the unseen God who is father of all.(the supreme father-Parampita and Supreme Spirit- Paramatma concepts)

5. They were taught about the seven fundamental moral laws that the Supreme Spirit Father God favors: These seven fundamental laws or moral commandments were:

- You shall not fear or serve any god but your Supreme Spirit Father (Parampita)

- You shall not disobey the representatives of the Supreme Spirit Father on earth
- You shall not tell a lie when called for by the judges of the people
- You shall not kill any men, women or children
- You shall not steal any thing of others
- You shall not desire or touch the wife of others
- You shall not show disrespect to your parents or elders.

The Dalamatian culture went on undisturbed for more than 300,000 years slowly and effectively. But some 200,000 years ago some unfortunate things happened that caused earth a disturbed, spoiled and confused world. And that was when Caligastia decided to deviate from the mandates of the universal divine administration of Paramatma  in support of his boss who was the celestial system administrator ruling from the heavenly headquarter world of Jerusem at that time. [I had discussed about this misfortune that struck earth some 200,000 years ago in this blog]

The Dalamation civilization of earth began to show effects of corruption and other evil practices there after and it began to disintegrate beyond recognition. Earth fell into a long era of cultural decadency.

Out of the ten groups of corporeal staff of Caligastia, a good majority decided to follow Caligastia either wholeheartedly or  with some initial reluctance. The following were the ones that shifted their alliance from the universal administration of God to the local independent rule as declared by Caligastia:

1. The Board of animal husbandry lead by Bon the group on predatory animals led by Dan

2. Council of industry and trade lead by Nod
3.  The group responsible for health led by Lut
4. The group for tribal welfare and relations lead by Tut
5.  Few members from the group of food and food materials

In all sixty of the 100 remained loyal to Caligastia while forty under the leadership of Van remained loyal to the Universal administration of God. 

The group led by Van remained on earth for many thousand years till the arrival of Adam and Eve some 38,000 years ago. This group worked hard to preserve the knowledge and worship of Paramatma and the original moral code from not getting lost entirely from earth. This group were facilitated to return back to the heavenly abode from where they first took up the assignment to become earth volunteers.

The rebel sixty corporeal staff who remained as supporters of the rebel celestial ruler of earth, Caligastia were under the leadership of Nod. Since they rebelled, their power to live indefinitely had lost and they were degraded to the status of mortal humans of earth. Caligastia had known the fate of these super humans. Yet he advised them to resort to sexual reproduction to increase their numbers. And the mortal descendants they had ever since were the people called the Nodites. The Nodites had the privilege of knowing many superior knowledge from their one time super human parents. All the rebel corporeal staff members including Nod and their mortal descendants faced permanent death eventually on earth.

A large group of the the primary midwayers (non material, immortal children of the corporeal staff present on earth) and a large group of secondary midwayers (who came into existence much later) became followers of the local celestial ruler of earth. So also a large group of celestial assistants originally present with Caligastia). This group of celestials and their celestial head, Caligastia, are still living on earth invisible to humans. However, since they have gone against the source of universal life and energy, they would face eventual end of their lives in the course of time in the future.

Earth became isolated from the universal administration of God ever since. However the universal administration of God is patiently watching over the developments and intervening in some limited manner in the affairs of earth from time to time. 

About 38000 years ago, Adam and Eve were sent to earth to save earth from total decadency. They could not succeed in their mission fully [Read about it in this blog about the mission of Adam and Eve] Even the super mortal material beings, Adam and Eve fell in to the clever trap of Caligastia and spoiled the plan of the universal administration to improve the spoiled situation of earth. Adam and Eve too had to face death on earth. They were supposed to live for many many centuries as the visible rulers and parental guides to all humans till the humans advanced to highest levels of maturity and knowledge. But that did not happen that way. Before he died Adam married 1682 Nodite women and the progeny he got through these women later became the Andite race of earth.

The universal administration curtailed many powers of Caligastia about 2000 years ago and appointed some celestial receivers to look after the affairs of earth in some limited manner ever since. However, earth is still not connected back to the universal administration of God. 

It is expected that it would happen in the near future within a few centuries.Before that major catastrophe  are likely as a result of the deeds of evil minded people whose numbers are rising. Because the universal law of God reminds that the final outcome of evil any where is destruction! All people who resort to evil practices knowingly without remorse would end up in permanent destruction without any possibility of their souls surviving death or they getting the chance of their personalities to survive for future adventures through the future ages. Their fate would be like the plants and animals which decorated the land surfaces for some short duration!

Remember, the Dalamatian civilization which continued for 300,000 years on earth got wiped out without any traces from the face of earth. So also all the other civilizations. Because all those civilizations adopted great errors and evils. They followed a culture of good and bad at the same time. And the divine mandate is that good and bad cannot go simultaneously for long.

On the other hand, when people learn to adopt good wholeheartedly, their earthly civilization would progress immensely and earth would achieve the highest civilization possible called the civilization of light and life much faster. All people who willfully decided to be good and follow good would proceed to their higher levels of existence  to become experienced and mighty personalities of the future. They would take up greater and challenging assignments of various types in the innumerable other worlds in the universal administration of God.

One day such individuals are going to become Mighty Messengers of God with such powers and capabilities that they can never imagine or comprehend now.

Is it not something great?

[Based on the teachings of the Urantia Book]

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