Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Visit to the New Bio-diversity Park: The Latest Tourist Attraction in Ranchi

A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to visit and spent some time in the newly developed bio-diversity park in Ranchi. 

This park was opened for public in 2012 and it is developed, maintained and managed by the forest department of Jharkhand State government.

The park is developed within existing forest land of over 500 acres. It is being developed with good intentions that the urban Ranchi people and visitors to Ranchi can enjoy the scenic beauty of the green forests and get some good idea about the flora of the forests.

Most importantly, the park is easily accessible from Ranchi. It can be accessed by road from the Birsa Munda Chowk near the Ranchi Airport within 15-20 minutes. See the location map of the park here. There exist ample parking space for the vehicles of the visitors. However, vehicles are usually not allowed inside the park.

The forest department had made a good informative website for the park which give much desired information to the public. You may visit the home page for essential information about the park.

The access to the park for the public is regulated with some nominal fees. Get the fee structure here.

The park now is in the developmental stage though many facilities have been already developed. It is a good picnic spot for groups who are interested in spending some hours in the wild serenity of the green forests without the usual dangers or difficulties  associated with such adventures. 

The park has two forest trails which are carefully developed. Visitors can walk through these trails and get a feel of the forest. 

A very attractive feature of the park is its horticulture efforts where many medicinal plants are grown. It is a good feature to see the rare medicinal plants many of which are used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicine system of India. See some pictures of the medicinal plants grown in the park. It gives some opportunities for those interested in Ayurvedic research.

The park has a rose garden and a green house for developing various species of cacti. There is scope for developing a mini zoo too. However, presently such a facility does not exist. The authorities may think of this and try to breed those rare breeds of animals which provide raw material used in ayurvedic medicines.

No doubt this bio-diversity park would soon become a tourist attraction for the visitors of Ranchi in the near future.

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  1. Very nice initiative. Thank you for writing this post. Can you please tell me what are the visiting hours and days?


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