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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why do I Consider the Urantia Book My Favorite Book of Life Guidance?

The Urantia Book is a huge book of 2097 pages. It was first printed in English language and published in the USA in 1955.

This book came to my notice in 2008 and ever since this is my favorite book of life guidance.

My concepts, ideas and outlook towards life changed wholly after I began to read and understand this great book of modern times.

My blogs in this site either give ideas and concepts from the Urantia Book or are based on the guiding principles of life that I got from this divinely gifted book of knowledge to modern mankind.

Yet, this book is not a widely read book.

It has not come to the notice of the majority of the so-called intelligentsia of the present day even when there is a minority of a few million people who enjoy reading it and keep drawing themselves to the Universal Drawing Power which we call God.

So, what is the Urantia Book? Read this Wikipedia article about the Urantia Book (TUB)  to get an unbiased or neutral opinion about it. Remember, the book itself tells us that it is the Fifth Epochal Revelation (FER) to mankind. 

There are a few websites in the world now that have been promoting the knowledge and truths of this book to those who are inclined to know and learn about it. [ Use this hyperlink to get a comprehensive directory of the worldwide Urantia Book Websites

The Urantia Book answers some questions thoughtful humans used to ask themselves. For example I had many questions. Some of these questions I have listed in the opening page of my urantia-india website.  I am happy to say that I have found answers to these questions in the Urantia Book.

Since Urantia Book is a huge and voluminous book in English, that too in a language which is instructive and authoritative, some people are eager to know about the content of it in brief. I have attempted to give a brief of the Urantia Book in this blog

Many people are interested to know what happens after death. The Urantia Book gives the most authoritative assertion to what happens after death. [Use the link to read the blog] 

I had written earlier the reasons why I believe in the truths revealed in the Urantia Book and what it says it is. [ Use the link to read it] I have also tried to put forth my reasons why many others find it difficult to digest these truths and consider it as a big hoax. But people who try hard to prove the Urantia Book as a hoax are making themselves a pitiful lot. They have hardly found any worthwhile points to make their points home. But they sure succeed in confusing the fence-sitters!

Some people argue that the knowledge the book provides is a waste. They argue that faith is important than knowledge. I agree with them because knowledge is indeed painful to acquire and digest. It is more so for those whose biological faculties are not fully equipped for knowledge acquisition and assimilation. Perhaps that is the reason why Genesis 2:17 says man "must not eat the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil"

But being knowledgeable in a society full of ignorance or partial knowledge is indeed a painful experience. The wise men would not be able to open their mouths in such a society and ignorant men and women would never heed to the advice of knowledgeable men or women. 

Therefore, the book of knowledge -the Urantia Book - would not be one of attraction or curiosity to the majority of earth people till the time they mature to a position to grasp the contents of it.

But for me it is now my favorite book. It is my divinely spoken guide to a good and inspiring life on an otherwise evil entangled world.

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