Wednesday, February 15, 2012

India's New Era Corporates: Pressurized Employees and Failing Customer Care !

Ever since India's economy shifted its gears for fast forward economic growth under learned political leaders and economic advisors like Shri Man Mohan Singh and Shri Montek Singh Ahluwalia, India has seen the birth and growth of hundreds of new era corporates. All these began to happen in the Nineteen Nineties. These companies began to provide employment opportunities to millions of young Indians, a thing which never happened before in India in such measures during its existence in the previous forty years after it became a republic.

One of the major shift that took place in this new economic culture was the importance of service sector over primary manufacturing or production sector.

Services like computer software development, banking, financial services, Telecom Services, Tourism Services, Medical Services, Transport Services, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, etc which predominantly depended on Information Technology (IT) for existence and growth soon surpassed the core industries in the production sector.

The hardcore technology for initiating this growth came from the developed world where companies like Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, Motorola, etc got the opportunity to create a scenario in which their products have become inseparable items for sustaining economic growth.

Potentials for growth in education, employment and incomes for the individuals got enhanced many fold from the previous decades.

However, the unprecedented importance on services without ensuring balancing growth in other sectors of production and infrastructure is apparently causing inconsistencies in human existence and livelihood.

Human life struggles have enhanced many fold.

Job security which the previous generations enjoyed is becoming something of history the young generations cannot think of.

Growth and profitability of companies have become inconsistent and always in an unsteady state situation.

Governmental rules and regulations on businesses keep changing every now and then.

Business enterprises in the services sector get incorporated quickly and get vanished also quickly.

They are becoming to be known as dot com businesses which are in reality bursting commerce entities!

When the engine of an automobile develops some trouble, the driver loses his cool. He keeps pressing the brake and accelarator pedals erratically making the vehicle move as if gone mad.

Who is at fault, the driver or the vehicle ? It becomes difficult for the onlookers to judge.

The economies in many countries in the world in the post liberalization era are facing situations some thing like this.

Who are at fault? The corporates ? The Managements ? The governments ? The employees ? The customers?

No one is sure.

Employees get the pressure. They are a confused lot confronted with ever changing rules , systems and demands.

The more the confusion, the more the time they have to spend at their offices. It is becoming more and more difficult to satisfy the customers of their simple problems. Apparently, the employees do not have anything in their hands to provide some remedies of their own. If the systems are not provided with the remedies, they simply cannot help. Even if it appears simple if viewed with some common sense.

Then there are external experts and consultants and solution providers who promise to reduce their problems with their magic solutions.

They approach with magic words like ERP, Six Sigma, ISO and so many such jargons making every one in more complicated situations than that existed before ! These are also service provider companies who boast of knowing everything to simplify business processes for all stake holders. Regrettably, in practice their employees also seem tense under non achievable work pressures and with no confidence of overcoming the problems.

It seems every one is engaged in tying knots every where and trying to untie knots all at the same time! Without really knowing what to tie and untie !

I keep watching the young employees of the new era corporates of my country.

I am just wondering what would be the situation a few decades later if we keep going like this ?

Is it necessary that for the sake of generating 'economic activities' and generation of employment we keep doing anything which is termed as a service ? Is it necessary that we keep charging and taxing all such services?

Is it fair for the governments to leave every thing to the market forces ? Is it not the responsibility of the governments to ensure that the businesses that are run in the country are capable of running and sustaining on a long term basis? Is it not necessary for the governments to think of the welfare of employees of the companies? Are they not citizens of the country?

Is it fair on the governments to create a situation wherein the promoters of the company are forced to manage capital to start ventures and pay to the government hefty licence fees amounting to years of  expected profits that the companies are likely to make in the future? Is it fair that such companies are allowed to wind up or or face bankruptcy  if a situation of that sort arise in the future which essentially makes their employees jobless and shareholders tense of worries about the future?

If these are not the responsibilities of the governments then why do we need governments ?

The employees are the major earning citizens of the nation who supports the nation and for whom the nation exists!

We need earning citizens. But not pressurized citizens !
I was just thinking.

Time for every one to think !

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