Friday, February 17, 2012

Tughlaqs of Modern India !

Muhammad-Bin Tughlaq was an infamous Sultan who ruled Delhi some 700 odd years ago.

I am not a historian to make a detailed commentary about this ruler of India who made a strong impact in the lives of the Indian people, especially those from the north and central regions,  a couple of centuries before the Renaissance Movement began in Europe. [You may read a well written commentary about Tughlaq here !]

This Sultan was indeed a very learned and intelligent fellow. He was perhaps much more intelligent and ambitious for providing a better administration to his peoples than most of those surrounded him.

But yet, most of his administrative reforms failed miserably causing innumerable problems to the people of his sultanate. All this caused the later day historians calling him the ' Pagla Tughlaq' which meant mad Tughlaq. 

In modern India, the schools and colleges teach about this Sultan, in the history classes. Children of modern India keep remembering him for his so called 'madness' in administration and governance that he tried to implement in his times in India.

Modern India is a federal democratic state. There is no single Tuglaq to forcefully enforce their bright and intelligent ideas of administration on the people.

On the contrary, there are innumerable invisible Tughlaqs !

They keep making and breaking rules and laws !

Modern India is one country in the world which is governed on the 'strength' of  an infinite number of laws dating from the Mughal times onwards or even from the days of Muhammad-Bin Tughlaq.

Indians never discard anything old !

If some thing is problematic they prefer to repair it and re-use it.

So if a law is problematic they amend it, never discard it. No one in India can say for sure how many laws and amendments exist in Modern India !

The invisible Tughlaqs of Modern India are equally intelligent and ambitious, just as their Pagla Sultan who ruled centuries ago. They keep making laws with good intentions, but without proper assessments, only to realize the follies later.

They are equally zealous and they too cannot wait a moment once they conceive an idea ! 

They are equally swift in amending the laws if there is a problem, and are willing to amend it many times later if some one raises an issue.

Innumerable laws and innumerable amendments !

As such the ordinary Indian is not as literate, intelligent or wise as his innumerable 'sultans' who keep amending the laws and rules.

But he is capable of understanding simple common sense. But the sultans have never bothered about his common sense !

So he lets the sultans to act in their ways and prefers to do things the way he feels convenient.

If the sultans say that is 'lawlessness' what he can do ?

Right from those days the common Indians have learnt the simple means to vent his steam without any explosions !

His murmers of anger on the sultans have never been audible !

If any body still considers India as Tughlaq land, I think he could be right, both historically and culturally !

What do you think ?

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