Monday, February 13, 2012

Skeptical About the Urantia Book? Read these !

Today while browsing the web, with key word the Urantia Book, some interesting information came to my notice which I would like to share with my blog readers.

If Urantia is still some thing that you are skeptical or suspicious about, you can read much about my tryst with it in the website I have created, the Urantia-India Website.

I was about to compile some frequently asked questions and its answers. Then I found this FAQ page of the Urantia Book Society of Greater New York.  Most of the doubts that a new person just got introduced to this great revelation can have are answered here.

Another one is a compilation of several Urantia Book related site links in the World Wide Web. A good attempt by another fan of the Urantia Book.

But if I do not provide you the link to read the Urantia Book Online it would not be fair. Here is your Online Urantia Book !

May God help you to read, understand and meditate on the higher knowledge that will transform you to higher levels of enlightenment!


  1. A new online resource for study of the Urantia Papers with "point & click" indexing to each Section and an A-Z Index (see Foreword page):

  2. The link to "this FAQ page of the Urantia Book Society of Greater New York" does not work.


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