Monday, February 13, 2012

Jesus' Personal Counsel to the Rich Man who sought His Advice !

Today my inner mind directed me to write a blog on the aspects of management of wealth by all those individuals who are really concerned with this subject.

Is it really hard for the rich people to seek and find God ? The scriptures say that it is indeed difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of God.

Perhaps it is difficult, but not altogether impossible.

The rich and the famous are often pre-occupied with many things that they are likely to forgo all opportunities to seek God and to live according to His will.

Those entrusted with richness and power have a greater responsibility to the society.

In this context, there is a detailed narration in the Urantia Book which tells about the personal advice Jesus gave to a rich man, a certain Roman citizen who came to Jesus seeking his advice regarding management of his wealth.

It is a pretty lengthy narration. But those who are rich and wealthy who desire to know what God really wants them to do should consider reading this- Jesus' Advice to the Rich

Just as Jesus had reminded the rich Roman, this advice is solely for those who seek it and not for the rich people in general !

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