Friday, February 17, 2012

Does Satan Influence Our Minds ?

Though there are reasons for believing in the existence of invisible negative powers generally called and known as the 'Satanic forces' as opposed to the Power of God, I do not subscribe to the notion that Satan or any of such forces attributable to that name now has any power to invade my mind against my free will.

I believe in the Sovereign Power of God not only on our world but also on all and everything in our Universe.

Yet, there are powers of various kinds, seen and perhaps unseen, all around me that could be potentially harmful to me.

Certain dangers are within my own capacity to resist or avoid.

For certain other kinds, perhaps, I need the invisible super protection of God.

In what way God acts is beyond my ability to discern. So I leave it to Him !

What intrigues me is not this.

Is the so-called Satan or Satanic forces influenze the minds of people to work against the will of God to prevail on this world ?

Are the evil things what we see on this world are the results of such an influence ?

Or is it simply the result of the evil mind work of the humans of this world ?

Though a good majority of people prefer to attribute the evil that we see now in this world as due to the influence of the Satanic forces, I have a conviction to reasonably believe that the evil minds of people are more to be blamed than Satan for all the evil things that we see in this world.

In this world now, the wicked minds of people are at work rather than the 'poor satan'. Even if the latter aids in spreading the evils, it is with the full and active support of the people who willfully give up their minds to the satanic forces to invade and manipulate !

The ways of evil invaded minds at work are not always apparent to discern.

There are such atrocities which are very easy for all to label as evil. We keep hearing and seeing such things day in and day out.

But the deceptive ways of evil are not very easy to recognize and are much more dangerous. More than perpetuating direct cruelty or henious crimes, the deceptive acts prevent good works from getting done.

These are the subtle games people play ! The deceptive games of evil minds !

Some of you might have come across people who for no apparent reasons start opposing an idea which you, for all logical reasons, have found worth executing.

Perhaps you wanted to donate some money to a charitable organization. Perhaps you wanted to help a poor person. Perhaps you wanted your church committee which managed some schools or hospitals to pay better facilities to the staff instead of exploiting them just as some other greedy business men do. Perhaps you wanted to amend a byelaw of your society or trust which you honestly feel would be better for all.

You are perhaps one of those persons who could actually act to get  these good works done, but it also depends on the concurrence of some others in the concerned group.

Here comes the frustrating difficulty which you have never thought would arise.

Some of those in your concerned group, perhaps you never imagined that it could be he or she, would all of a sudden begin arguing or working against implementing the good work. A negative force appears in the scene from nowhere to oppose a decision favouring a good work.

The good idea that many of you wanted to get implemented would stand abrubptly abandoned. And your frustration would be that you never thought such oppositions would come from such people who always seemed as nice gentlemen or ladies. Sometimes your frustrations could go high because no kind of logical reasonings would make any difference. The opposition to the good idea appears too stubborn.

I had the opportunitty of talking to some such people who had stubbornly opposed certain good ideas from getting implemented.

What made me amazed was the sheer absence of any good reasoning for their behaviour. Their stubborn minds appear as if possessed ! Possessed by negative forces !

Sometimes this kind of stubbornness from some persons becomes the cause for conflicts and fights. Many house hold quarrels between husband and wife can be traced to an issue of this kind.

Is it a result of the influence of the invisible 'Satanic forces' that cause such attitudes in some people ?

Only those people can say. They only know the reasons for opposing good works !

If you are stubborn to some issue even without your own logical mind could reason out, then possibly you should doubt satanic invasion of your mind. Knowingly or unknowingly your mind is 'invaded'.

But God has designed you to be free willed. Unlike Satan, God does not change his rules every now and then.

If you allow Satan to pervade your mind,  it is again your own free will choice !

Deceptive ways of Satan will work only when you allow such a thing to happen !

Unfortunately for those who have fallen to such deceptions, it is not very easy to come out of it.

Because their minds are filled with pride and ego, another all pervading 'gift' from the forces opposing God. A gift that makes their minds not yielding to the corrective tools that God has so gracefully provided to them!

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