Saturday, May 16, 2015

What is the Most Difficult Thing in Life Now?

Many times I had asked this question to myself. But before I come with the answer I found out, I would like to share some more things.

The answer to this question differs from person to person depending upon his or her state of mind and body.

If the person does not have enough for living a comfortable life, getting the essentials of life for sustenance would be the most difficult thing in life.

Once the essentials of life are not the problem, comforts, luxury, status, envy, partner, etc could pose as difficult things in life.

When these problems are also not of any great significance, then normally all human beings involuntarily take up various problems and keep worrying about those.

If they are successful in overcoming the problems, there would be momentary happiness of achievement. 

So, the most difficult thing in life keeps changing from person to person and perhaps you might not have given a deep thought over it yet.

I was curious to know. A search in the internet gave a variety of feedbacks from several people. [Click: What is the most difficult thing in life?]

But these are perhaps not the most difficult thing that I experienced in my life.

For me, the most difficult thing in life is to live in the company of stupid people. Human stupidity is indeed mind boggling in all walks of life and it is essentially the root cause of human problems! Not only it is a matter humor for some, but also the cause for all major man made disasters!

Had I been very stupid just as the majority around me, things would not have been very difficult. 

I also know the stupidity of writing the above in a democratic social set up. Being in the majority, it is very easy for stupid people to declare me as the most stupid. The democratic social media can very easily do it. If I open my mouth or make my frank opinions known, the stupid out there would immediately make me the most stupid and very easily prove that they are right! 

Philosophy does not get digested in stupid minds. Stupids in majority stone truthful philosophers! This has been the order of this world for quite some time and it would remain that way for some more generations to come! 

So, to avoid that kind of a situation, the non stupid thing to adopt is silence. Some wise loner in the past had said: 'It is wise to keep your mouth shut when the stupids keep talking!'

Indeed it is a very difficult thing. It is equivalent to life imprisonment. 

Talking about stupidity, recently blogger friend from the other side of the world wrote some thing in detail titled: ' A Cure For Modern American Stupidity!'  Though his thoughts and analysis are not any thing stupid for the rare right thinking minds, the majority may not view those that way! 

Fortunately, he is in a relatively favorable geographic location that no one has dared to declare him stupid so far. In many other parts of the world, those views and thoughts would not have been taken lightly!

But stupidity, whether for the individual or for the masses, is a passing phenomenon and it is bound to happen in an evolving world order till all individuals develop to more or less uniform mental maturity.

Inherent human stupidity will gradually get replaced with human wisdom some time in the future and from that point of time onwards, life on earth would not be so difficult for the men and women of earth. 

But stupid human acts in the time line of human progress can cause the civilization to go back to square one. Such retrograde developments had been happening in the past and it might happen in the future too. And that is the destructive power of human stupidity!

Stupid men and women have been making their lives as well as the lives of others miserable on earth by their stupid deeds and words. But the stupid ones are so stupid that they would never ever realize the reasons for their troubles. Only those in the non-stupid mind states feel the pinch!

What are the examples of human stupidity?

If you are not stupid, it is easy for you to find out.

Else you may never find any stupidity anywhere!

As for me, living among the stupid ones is the greatest challenge in life as of now.

It is like a risky trapeze act and you might need to know many tricks to survive!

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