Monday, November 21, 2011

Negative Blood Group and the Adamic Connection !

There are two prevalent stories about the origin of human beings on our planet earth. One is the biblical story of Adam and Eve ! The ancestral parents of all human beings ! But if that were true, all human beings should have been with only one blood group.

The second story is that of the scientific community which for some time wanted to believe in the evolution theory of origin. But this theory also cannot explain logically the type of blood groups, the Rh factor and the type of distribution of the blood groups in the various races and communities of peoples around the world. What makes us curious is the rarity of the Rh negative peoples and the Rhesus monkey connection that the majority Rh positives have.

Some of the negative poeple theorise about the possibility of the aliens invading earth once upon a time and cross breeding, the aliens obviously not evolved from the monkeys of earth and hence negatives.

But to my surprise, I have come across a book which has been in existence here for the last over half a century. Some of you here might have come across it.

Yes, I am referring to the Urantia Book !

I am not sure how many of the bloggers here have come across this book or know about it. In my country India, those possibly could have read this book could be counted on the fingers!

Whether you have read it or not, let me briefly introduce the ascertion the urantia book gives about the development of mankind on this earth [designated as Urantia in this book]

The book says the development of intelligent life culminating in the development of mankind is a type of controlled evolution-the control being exercised by intelligent and invisible administration of personalities belonging to and supremely controlled by what we call, God.

So a million years ago, a twin pair, one male and one female, now called Anton and Fonta, were born to a family of a kind of tree dwelling apes, with a modified gene structure, making them receptive to God and hence different from their parents. They were the first humans on this earth and their blood obviously contained the factors from their animal or ape-parents. They should have been with the Rh positive blood.

Man kind multiplied from Anton and Fonta for another half a million years. Possibly nothing happened to change their blood during this period.

But then, about half a million years ago, in one of those human families, called the 'Sangik family' a series of children were born who were different in their skin colors as compared to their parents. Some extraneous evolutionary modification exercise by the invisible organisation of God caused this. These Sangik children were in 6 colored groups. Their skin pigments responded differently to the sunlight spectrum colors and their natures were also different. They were the RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE and the INDIGO colored original races of earth. They were all more intelligent than their parents and their mental and physical capabilities were different. The RED-YELLOW-BLUE were superior in increasing order making the BLUE the most superior in their mind capacity.

From the Sangik colored children, the six colored races of peoples originated and propagated. As their were some genetic changes administered, they were to be believed as having some additional features in their physical build up and possibly in their blood. But since they all were descendents of Anton and Fonta, the Rh positive factor remained in them. Possibly at this stage, the six colored races got an extra factor in their blood- Making the possibility of blood types to six.

Later these colored races mixed and annihilated each other, making some of the groups totally disappearing, though their blood factors remained in their mixed descendants.

About 38000 years ago, God's administration brought a superior mortal race volunteer pair-Adam and Eve-from a superior world, many light years away from earth. They were brought in by using the dematerialisation and materialisation technique. Since they were not from the ape origin, they did not have the Rh positive blood. They were Rh negative.

The Adamic offsprings later mixed with the earlier groups of Sangik races. But this mixing was the latest and the least wide spread, making the Adamic negative blood rare in the human peoples that exist today.

The story is not this simple. You need to actually read and understand it to appreciate it.

For reading the book online use the links here in this site:


  1. You will never come to the knowledge of the truth when your starting place is a lie. I cannot and will not continue to read or waste my time reading your musings. I already know the end result is a lie. We did not come from apes. God is not a liar. God said He created male and female. They were not born from apes. If you sincerely want the truth then start with the truth. That is where I intend to start. I have no doubt that there are people out there who actually know where the negative blood group started.

    1. I respect your thoughts and feelings. It is really hard for many to overcome mind imprints to look beyond conventional thoughts and childhood learning!

    2. Nice respectful reply Rajan.
      It’s really sad,....reallyyyy sad !!!!

    3. Wonderful ! Very well basic explanation of the history of the blood types and how Rh- came to be part of the human race. Thank you !

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