Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Ambition or a desire to progress is an much needed characteristic for all human beings. Without ambition in the individuals, the society would be stagnant and non-progressive.

But the trouble is when ambition turns into over ambition in some individuals and societies.

Ambition without care and consideration to others is harmful. At the same time ambition has to be commensurate with individual capacities to fulfil the ambition in the right and fair manner.

There is a saying: ' A pint cannot hold a quart.' Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded.

You have a tumbler which can hold only 200 millilitre. That is its designed or inherent capacity. So there is no question of this tumbler holding more than 200 ml. If you pour more it would get spilled and spoil the area around.

Similarly, a person with certain kind of inherent mental and physical capacity cannot do a job which is beyond his natural capacity or ability. By efforts he can perhaps achieve the limits of his natural capacity but never exceed it.

This is something very important to be understood. All people are not alike and are not with the same abilities and capacities.

So attempting all to be treated alike would cause unpleasant situations.

Ambition of the individual has to be within his limits of abilities. If it is not, he will spoil the surroundings, if he tries to achieve over and above his natural abilities.

In India, we totally disregard this fact of life. We want to make those who do not have the natural abilities to discharge certain kinds of functions forcefully made to do those functions.

So we force some to become a doctor or engineer or administrator or manager even when they do not have the natural capacity to hold all those information and knowledge to discharge those functions effectively.

This is another situation in our country which leads to corruption.

Over ambition to hold a quart in a pint glass !

What a pity ?

[Source: BewareIndia ]

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