Friday, January 27, 2012

What a Wonderful, Wonderful Day !

The most remarkable and wonderful event in my life has been the day the Urantia Book came in to my life. At least that is what I consider now and I have no regret in admitting that.

Overwhelmed by what I had just began to realize by reading perhaps the most remarkable revelations of knowledge to mankind, I wrote an e-mail to the truthbook people who, with my permission, published it in their website ( You can read it here )

That was some time towards the end of 2008.

Many such overwhelmed readers' reactions have been included ever since. Each one of those personal experiences are unique and worth reading.

These experiences are given in the truthbook site with the title : How the Urantia Book changed my life

For those new to the Urantia Book, both admirers and skeptics, these testimonies provide some insight into the ways by which God keeps acting on this world.

Understanding God's love is a great realization!

The day one realizes it ought to be a wonderful day !

Those who realized these ought to be wonderful persons !

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