Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth it contains !

People with an inclination towards corruption try to argue hundred and one reasons for justifying their actions of corrupt deeds. Deep in their minds they know that their corrupt actions are indeed corrupt and not good for them and the society.

To offset their mental pricks, they develop an argumentative difence in support of their acts. The more they try to defend themselves, the more the likely hood of their deeds actually in error and in truthlessness.

The Indian society at this stage is in a situation where a good majority of people are trying to bring out more and more arguments [either publicly or privately to themselves] to support their actions of dishonesty and falsehoods. The more they feel doing it, the more the likely hood of those actions actually being not truthful or dishonest.

If you are a human being, you do have a pilot lamp deep somewhere in your mind which is Godly and hence truthful. You cannot escape the watchful supervision of this Godly power which tells you what is right and what is wrong. You do not need any one else to make you understand that. But when you do an act of dishonesty or an act which is not good to you or others around you in the long run, you have to try hard to make arguments in defence of your erroneous act in your mind to your own divine guide that is within you.

The more you have to argue, the more you are indeed in error.

Winning a technical success with your arguments means that you weaken your inner pilot of wisdom and godliness. Your chances of making such success later increases and eventually you progress to a life of vices and dishonesty. Your pilot has weakened and there is every chance that your life deviates from the normal course causing such events destructive to you and others in the due course of time.

Those indulging and arguing in favour of dishonesty and leading a life that can be adjudged as corrupt not necessarily by others but even by their own inner self, will sooner or later realise their follies in life that they had committed in their prime times.

I have seen such kind of people, materially successful, but desolate and pathetic mentally.

What kind of a success it is !

Do you want successful people of this kind everywhere in your society ?

Source: BewareIndia


  1. good application of Morantia Mota


    1. You got it right.

      Will it be possible for most humans to grasp the meanings of Morontia Mota and live according to it while they are still in their material form on earth?

    2. Yes you can understand Morontia Mota, that is why they included actual examples of mota logic in the revelation....


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