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If you have chosen to read on you are a spiritually curious personality. Religious inquisitiveness comes from the flicker of spirituality that we all have in our minds.

So I wish all success in your endeavour to seek and find truths about true spirituality and true religious faith. May the Almighty God, the First Source and Centre of all Powers in the whole of the Universe who is Our Divine Father bless you abundantly in your efforts to truely seek and love Him thereby move to perfection from the bonds of imperfection in your first level of existence as a living being blessed with a unique personality gifted by the same Divine Father.

As we are all children of this same Divine Father God, we are all from the same ancestry. Since we all have unique personalities we are all different, but our roots are the same!

We all have a God consciousness which is a natural inbuilt mechanism. Just as we have natural instinct to seek our biological father, we do have this instinct to seek our spiritual (by the term spiritual I mean something that is beyond our present sensory levels) father too. Again the degree of the strength of these instincts vary from person to person.

In India, most of the people recognize the existence of a guiding force resident on each individual which guides a person to recognize good from evil.

We Indians frequently refer this as our Inner Voice or 'Anter Atman'( meaning Inner Soul) or Mana Sakshi (meaning witness of the mind). So a person tuned to the guidance of his inner soul knows what is right and what is wrong. This concept is deep rooted in the Indian people with their beliefs predominantly originating from Hinduism.

The Urantia Book has re-inforced the truthfulness of this in a much more assertive and detailed manner. The Urantia Book calls it the Mystery Monitor originating directly from the Universal Father God and tells us that it is a separate entity that is now resident in the minds of all of us on earth and it is also known as our Thought Adjuster.

The Urantia Book treatise on the origin, purpose and work of Thought Adjuster is a vast and highly inspiring source of knowledge. I recommend that you read the Paper dealing with this topic in the Urantia Book itself.

The purpose of this blog is different. For us humans, religion is some thing which takes us to an almost illogical level of consciousness.

We have a religion. We are either a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist, Jew or something of that kind. We follow that religion in our efforts to seek God and get blessings from our God. Culture, faith, creeds, customs, history, superstitions and philosophy are all mixed up in our religion and faiths.

If you listen to your inner voice, you can very well separate good and bad from your religion. Unfortunately we normally do not venture into that.

We are too obsessive about our religious faiths and suspicious of all other faiths. Normally we do not even bother to find the essence of our own faith and that of the other faiths is beyond our reach. At least that is the way we treat it.

Let me tell you this. I was born as an Indian Christian. Again, there are large numbers of christian denominations and I being a Christian do not have much idea about all these.

Our religious knowledge is limited and greatly constrained. It is mostly true with my brothers and sisters who are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and the like.

We are ignorant about our religions. Our own as well as those others around us. And that leads to suspicion and suspicion leads to hatred and mutual distrust. Often this kind of a situation is exploited by vested interests for perpetuating their own agendas.

I have almost reproduced these words from a page of my Urantia India website where I have included brief details and concepts of all the major religions of our world.

In case you feel like reading those click here to visit that page. 

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