Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is it Necessary to Overcome Temptations ?

While we lead the life of the human beings on this earth we are posed with umpteen numbers of allurements which tempt us to take a choice in their favour. Back in our minds somehow we recognize that these may not be good for us or to the society that we live.

Yet, deciding to fall to the temptation is very common to most people. Often we keep doubting whether it is worth to overcome such temptations. Are we in any way becoming foolish by not accepting some of those 'golden' chances?

We are indeed free-willed. We are capable of taking any decisions, both good or bad. That is the way we have been made or designed.

We are capable of thinking and directing our thoughts in any direction, both creative or destructive, positive or negative. In the same manner we are capable of acting freely as per our own choice.

But in some situations we, of our own way might not think or act in a particular manner unless induced to do so by some external elements. These external inducements are the agents of temptations.

Though we are free to act in any manner we like, it is also the responsibility that is vested on us to safeguard our lives and the lives of others around us while we carry out our actions.

We are individual beings entrusted with social responsibilites.

So it is required that we use our free-will power cautiously and wisely so that we proceed safely while living the mortal life.

Temptations are normally those situations where we are incapable of fixing an immediate problem to either ourselves or others as a direct consequence to our acts in favor of the temptation and we apparently see something immediately very desirable to fulfil certain of our tastes, pleasures or instincts.

Let me illustrate these life situations with some simple examples.

As  free willed persons we are capable of jumping out of a speeding train or from a high rise building, but normally we do not do it because we know its immediate consequence. Even when such an act might give a type of pleasure fulfilling that part of our mind which finds pleasure in adventure we resist doing such a thing.

While driving a car we can hit any one or any thing or drive not following the traffic rules. But normally we do not attempt that as we know what will happen then.

Under normal circumstances we may not look indecently or ogle a good looking lady or advance towards her with that intention. Because we know the immediate likely consequences!

We may not steal some thing from the departmental store, even when it was very desirable but non affordable  because of the fear of getting caught.

But suppose a good looking lady, not your wife, takes the lead and entice you and there is no immediate likelihood that any one near to you knowing about it.

Suppose that some company representative offer you a handsome reward for doing him a favour from your organization which you are in a position to do by circumventing some rules which others are not likely to find out.

Yes, the latter two cases are examples of temptations!

Now the big question is whether we should overcome these temptations or not.

There are people who keep justifying the latter situations are sheer opportunities and those not taking advantage as foolish people.

They believe that a thief is a thief only when caught !

Many of us have heard of the Bible story of the temptations of Jesus Christ and how he had overcome those temptations even while he could have easily agreed to those, making his humanly life much easier or pleasurable. Even while he possessed the power he decided not to use such powers for his own personal benefit.

Only people of a high civilization and culture can use their free will in that manner! That is using the God given free will intelligently, wisely and judiciously.

So what do you think of overcoming temptations ?

After all it much depends on how we decide to live. We are free to decide.

We can live like a savage, totally care-free. We can also live like a civilized and wise person capable of resisting temptations. The latter choice, ofcourse, is not easy !

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