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Our Sovereign Lord: He has other 3.8 Million Worlds like Earth to look after !

Michael is the name used in the Urantia Book by the celestial revelators to denote the order of sonship of God responsible for the Creations of the various universes comprising of millions of living worlds-planets- like our earth.

The local universe in which Earth or Urantia is administratively a part is identified as the Local Universe of Nebadon. Nebadon is explained as a part of the physical Milky Way Galaxy that the earth scientists have explored with their telescopes. Nebadon is basically an administrative unit of Space holding millions of stars like our sun and other space bodies like planets. A planet where intelligent life has evolved is called a world. Our local universe Nebadon has an ultimate administrative capacity to hold 10 million worlds  and presently it has nearly 3.8 million worlds where mortal beings with will-power, similar to us but not necessarily like us, are living. 

Michaels are Creator Sons of the Universal Father God who is the First Source and Centre of everything in the whole Grand Universe and for a Local Universe, a Creator Son is the Sovereign who can be deemed as the God or Spirit-Father of all the created beings of all orders of life which originated in that particular local universe.

Incidentally, the Grand Universe comprises of several local universes and the total number of living worlds is to the tune of about seven trillion!

For a Creator Son of a Local Universe to attain ultimate Sovereignty of his Local Universe, he has to undergo seven bestowals or incarnations of life that he had created over the ages in his local universe. This is a mandate of the Universal Father God and the logic behind it is to enable the Creator to have some first hand experience of those orders of life so that he finally becomes a Perfect Sovereign of His Universe, in accordance with the Will of his Father God, the Supreme Source of energy, life, intelligence and personality that is in all the Grant Universe.

Jesus Christ, as known in the Earth's History, is identified by the Urantia Book's celestial authors as the Creator Son of the Local Universe of Nebadon. This was his final and seventh bestowal or incarnation. Completion of this last bestowal experience,  as one of the lowest orders of intelligent life, as a human being of Earth, made him elevated to the status of the Sovereign God of the Local Universe of Nebadon.

He (the Creator Son of the Universe of Nebadon) could have chosen any one of the other millions of planets (most likely much superior and much advanced in mortal life!) in his universe for this purpose.

But he chose earth, one of the youngest and least developed planets of his domain. Reasons why he did that are well explained in the Urantia Book.

Most regrettably a good majority of Christians cannot digest this. They cannot digest this new information about Jesus Christ which fortifies not only the reality of Jesus, but also his supreme standing in the universe. Earlier they knew him as God of just one Earth, but this new information of millions of worlds is somehow not palatable to most of them. What a pity, I should say.

Any way the Urantia Book tells much more about Jesus, which hitherto nowhere was written or documented. At the same time the Urantia Book does not contradict those authentic historic or biblical documentation about Jesus either, except that it makes certain clarifications to all those having the intellectual capacity to discern those new information.

The Urantia Book does not give importance to supernatural or magical stories attributed to Jesus, not because he did not have the powers for that, but because such projections of powers were just not needed to describe the details of the human bestowal of the Universe Sovereign ! At the same time, it does not hide those supernatural incidences that truly happened while he lived on earth as Joshua Ben Joseph of Nazareth.

For those interested in starting the detailed life and history of Jesus Christ as depicted in Part-IV of the Urantia Book, I would request them to visit this page of my website . Links to read the Urantia Book online and much more are available in this Urantia-India website, perhaps the first Indian website wholly dedicated to the Urantia Book.

To admit frankly, the Urantia Books' detailed information has helped me to transform from a near atheistic attitude to a firm believer of God and a sympathizer of all religions. It has also helped me to understand the predicament of Jesus Christ himself in managing the affairs of our own planet earth- a world full of free-willed mortals who are free to think and act even higher than himself. That too from a very insignificant and perhaps least developed world among his current domain of 3.8 Million worlds!

Being what Michael of Nebadon is, he would not in all probability like to interfere in the free-will capacity that has been so wisely bestowed upon all human beings just for the sake of inducing them to follow him!

For now, what most he would do is to give them some feeble advices in his own ways, that too for those who wish to listen ! Just as what he did when he lived here in the form of a normal human being named Jesus !

[Those who are skeptical of many planets and living worlds in our Milky Way Galaxy, I suggest them to read the latest estimates of NASA scientists which vindicates what the Urantia Book authors told us more than half a century ago. Read 'the Milky Way contains 100 billion planets' by MSN News. If you are curious to know what exactly the Urantia Book says about the actual numbers of planets which are abodes of mortals like us and more such information about our local universe Nebadon and its relation to the Milky Way Galaxy etc I suggest you read the Urantia Book Paper 32 para 2.9 onwards.

If you are interested to know more about the Urantia Book, please read related blogs here ! ]

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