Monday, January 23, 2012

The More Learned You are, the More You Respect Others !

"The higher a person's education, the more respect he has for the knowledge, experience, and opinions of others."

The above is a quote from my favorite book. (The Urantia Book: to know more about it visit the Urantia-India Website ! )

I have personally experienced the truthfulness of this statement. I can say that it is a universal truth.

We need to be educated and well trained to respect others. The lesser the education, the lesser we respect others.

The more the number of less educated people, the more the chances of conflicts arising out of disrespect to each others' opinions and viewpoints.

In the final analysis, when the majority are with inferior education, peace and harmony seldom set in.

You can agree to this view point only if you are educated ! But remember, education doesn't mean acquiring formal certificates from schools, colleges and universities!

A formal education is not going to enhance a person's wisdom. So real education is the sum of a person's knowledge, skills, experience, life observations, self generated thoughts and ideas, etc all proportionately mixed with intelligence , common sense and the willingness to learn from others.

If a person is truly educated, the first thing that he or she would realize would be the fact that his knowledge is too little. And that realization is a great knowledge!

Many people having many formal educational certificates from formal educational institutions are only people who have acquired some essential tools required for true education. They may or may not use those tools later in their lives. So, all such people are not necessarily educated in the real sense of meaning that the word educated imply.

When people initially go through formal education, they tend to believe that they have known everything in this world and there is nothing remaining to be learnt. That is because pride and ego filling their minds to make it blind. Such mind blinded persons soon become too incapacitated to learn any further and soon become ill-educated persons. They soon would become high level boasters making themselves a laughing stock among people while they themselves would be too unaware of such happenings around them.

On the other hand truly educated people continue to learn through out their lives and become too less talkative. They would give their advises and opinions only to those who are willing to listen to them and they would never force any one to side with their opinions or suggestions. Because they understand life much better than those less educated ones all around!

So if any one is disrespectful of others, it only shows that the person is not so well educated. He or she is still in the process of learning and has much left to learn in life.

[Reproduced and expanded  from the Siliconindia Blogs of the Author]

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