Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Progress demands development of individuality, mediocrity seeks perpetuation in standardization.

The title of this blog is is a quote from a famous book.

Unfortunately there are not many readers of this book in India. Those Indians who have heard of this book , called the Urantia Book, might be only a handful as of now. Those who have heard of it also might not be in a situation to read and understand the wisdom and knowledge that are covered in this great book of 2200 pages.

But my intention is not to introduce this book. Instead I want to discuss something about this philosophical statement.

Note the affirmation of this statement on the need for development of the individual and individuality of each and every citizen of the country for ensuring progress of the society. Progress here means true progress, not mere material progress achieved somehow in some direction by any means.

Now see the second part of the statement. It says that the mediocre people or the average type of individuals would prefer a standardised way of work. Because the standard way of work is easier for them and would not challenge them to use their brains and intellect. So standardisation is that the average type of people would need. They want standard operating practices for everything they do. They dislike changes.

These two lines read together then mean that the standard ways of working that the average people seek prevent the society to develop individuality and therefore prevents progress.

Average thinking persons cannot understand this. They vehemently oppose development of individuality and continuous efforts for changes leading to continuous evolution towards progressiveness.

Those who know the recent history of India would understand this. I do not know how many of the readers of this site understand the pace at which some mediocre people advocated the introduction and perpetuation of the ISO 9000 series of standards in all organizations in this country without really understanding the consequences of such a measure.

Now many organisations in India proudly display their ISO quality standard certifications in their corporate offices. But I am sure, many of those at the helm of affairs are pretty unaware of the damage the same is doing to their organisations with regard to progress of their respective organisations. Unwittingly they have put the hand brakes engaged and are pushing the accelarator pedals, wasting energy and wondering about the non-progress !

If you have the brains and the intellect, it is pretty easy to understand why these standardization efforts are hinderances to progress. But then you need brains to understand that. Remember the statement above: the mediocre people would opt for standardisation and seek to get such standardisation effectively in place preventing progress.

Again these kind of things perpetuated also cause perpetuation of corruption.

One has to be intelligent and wise individuals to understand that and untie the knots of the vicious webs of societal corruption that keep happening instead of societal progress.

But the situation would not allow individuals with individuality, character and competency to develop !

What a pity !

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