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What is the Content of the Urantia Book in Brief ?

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Since it is a huge book which uses some archaic type English and some nomenclature and phraseology not found elsewhere, ordinary folks may not cherish reading it.

But it contains some fundamental knowledge which is of importance to human beings. So I am attempting to summarize the contents of this book as brief as possible.

The book is a collection of a foreword and 196 subject papers written by more than two dozen authors. Though the identity of the authors are given in the papers, none of them are human beings. The authors inform us that they are real living beings, existing in a realm outside matter. This realm, which is not very much understood by human beings who exist in material realm, is designated by the conventionally used term spiritual. Just as we identify material energy and matter, there exist spiritual energies and spiritual matter. So living beings exist both in material realm and in spiritual realm.

Just as we have known various orders of life in the material realm, there are various orders of life in the spiritual realms.

Life again can be classified into two broad groups, namely, intelligent life and non-intelligent life.

Now all of these matters, energies and life forms came into existence from one source that we conventionally prefer to identify as God.

But God created all these by various techniques taking perhaps trillions of years.

Those that he created, before matter and material energies were created , were in the spiritual realm only. This may be deemed as those came into existence before time and space. Time and space, as we understand, came into existence the moment God and his spiritual associates caused the creation of matter and material energies.

It is better to identify God as the First Source and Centre of everything. We may better call Him the Universal Father, because He is the source of everything.

The Universal Father resides at the Centre of the Grand Universe, which for convenience we may identify using the known word, Paradise. Paradise is an enormous body made of a unique kind of matter and is the only celestial body which is stationary and non-spherical in the grand universe.

A huge system of specially created globes of enormous sizes revolve around Paradise. This system is called the Havona System. Both Paradise and Havona System accommodate various orders of living spiritual beings whose numbers are in the order of trillions.

Surrounding the Havona are enormous black energy bodies possessing enormous gravitational pulls which prevent matter and material energy to pass through. Only spiritual energies ,  spiritual matter and spiritual living beings can cross this region to reach Havona and Paradise.

Revolving around these black body cover around the Paradise-Havona system are the material space comprising of innumerable stars, nebulae, planets, black holes and the like.

This revolving material region is divided into seven enormous regions, each containing approximately the same amount total energy. These spaces contain matter in various stages of evolution. These seven regions are called the Seven Superuniverses.

Intelligent spiritual beings of various orders keep working for ages upon ages to fine tune this material evolution in accordance with the mandates of the Universal Father God.

Each Superuniverse under the plan of administration by divine forces are divided into local universes, minor sectors and major sectors. 1000 local universes make up one minor sector. 10 minor sectors make one major sector. 10 major sectors make one superuniverse. So, there are 100,000 local universes in a superuniverse.

Each Local Universe is further administratively divided in to what is told as constellations and systems. This division is made on the basis of its its capacity to hold planets which can be designated as material worlds. A material world is a planet under divinely supervised evolution where intelligent life forms like that of the human beings of earth are established.

1000 material worlds make up a System. 100 systems make a Constellation and 100 Constellations constitute a Local Universe. Thus a Local Universe is the administrative conglomerate of ten million worlds like our earth. Physically it might contain several solar systems and galaxies.

Each administrative unit such as the System, Constellation, Local Universe, Minor Sector, Major Sector and Super Universe have their own head quarters or capitals which are a group of specially made spherical celestial bodies several times bigger than our earth.

All these worlds are in real existence. We are not able to learn more about them because they are all several light years away. Living beings of the material kind, such as we human beings, who live in the material worlds could be much more advanced civilizations than us. However, none of them are capable of visiting another world near or far in their material bodies, due to the limitations of travel by material bodies and also due to the limitations of their limited life span in material existence.

Our earth belongs to a Local Universe, which is given a name (for our understanding purpose) as Nebadon. Nebadon belongs to the seventh superuniverse called Orvonton.

Nebadon is not a fully developed local universe. It is relatively younger in age. So far only about 3.8 Million worlds have established intelligent life in this which has the ultimate capacity of 10 million worlds. So many planets in this local universe are in advanced stages of life establishment.

Our earth which belongs to our physical solar system is the 606th worlds out of 619 worlds under the System named Satania. Head Quarters of Satania is Jerusem, which comprises of several non evolutionary spheres or architectural worlds.

Satania system belongs to the Constellation called Norlatiadek. The HQ of this constellation is named Edentia.

Our local universe, Nebadon, has its HQ in a group of massive architectural worlds called Salvington.

Systems, Constellations, Local Universes, Minor Sectors, Major Sectors and Super Universes are all headed by various orders of Spiritual Beings who all came into existence from God for that purpose at various times, either during the eternal period or later.

Spiritual Beings who are directly created by Universal Father or His immediate associates are all perfect beings who act in accordance with the will of the Universal Father, even though they are all free to act according to their own free will. However, as the order of beings, as they come into existence, become more and more indirect, there are chances of such beings becoming prone to error or imperfection while they act according to their free wills.

Life and free will are gifts given to intelligent beings by the Universal Father.

The perfect beings, though perfect and powerful, are deficient with respect to life experiences of the evolving worlds.

The imperfect beings though of lower power and calibre are provided with the opportunity to progress systematically under real life experiences.

All living beings, both perfect and imperfect, are according to the universal plans of God and have functions to perform in accordance with the laws of the Universal Father.

Living beings who live and die a material existence in the material worlds are the farthest order of intelligent beings. Though the most imperfect, they are provided with the highest opportunity for experiential advancement.

While in their material bodies, they are not very much equipped with qualities of knowing God or the functions of the higher spiritual beings. They are also not capable of going to the other worlds in their original form.

But God has equipped them with certain inherent powers and potentials by which they can decide to chose the way of life that is in accordance with the will of God.

At the same time, they are also free to reject God and His will. Rejection of God's will can be called sin.

By choosing the latter, they live their life span in this world and perish for ever. Their personality existence ceases for ever.

But by choosing the former, that is by living according to the will of God, their personality essence is taken up by the invisible spiritual beings when they die. This de-materialized personality essence of the mortal individual is eventually transmitted to the next world of existence where they get an appropriate body fit for life in that sphere. The individual thus survives death, though with a form different from his material body. The second stage of his life would normally be in an architectural world of the system HQ. The individual personality thus gain experiences of life in the second stage of existence and progresses further to other stages in a similar way.

Thousands of years later, the experientially evolving personality of the human being reaches the local universe HQ by which time he or she has become a spirit being with basic universe life experiences.

This evolving spirit being originating from a human being proceeds further to the other administrative HQ worlds of the super universe and finally reaches Havona and Paradise. This might take millions of years. But eventually he or she becomes transformed in power and capacity to be in the presence of God. There after this experienced spirit being is assigned duties in those worlds that come into existence at that remote future.

The human beings of earth (the authors designate earth by the name, Urantia) are slightly handicapped with regard to the realization of God's plans.

This is because of an unfortunate incident that happened a few million years ago.

The spiritual ruler of the system of Satania rebelled against the Universal administration. This personality is identified as Lucifer. Supporting him was his immediate assistant, named Satan. Though they have been restrained and removed from their administrative duties by the higher authorities, they have got some lower ranking supporters here and there. For example, the spiritual head and his spiritual assistant in charge of earth, named as Caligastia and Daligastia, together with a large number of spiritual beings working in their organisation decided to work in support of Lucifer.

This caused the central administration to cut certain facilitating aids to such worlds under the control of such rebellious spiritual beings.

This deprived them of the ability to make them directly visible to their material subjects, the humans. Direct contact between these immediate spiritual supervisors and humans got broken.

This has caused the humans to directly know about spiritual beings and the advanced knowledge that they have to be directly acquired. Human beings of earth, due to such a situation now are required to use their God given intelligence to know about all these things indirectly.

But the spiritual higher ups consider such human beings who believe in God without seeing as faith sons who are to be appreciated more.

The purpose of presenting the Urantia papers in the 20th century was a part of the plans of the Universal administration to guide the human beings of the truths so that it would help them to realize God's plans and live according to it, if they so wish. The administration has found that the time has come for revealing more knowledge to human beings. The time was felt appropriate for removing some erroneous concepts that went in to the human minds due to various circumstances consequent to the rebellion of the concerned local spiritual authorities.

All those details are presented in the Urantia papers in a comprehensive manner for those interested in knowing.

Whether to know it or not is again purely left to the free will choice of the human beings.

God does not change a law that he has made once.

Because the laws of God are perfect !

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