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God's Particle Discovery : What Caused Our Scientists To Be So Jubilant ?

Unlike any other normal day, all the leading newspapers and the electronic media in India today carried  more or less the same headlines . They all were beaming with the success story of the scientists associated with the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) in finding evidence to the existence of particles that perhaps made electrons, protons and the neutrons which have been so far considered as fundamental particles that constituted the atoms of all elements.

Many nations including India have contributed to build the $10 billion Large Hadron Collider of CERN where over 2000 scientists worked hard to prove experimentally the existence of a theoretical postulate about the most fundamental particle of matter. The scientists considered this predicted particle as the building block of all matter. They named it as Higgs boson, a name derived from the names of two eminent theoretical physicists, from UK and India. But somehow, this postulated ultra minute particle which apparently originated from nowhere has been popularly known as God's Particle. When some thoughtful men proposed the atoms as the smallest building blocks of matter they had reasons for that. Later, when other curious observers noticed complex phenomena such as electricity, magnetism and radiation, there was need for them to constantly revise their models of the atom. So the modern electronic theory of configuration of atoms of elements got fairly established.

For those who are not scientifically initiated, these knowledge simply posed nonsensical jargons. But they too agreed to the immense potentials of modern science that changed there way of living altogether by means of TV, computers, internet, mobile phones and the like. The practical side of science made the laymen to believe in scientists even when they had little knowledge about the works that they actually carried out.

Science and scientists got high acceptability and there was a time when many of the just initiated scientists believing in the supremacy of humans in everything with the advancement of science.

At the same time, scientists of the highest knowledge and wisdom, have been realizing an exhaustion of their rationalized thoughts. They were realizing the existence of an immense and all pervading power working invisibly behind all recognizable forms of energy and matter.

Yes, slowly they were zeroing into a reality that the philosophers and spiritualists have recognized long back. The existence of an all wise God behind everything.

Perhaps that caused the British Scientist Peter Higgs to propose his theory some 48 years ago. He postulated that some invisible force or energy field that pervades the whole space of the universe is responsible for giving mass to the building blocks of all elements of matter.

Initially most other scientists were reluctant to accept his theory. But as years passed, more and more scientists were drawn to think over it and slowly their scientific logics and experiments were compelling them to accept the possibility of God behind our existence.

The scientific community seemed divided over God. There were eminent scientists like Einstein who accepted God's providence behind everything in our universe. But there have been a considerable lot among them who ridiculed the idea.

So some one among them sarcastically called Higgs' postulated particle as ' God's Particle', perhaps thinking that it is never going to be proved.

Over the years the scientific community became so obsessed with it. Experimental evidence of God's particle was going to change their concepts for ever !

The time and costs for this were not going to deter them from this effort.

So began the massive international scientific effort in human history and the installation of the biggest scientific apparatus ever made by man- the Hadron Collider.

I do not know how much India contributed to this international effort of finding the God's particle.
Anyway, for Indians there is more to feel pride in this whole scientific exercise of all times. Because, the scientific name of God's particle, boson comes from the name of the Bengali physicist, Satyendra Nath Bose who worked with Einstein in USA way back in the 1920's.

Satyendra Nath's work in the USA nearly a century ago was not of much concern to common Indians and perhaps no one ever would have known him without this science experiment. Unfortunately, he did not live to see his name catapulting high in these years.

But Peter Higgs declared himself fortunate to see his predictions come vindicated experimentally by his successors. He is fortunate to see the world taking note of his proposition and approaching towards a final conclusion to his theoritical reasoning.

It is difficult for a common man to understand the complexities involved in this experiment to find the existence of these fundamental particles. The large particle accelerator machine that the scientists of CERN built for this purpose is reported as housed in an underground tunnel having a circular length of about 27 miles.

Now whether the physicists have actually found the God's particle or some thing near to it will only be known later.

But at least now they can say for sure that electrons are not the smallest particle.

They are also leading to the evidence to the existence of the all pervading invisible energy source behind all those visible matter and energy of the universe.

That is logically making the conclusion what the spiritualists and the philosophers have been asserting for centuries. God is the source of everything, though His presence is invisible in the ordinary sense.
So there is a compelling evidence to believe in God now for both the spiritualistic religionists and the materialistic scientists. 

Is it time then, for them to work in unison ? I think so.

And that is what the invisible authors of my favorite book revealed to us while modern science was in its budding stage. Yes, the authors of the Urantia Book told us that they are all real personalities who exist in a realm of existence that is not material, but pre-material. They preferred to use the word-spiritual( that word was vaguely understood by us)- to differentiate that realm of existence from our material existence (visible matter and energy are that we understood and believed as the only reality!)

I have all reasons to believe that most of our modern day scientists are aware of the revelatory knowledge that is contained in the Urantia Book.

But yet, they shy away from admitting that truth.

Because, if they say that God has taught them physics and chemistry, the not-so-learned majority of humans are going to laugh at them.

That is how they have brought up their science so far. They isolated spiritual knowledge from scientific knowledge and preferred to treat them separately in airtight compartments.

But now the time has come to break this compartmentalisation.

Deep in their minds a good majority of world's scientists are  feeling jubilant in proving the existence of God's particle. This has given them the opportunity to resolve a conflict that was disturbing them for years !

Also because this is the first milestone for the earth scientists to officially admit to the existence of a reality that they so far kept trumpeting as 'unscientific' illusions of the religionists.

It is also the first milestone of the organized religions to accept the reality of scientific evidences to fortify their position as some thing built on a universal reality.

Incidentally, the Urantia Book authors declared to the world in 1955 that the electron is not the smallest particle of matter. They informed us that the electron is in reality made up of 100 minute building sub-electronic particles which they called the 'ultimaton'.

For the convenience of my readers, let me quote some relevant quotes from this book in this context:

The foundation of the universe is material in the sense that energy is the basis of all existence, and pure energy is controlled by the Universal Father (God). Force, energy, is the one thing which stands as an everlasting monument demonstrating and proving the existence and presence of the Universal Absolute. This vast stream of energy proceeding from the Paradise Presences has never lapsed, never failed; there has never been a break in the infinite upholding.

There is innate in matter and present in universal space a form of energy not known on Urantia (Earth). When this discovery is finally made, then will physicists feel that they have solved, almost at least, the mystery of matter. And so will they have approached one step nearer the Creator; so will they have mastered one more phase of the divine technique; but in no sense will they have found God, neither will they have established the existence of matter or the operation of natural laws apart from the cosmic technique of Paradise and the motivating purpose of the Universal Father.

Energy proceeds from Paradise, fashioned after the divine order. Energy—pure energy—partakes of the nature of the divine organization; it is fashioned after the similitude of the three Gods embraced in one, as they function at the headquarters of the universe of universes. And all force is circuited in Paradise, comes from the Paradise Presences and returns thereto, and is in essence a manifestation of the uncaused Cause—the Universal Father; and without the Father would not anything exist that does exist.

It is indeed difficult to find suitable words in the English language whereby to designate and wherewith to describe the various levels of force and energy—physical, mindal, or spiritual. These narratives cannot altogether follow your accepted definitions of force, energy, and power. There is such paucity of language that we must use these terms in multiple meanings. In this paper, for example, the word energy is used to denote all phases and forms of phenomenal motion, action, and potential, while force is applied to the pregravity, and power to the postgravity, stages of energy.

Matter in all universes, excepting in the central universe, is identical. Matter in its physical properties depends on the revolutionary rates of its component members, the number and size of the revolving members, their distance from the nuclear body or the space content of matter, as well as on the presence of certain forces as yet undiscovered on Urantia (Earth).

In the varied suns, planets, and space bodies there are ten grand divisions of matter:
1. Ultimatonic matter—the prime physical units of material existence, the energy particles which go to make up electrons.2. Subelectronic matter—the explosive and repellent stage of the solar supergases.3. Electronic matter—the electrical stage of material differentiation—electrons, protons, and various other units entering into the varied constitution of the electronic groups.4. Subatomic matter—matter existing extensively in the interior of the hot suns.5. Shattered atoms—found in the cooling suns and throughout space.6. Ionized matter—individual atoms stripped of their outer (chemically active) electrons by electrical, thermal, or X-ray activities and by solvents.7. Atomic matter—the chemical stage of elemental organization, the component units of molecular or visible matter.8. The molecular stage of matter—matter as it exists on Urantia in a state of relatively stable materialization under ordinary conditions.9. Radioactive matter—the disorganizing tendency and activity of the heavier elements under conditions of moderate heat and diminished gravity pressure.10. Collapsed matter—the relatively stationary matter found in the interior of the cold or dead suns. This form of matter is not really stationary; there is still some ultimatonic even electronic activity, but these units are in very close proximity, and their rates of revolution are greatly diminished.
Light, heat, electricity, magnetism, chemism, energy, and matter are—in origin, nature, and destiny—one and the same thing, together with other material realities as yet undiscovered on Urantia (Earth).

Throughout all space, cold and other influences are at work creatively organizing ultimatons into electrons. Heat is the measurement of electronic activity, while cold merely signifies absence of heat—comparative energy rest—the status of the universal force-charge of space provided neither emergent energy nor organized matter were present and responding to gravity.

Temperature—heat and cold—is secondary only to gravity in the realms of energy and matter evolution. Ultimatons are humbly obedient to temperature extremes. Low temperatures favor certain forms of electronic construction and atomic assembly, while high temperatures facilitate all sorts of atomic breakup and material disintegration.

When subjected to the heat and pressure of certain internal solar states, all but the most primitive associations of matter may be broken up. Heat can thus largely overcome gravity stability. But no known solar heat or pressure can convert ultimatons back into puissant energy.

Throughout all of this never-ending metamorphosis of energy and matter we must reckon with the influence of gravity pressure and with the antigravity behavior of the ultimatonic energies under certain conditions of temperature, velocity, and revolution. Temperature, energy currents, distance, and the presence of the living force organizers and the power directors also have a bearing on all transmutation phenomena of energy and matter.

The increase of mass in matter is equal to the increase of energy divided by the square of the velocity of light. In a dynamic sense the work which resting matter can perform is equal to the energy expended in bringing its parts together from Paradise minus the resistance of the forces overcome in transit and the attraction exerted by the parts of matter on one another.

The relative integrity of matter is assured by the fact that energy can be absorbed or released only in those exact amounts which Urantia (Earth) scientists have designated as quanta. This wise provision in the material realms serves to maintain the universes as going concerns.

The quantity of energy taken in or given out when electronic or other positions are shifted is always a “quantum” or some multiple thereof, but the vibratory or wavelike behavior of such units of energy is wholly determined by the dimensions of the material structures concerned. Such wavelike energy ripples are 860 times the diameters of the ultimatons, electrons, atoms, or other units thus performing. The never-ending confusion attending the observation of the wave mechanics of quantum behavior is due to the superimposition of energy waves: Two crests can combine to make a double-height crest, while a crest and a trough may combine, thus producing mutual cancellation.

Primordial-force behavior does give rise to phenomena which are in many ways analogous to your postulated ether. Space is not empty; the spheres of all space whirl and plunge on through a vast ocean of outspread force-energy; neither is the space content of an atom empty. Nevertheless there is no ether, and the very absence of this hypothetical ether enables the inhabited planet to escape falling into the sun and the encircling electron to resist falling into the nucleus.

Local or linear gravity becomes fully operative with the appearance of the atomic organization of matter. Preatomic matter becomes slightly gravity responsive when activated by X ray and other similar energies, but no measurable linear-gravity pull is exerted on free, unattached, and uncharged electronic-energy particles or on unassociated ultimatons.

Ultimatons function by mutual attraction, responding only to the circular Paradise-gravity pull. Without linear-gravity response they are thus held in the universal space drift. Ultimatons are capable of accelerating revolutionary velocity to the point of partial antigravity behavior, but they cannot, independent of force organizers or power directors, attain the critical escape velocity of deindividuation, return to the puissant-energy stage. In nature, ultimatons escape the status of physical existence only when participating in the terminal disruption of a cooled-off and dying sun.

The ultimatons, unknown on Urantia (Earth), slow down through many phases of physical activity before they attain the revolutionary-energy prerequisites to electronic organization. Ultimatons have three varieties of motion: mutual resistance to cosmic force, individual revolutions of antigravity potential, and the intraelectronic positions of the one hundred mutually interassociated ultimatons.

Mutual attraction holds one hundred ultimatons together in the constitution of the electron; and there are never more nor less than one hundred ultimatons in a typical electron. The loss of one or more ultimatons destroys typical electronic identity, thus bringing into existence one of the ten modified forms of the electron.

If the mass of matter should be magnified until that of an electron equaled one tenth of an ounce, then were size to be proportionately magnified, the volume of such an electron would become as large as that of the earth. If the volume of a proton—eighteen hundred times as heavy as an electron—should be magnified to the size of the head of a pin, then, in comparison, a pin’s head would attain a diameter equal to that of the earth’s orbit around the sun.

Well, my dear friend, it is much more detailed in this book. This book was printed first in 1955 and the papers were actually handed over to humans a few decades earlier. That was the time when a few of our scientists were laboring to discover more about the atoms and the new scientific discoveries on electricity and radiation. At that time what they knew remained privy to only the select few scientists of the top institutions of the world. The laymen and the general media had no idea on all these.

If you have read so far, perhaps you can now judge that our scientists have not yet discovered the real God's particle, the ultimaton. But ofcourse, they are leading to it.

In my opinion the scientific community would definitely benefit, if they start reading the Urantia Book. Many have done that, though they do not admit it for reasons I have mentioned.

For those interested in what the Urantia Book revealed in the context of the building blocks of matter, I suggest them reading the Paper 42 of the Urantia Book : Energy-Mind and Matter.   

I am also surprised why our media fellows have not heard of the Urantia Book yet !

But the invisible authors have told about that too !

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  1. A couple of days ago, one of my blog readers, Mr. Obinna, asked me this in the comments space of a blog on another topic. I am reproducing that here:

    'Hi Rajan, please have you studied the flurry No 10 that talks about the Ultimaton. More on that here'

    As he had asked this question twice, I felt that he is genuinely concerned. I know there are others like him who get confused like this.

    The following was my answer to him:

    'Obinna !

    The link gives those things being propagated by a group of people in the name of the teaching mission which takes clues from the Urantia Book. However, what they propagate cannot be construed as truth due to various kinds of follies and errors which any wise man can discern. In the Urantia Book, you seldom find such contradictory things with some vested interests. While for curiosity I read all the new age and other materials, I can clearly see purposeful and deceitful twists in all those materials. So far I could not find such an error or twist in the Urantia Book. That is the reason I consider it as my favourite !

    Hope you understood !

    Pl acknowledge reading this comment.

    As this comment is not pertaining to this blog title I would delete these in a couple of days !

    I suggest you study the Urantia Book seriously. You will be able to resist all such diversions that do take place.

    Best Wishes !'

    I have deleted these two comments from the other page where it was originally given.

    It is here because I felt it might be of some help to others like Mr Obinna.


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