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How and When the Solar System and Earth Came into Existence ?

About 5 billion [500 Crore] years ago, our sun was a lonely star just completed its formation from evolving hot gases in an evolving nebular cluster of thousands of such stars. The formation of these stars in a specified region in our present Milky Way Galaxy have been happening for billions of years earlier.

The formation of visible matter and energy as extremely hot and nuclearly active gaseous spheres had taken place from an invisible non-material energy source which was pre-existent. This creation of visible matter followed certain universal laws of God and the initiation of the conversion of pre-existent energy to visible energy took place due to certain initiative actions of certain living agencies of God existing in the invisible realms.

Visible matter is made up of several structured and systematic arrangements of atoms following certain universal laws.

Atoms are again structured arrangement of sub atomic particles, the smallest being the electrons.

But electrons are made up of structured arrangement of the most fundamental particle called the ultimatons. 100 ultimatons make up the electron. Electrons that lose some of the ultimatons may exist as other sub-electronic particles.

The ultimaton is essentially a force concentration of invisible primordial force and ultimaton itself is so small and invisible. It perhaps has tremendous gravitational force that it attracts other ultimatons to form the ultimatonic cluster called the electron.

When matter is formed, the first to get created large whirlwinds of blazing gases, which break up to smaller globes or suns all moving in large circular or spiral orbits.

About 4.5 billion years ago, another larger star having a larger gravitational pull, happen to pass nearer to our sun. This caused some gaseous mass of from the sun to elongate and break away as smaller globes orbiting around it later.

In another about 50 million years our sun was with 12 planets, formed in this way, orbiting around it. Out of these the five outer ones and the five inner ones were smaller in size where as the middle ones, Saturn and Jupiter were much bigger. The smaller planets cooled down faster while the bigger ones kept radiating light and heat for a longer time and remained gaseous even after much cooling.

The masses of the planets over the next billions of years increased due to capture of smaller space wandering meteors.

About 1.5 billion years ago, earth became about 66% size of its present size and became a cooled mass of molten elements with the heavier molten metals sinking to its core. By this time it became highly volcanic due to the boiling molten mass of matter. The solidified crust was slowly forming.

Earths atmosphere was now a thick one full of hot vapours of carbon dioxide, water vapor and other gases.

About 1 billion years ago,earth attained nearly the size as it is now. Soon the water vapour began to condense and it rained heavily on the crust cooling it further. The water covered the whole of earth having an average thickness of one mile. This water was not salty, but mildly acidic. Molten lava from beneath the thin crust came out into the water and cooled. This process created larger depressions in the crust and the water moving to those and making the crust exposed at other places.

In another 5 million years, water body and land mass became separated and earth became one large body of water and one large body of solid crust without water above.

750 million years ago the first breaks in the continental land mass began as the great north- and-south cracking, which later admitted the ocean waters and prepared the way for the westward drift of the continents of North and South America, including Greenland. The long east-and-west cleavage separated Africa from Europe and severed the land masses of Australia, the Pacific Islands, and Antarctica from the Asiatic continent.

In another 100 million years time earth would become a planet ready to sustain preliminary forms of plant life.

[Condensed and adapted from Paper-57 of the Urantia Book]

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