Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If Any of My Blogs Initiate a Thought Process in You, I am Rewarded !

I have been writing and publishing quite a number of blogs so far in this site. Mostly they are in English and some are in my mother tongue, Malayalam. The blogs are on all kinds of topics that are concerning with our life in our world established on our beautiful planet earth. Occassionally, I have preferred to call our earth by another word-Urantia- which means our heavenly place, because it is a globe floating in the great vastness of the heavens ! Ofcourse, this word is not my invention, but it is from my favorite book of life guidance-the Urantia Book. You would get to know much about this book from my blogs as many of my blogs are based on the life guiding principles and knowledge that I have obtained from this great book.

I am pained in heart due to the unreasonable revulsion, that the majority of the people of this world who have some how known about this book, show towards it. A good majority of pious and religious Christians consider this book as some 'Satanic Verses' which got introduced mysteriously by evil forces of Satan in this 'end times' of our world. They are  perhaps are biased by some  teachings and forewarnings  by Apostle Paul in the Bible compounded by their ignorant interpretations of the Bible verses.

Majority opinion can never be the right one in a world of mostly ignorant peoples. Our world has not yet overcome the bane of ignorance and superstitions. The majority people in this world are now followers of a religion founded in the name of Jesus Christ. The second most prominent religion too rever Jesus Christ as holy personality. But yet, none of them would perhaps give some heed to what Jesus had actually taught. This was what happened when Jesus himself moved among the common people of Israel and Palestine in his times. They followed him more for his miracles than for practising what he preached.

If Jesus would make a second appearance now just as a common human being, none of the Christians would ever believe him. Only power and pomp can make a difference to it. Such a situation is because we all lack the ability to understand truth from untruth to varying degrees.

So the Christians would not accept any thing other than the Bible as the word of God. Traditional customs and practices are much stronger than the meanings of any writings ! For Christians all other books which tells some other concepts other than the Bible, even when they are not some thing bad after all, are not palatable and not acceptable.
I have only this to say to them. Such is the attitude of the ardent followers of all religions. For, to every religionist, their religion is their faith, perhaps the blind faith and hence so dear and unchallengeable !

The Urantia Book does not condemn any religion or its followers. It simply states the development of the religions in our world and projects the truths they contain together with the humanly introduced untruths and half-truths. If we are not spiritually blind, it is not at all difficult to understand and appreciate what the Urantia Book wants to tell us.
The Urantia Book emphatically tells us that there is no apocalypse waiting for us earth beings wherein our earth is going to be destroyed. But, yes, the earth is going to be destroyed of evil eventually. But it is not by a visible holy war as we have been taught to believe. It is a gradual process of human evolution by which humans would evolve to higher intellectual mind levels that they no longer entertain group conflicts.

And when such a time comes, this same world of ours would be literally Urantia- a heavenly place of light and life ! But at the same time, even this heavenly earth is not our final abode. It is only our starting place in our life voyage ! All humans will face death in this world even when our earth has evolved to the highest levels of civilization. But a material death of that kind may not put a stop to our existence as a living being having a unique personality in this vast universe. The how and why of that aspect are dealt in the Urantia Book in such details as never handled by any one earlier.

My dear friend ! How can a book that emphatically describes about the love of God and the eventual triumph of goodness over evil could possibly originate from evil sources ?

I have read almost all religious books of all religions. I have also studied the Urantia Book. That has enabled me to know that what the Urantia Book tells is true. And that conviction stands firmly until I get corrected or updated  by some other knowledge which could be judged as superior.

Of course, many people have tried to evolve fascinated writings and thoughts based on the Urantia Book knowledge. There exists even other kind of information in the form of books that came into existence before and after the Urantia Book. I have carefully studied many of those too. I have written about those in some of my earlier blogs.

But none of them could withstand the ultimate scrutiny of a truth searching soul. So I have discarded all those. To be fair enough, let me admit that there are wonderful truths and good things in those books as well, just as the many religious books that we have today.

But none of them matches the Urantia Book as of now. Yet, the Urantia Book is not a final word. It might need to be augmented with higher levels of knowledge, perhaps at a later age when human beings attain the capacity to digest and comprehend such knowledge. This fact is emphatically told in the Urantia Book itself.

Let me tell you this my friend ! Though I write blogs depicting the human triumphs and failures in their day to day life in management, administration, governance, family life, spiritual development, politics, education, medicine, etc., I know pretty well that we are all differently enabled as of now in understanding each other.

As each one of us is a unique being in different levels of perfection, we cannot perhaps agree to each other in all matters concerning our life in this world. We perceive and undertand things differently in many situations. Ofcourse, there are also things which we understand and agree in the same way.

And that makes us living in a situation of mutual understanding and conflicts all at the same time.

If my parents, my wife, my children all undertand me the same way and I understand them in the same way, there cannot be any conflicts among us. We will be in perfect unison in our family life. If such a situation extends beyond my family to my neighbours, my country and our world, we all will be living in perfect harmony and peace.

So perfect living harmony is possible only when we attain a high state of perfect mind state.

The Urantia Book says God could have made us perfect right from the very beginning as nothing is impossible for God. In fact God has created innumerable living beings who are perfect. But they are not human beings.

But in creating us in imperfection and allowing us to develop to perfection in an evolutionary path, God's wisdom is unchallengeable.

The Urantia Book tells us that this allows us to gain more valuable insight and experience because we have the ability to experience the contrasts in life.

A person who has known good and bad both and decides to opt good should be really good rather than a person who is good because he has no choice for bad !

What do you say, my friend ?

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