Sunday, September 21, 2014

Where Is This Incheon My Friend?

For the past few days, I have been hearing a new name - Incheon- occassionally while watching the Indian TV News channels . To tell you the truth honestly, I haven't heard this name earlier. I could also see this name appear in the other media, both print and online as well. But the news reporters hardly gave any clue as to where this place is.

Listening the news in bits and pieces what I could make out was that this Incheon is some city somewhere in some Asian country where the Asian games of 2014 is being held. Because, the news was about the Asian games and not about Incheon.

I self pitied silently on the present level of my general knowledge. Shameful! I have not yet found out where this Incheon is! I do not even know which Asian games is this or any thing more about it.

True, I am not a sports enthusiast and there is no reason why I should be worried about my lack of general knowledge about this sports event which is the Olympics of the Asians. And enhancing my GK is not going to reward me in any way now in the fag end of my career!

But yet, I am a curious man. When curiosity comes in I just could not sit without satisfying it. Many times I thought of taking the help of Google and Wikipedia which I now know for sure would give me the instant solution to my problem. Unfortunately, as what was told as happened in the case of Karna in Mahabharat, I was failing to recollect the name Incheon the moment I sat before the PC for browsing the internet. Without the key word, how could I possibly proceed to find out? 

Of course, I could have typed silly questions or illogical phrases with full spelling mistakes in the Google search bar just as millions in the world are doing today to find the answers they seek. The young men and women who work as programmers and analysts with Google have already found solutions as far as digging out information from the world wide web is concerned.

And the millions of amateur enthusiasts from around the world are using the Wikipedia platform to consolidate all kinds of information that any one might require. 

So, things are not so difficult in these days for those having the computers with internet connectivity.

But then the question that follows is this. Why do we have these news TV channels and the print news media? I am especially annoyed with the TV news channels of India because they keep making a mess on the screen visuals and the audio by cramming up too many things at the same time. Besides, every couple of minutes they give a break for several minutes to play their myriads of boring ad clips. When they start again, they keep repeating the same thing for another few minutes only to be stopped again to repeat the same routine! And the whole lot of them keep flashing 'breaking news' in such bold letters that eat away half of the screen area!

Perhaps they are trying to satisfy the needs of all kinds of customers. But the reality is that you just cannot make out any thing from what they keep beaming on a 24x7 basis! Perhaps, I am an old timer who is not fit to get to the wave lengths of the new generation viewers who are told as good in extracting all information from this kind of complex news telecasts!

But for me, things are totally different. I have stopped viewing this TV news channels of my country, especially those who boast as the national level players who convey the news in Hinglish (a mixture of Hindi mixed up with Indian English). But yet they come to be noticed now and then when I browse the hundreds of channels for some thing worth viewing, only to waste my available time. In that process, perhaps I do give an enhancement of viewership to all the channels!

Had there been a choice, I would have selected a news channel which gave the real news honestly without those biscuit and napkin ads. Yes, I know that these ads are their bread and wine and devoid of those they would not live for long. But yet, I would have preferred paying for viewing them rather than getting those ridiculous ad filled news! If some of the movie channels could be paid and ad free, why can't they?

And when that is the case, these news room boys and girls could have told us where this Incheon is! Perhaps they could have enlightened our general knowledge a bit more by telling us more about that city and the country too while giving us the news about the games and the medal tallies!

Initially I was thinking that I would be the only fool who did not know about Incheon. But to my great relief I found that a good majority are like me. Ignorant. They too did not get much from viewing the news channels and reading the print media.

So, what about you, my friend? Did you know where is this Incheon?

If you did not, just click these hyper linked key words - Incheon and Asian Games 2014- to know more!

Now you know that Incheon is in South Korea and its full name is Incheon Metropolitan Area and it is the host city of the 17th Asiad also now called the Incheon Asian Games. It is near Seol the Capital city of S.Korea and one of the fast growing modern city. The newly constructed Incheon Bridge and its International Airport are engineering master pieces!

But still it would have been much better if these news media fellows gave these back ground info too with their rhetoric of breaking news!

To tell you the truth, I have now started liking the Door Darshan News (DD News)- the Indian TV legacy owned by the government. It has improved much after the new government took over. Besides, it has much lower time wasting with boring ads!

Would you mind sharing your frank opinions? 

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