Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scrapping All Redundant Laws of India: The One Progressive Step By PM Narendra Modi!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is perhaps the first Indian political leader who was bold enough to declare the urgency of deleting all those redundant and conflicting laws of India that has caused the justice system of India a never ending process, if not a mockery.

Human beings are not yet perfect in their mind and body. They are in the process of developing towards progress. How many generations or centuries more we might take to achieve even a reasonable level of perfection cannot be predicted for now.

Indian Electricity Infrastructure-Contradictory Rules
Making Things Difficult For Everyone!

So, all the rules and laws we have been making become obsolete and useless with passage of time. The laws which the British enacted for India some one-and-a-half century ago cannot be justifiably valid for those of us who have been citizens of independent India.

Yet, the the independent Indian law makers never thought of studying the old laws and removing those laws which are not according to the letter and spirit of the Indian constitution. For all these years they have been amending and creating laws and statutes without really studying the implications of the the wordings of the laws that they passed in the parliament and in the state assemblies.

This resulted in conflicts and unjustified delays in settling issues in the courts. It also enhanced the time needed for the courts to decide upon the various legal issues brought before them to justifiable decisions.

A very interesting article in this context was featured in Outlook magazine written by Mr Arindam Mukherjee, titled ' And Justice for None'

The author very categorically made his point and I agree fully with him.

But kudos to our new PM Narendra Modi when he candidly admitted this lacuna in the Indian law system and declared the same to the world the other day. This is what he said:

" I have removed all laws that are outdated and redundant". He was speaking to the Indian community in the USA at Madison Square

He declared his intention to give top priority to remove all those redundant and useless laws of India on a war footing at the rate of deleting one such law per day.

It is indeed a good thing happening.

We should appreciate the good work being done by the present government.

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