Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10 Most Intoxicating Effects of Success-toxins in Leaders that might Cause Organizational Accidents!

In the wonder world of professional career, success is a key factor to measure the degree of achievement in life.

Life is deemed as useless when success does not come for a man or a woman in regular intervals of time. Ambitious people are not prepared to let success slip away from them. They would not allow defeat or failures.

Even if they are bed ridden in an intensive care unit, many professionals would not give up their fight to succeed. This is especially true for extremely ambitious professionals like the professional politicians!

Greed to work for money, fame, power, achievement and the like keep over powering their softer mind qualities such as compassion, love, sharing, giving and serving.

Compassion, Love and Sharing Are Like Duty Free Chocolates!

For them, their own self is more important than all others!

Both failure and success have intoxicating effects on them, though they get reflected differently.

Work is their passion, and that passion is the only thing that keep them alive. But work has different meanings in their dictionary!

Success acts as mind toxins for them. This intoxication adversely affects some of their key mind faculties.

When it happens, the effect reflects in them in the following manner:

1. They start believing that what is true for them is universally true.
2. They start believing that what they think is the right thing.
3. They start thinking that their interest is everybody's interest.
4. They start dreaming for greater things beyond their capacities.
5. They start thinking that every other fellow works because of them.
6. They set one standard for them and other for others.
7. They become workaholics with no time for other things.
8. They start losing their patience.
9. They fail to adapt to changing situations.
10.They start justifying all acts, right or wrong, justified for success.

The above ten intoxicating effects soon make the one-time success tasted leader beginning to lose ground sooner or later. Their mind intoxication causes their organizations to go through severe set backs.

But it is possible that the effect of success-toxins could be eliminated.

Would you share your solutions to nullify this problem? 

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