Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Are You A Hypocrite? What Causes Us To Adopt Hypocrisy?

Before determining whether you are a hypocrite or not, it is better to understand the meaning of the word, hypocrisy or hypocrite a bit better.

The definition as given by the wordweb english dictionary for hypocrite is : 'A person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives'.

On the other hand hypocrisy is defined this way: 'An expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction'  and also as: 'Insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have'. 

In Hindi, a hypocirte is called Pakhandi (पाखंडी). In my mothertongue malayalam, a hypocrite is called kapadveshadhaari (കപടവേഷധാരി), kapadanatyakkaaran (കപടനാട്യക്കാരന്‍) or kutilan (കുടിലന്‍).

In other words, a hypocrite is a false pretender. He or she pretends to profess some virtues or values that she or he does not really has. The person pretends to be too spiritualistic or religious in public, but in reality in his or her private life, does not have any thing to do with religion or spirituality. 

He or she may show a distate or aversion to some kind of food (for example non-vegetarian food) in public but in reality relishes on such food when in private. There could be many such examples. In reality, such persons are hypocrites and this dishonest nature that they have is hypocrisy.

TV still showing Indian politicians with Pope in Vatican

Politicians are generally perceived as hypocrites of the highest order. They profess some thing in public but do not really mean so. Since politicians are democratic leaders, it is to be presumed that the society that elects hypocrites as its leaders is also essentially hypocritical in its collective behavior. 

In a hypocritical society, what you see or presume as a reality may not be so. It would be a delusion. It is a maya or an illusion.

Hypocrites cause rules and laws to become complex by perpetual and contradictory amendments resulting in practical lawlessness.  

For a hypocrite, true belief or conviction is different from what is being professed or practised. In other words, a hypocrite's actions contradicts his or her declared beliefs.

If there is no difference between one's acts and beliefs, perhaps he or she is not a hypocrite.

Thus, a religious fanatic who commits horrendous acts in support of his or her stated belief cannot be considered as a hypocrite even while they exist as possible threats to humanity.

A hypocrite could be in constant mental tension because of the willful contradictions that he or she keeps committing against their true convictions. 

Hypocrisy develops due to unexplained fears that are hidden in the minds of people. Hypocrites are essentially cowards who lack the courage to stand up to the truths.

Hypocrites always prefer to side with those in power or those in majority because of their fear. They are good sycophants too!

It may not be an easy thing for non-hypocrites to live peacefully among hypocrites unless they too learn the art of living hypocritically!

Right from the olden days and even today, hypocrites appear as materially successful people. Nevertheless, they keep suffering internal mental conflicts and face problem of mind and body. Being hypocrites, they may not admit to such a thing!

Obviously, they are not honest to others or even to themselves.

So what is your status? Are you a hypocrite? 

Would you get rid of your hypocrisy if you happen to have it?

Now the best thing to get rid of hypocrisy is to gain the strength to admit it. Once you admit it and introspect, the techniques of discarding this trait gets developed.

But of course, there are people who are purposefully hypocrites. They are the ones who artfully use hypocrisy for personal gains.

It appears that our era is the golden times for professional hypocrites.

If you happen to be a hypocrite or otherwise, it would be of some benefit if you think about all that I have told.

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