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The Suicide Disease- Trigeminal Neuralgia- The Story How We Got Success to Overcome the Ultimate Helplessness!

Some years ago, my sister in law who is settled in Canada, suddenly developed a seriously painful health problem almost suddenly. It was later diagnosed by the Canadian doctors as TN or Trigeminal Neuralgia. Modern medicine recognizes this ailment as one of the most painful conditions known.

Unfortunately, there exist no effective cure for this problem in modern medicine, except some not so effective pain alleviating therapies, all of which have their own side effects. Once the prescribed treatment regime starts, the patient becomes more and more drug dependent. After some time, even heavy dozes of the known drugs would not give much relief and the patient's condition aggravates due to drug induced problems coupled with the original disease. These problems are all well researched and known facts.

My sister-in-law, being a doctor herself, understood the limitations of modern medicine and that caused much anxiety.  There was all possibility of she developing serious anxiety syndrome or other such problems as well, had the disease progressed further.

The Canadian doctors were doing all the best they could do. But all of them knew what was likely to happen after some time. The disease was one that did not have any known cures according to the allopathic system of medicine.

Though many people think of modern medicine as an advanced science which provides cures for all diseases that mankind faces, the reality is some thing very different. 

Modern medicine, unfortunately, does not have cures for all human sufferings from various disorders and illnesses.

On the other hand, there are effective cures or disease management systems in other forms medicine both traditional or contemporary. 

I had written a few blog articles on medicine earlier which could be read elsewhere in this site. You may read: My experiences and encounters with modern medicine!

The human medical sciences as we have today work in isolated compartments. There have  not been much efforts to combine the potentials of modern medicine with other systems such as ayurveda, homoeopathy, unani, naturopathy, the Chinese traditional medicine, etc and to evolve a holistic approach in the management of human diseases and health problems.

Let me come back to the story. 

I have been a person who believed and some what experienced the great potentials of the various systems of medicine that we have today. My sister-in-law knew this and due to that I was informed of the problem. I was also requested to find any known remedy in any other system of medicine for this otherwise incurable disease!

This was a decade ago and at that time I used to be in Bhilai, the steel city of central India. Mr Bhupinder Singh Bhatia, a mechanical engineer by profession was my colleague and friend. As a hobby he had been learning a difficult branch of Ayurvedic treatment called the Ras Chikitsa Vidhi (medicine system based on specially processed mercury salts and metals reportedly developed in India by Acharya Nagarjuna, some 2000 years ago.). He had also obtained a licence to practice ayurvedic treatment as a hobby.

Since Mr.Bhatia was not a professional ayurveda doctor, but a professional engineer, he was determined only to treat those cases where all other systems of medicine failed to obtain any cure or relief. He used to take up such cases as an independent research as an attempt to bring back the lost glory of Indian ayurveda. Being one of my close friends, he used to discuss his methods and the details with me. I was a serious observer to his Ayurveda experiments.

My sister-in-law was having such a health problem which was a fit case for an ayurvedic experimentation. I remember discussing the various aspects of the disease with my friend in Bhilai. With his knowledge, he decided to make a powdery mixture of medicine made from a few ayurvedic medicines. All these medical drug ingredients are prepared and marketed in India by a few Indian ayurveda drug houses in accordance with the processes described in the various sanskrit texts. Though they are not common, they are available in ayurvedic drug stores in India.

The following has been the proportion of the drug mixture to be divided in to 30 equal parts for 30 days medication  that Mr Bhatia suggested based on his knowledge about these medicines:

1. Sirguladi Vati (Bati) - 20 grams
2. Godanti Bhasma-20 grams
3. Ambar Kasturyadi Vati- 4 grams
4. Swarna Bhasma- 400 milligrams
5. Ratna garbha pottali Ras- 4 to 6 grams
In India there are a few traditional ayurvedic pharma companies that make these ingredients. They are Vyas Pharma, Krishna gopal ayurved, Charak Pharma, etc. In these, Krishnagopal is a charitable trust which makes medicines on a non-profit basis.

The ingrediants as above had to be ground and mixed well using a mortar and pestle. Fine grinding is very important for getting the full curative power of the medicine. The well-ground medicine is approximately divided in to 30 equal parts and was sent to Canada for the patient for oral intake.

The dozes were advised to be taken with tea or warm water  half an hour before or after meals once or twice daily. 

We waited to get the reports from the patient in Canada after she had taken the Indian medicine. We were surprised and relieved to get the very positive report. The patient got immediate relief after taking the first doze itself.

She never had the problem for the next many years and she did not have to take the entire medicine that was sent to her. The unused medicine was kept for any future emergencies, just in case the problem returned!

A month ago, she got the neuralgic attack once again, which was promptly overcome by a doze of the medicine that was in stock with her. Fortunately, these kind of ayurvedic medicines do not have any expiry date, had they been stored well in a cool dry place.

Her recent problem was communicated to me by her with a request for having another stock of the medicine procured for taking care of any future eventualities. I have just done that.

And that reminded me of  this case and I thought I should share this with my readers. 

This information might be useful for any such TN patients who suffer somewhere and have lost hope.

I also earnestly hope that a holistic approach to the management of human health problems and therapeutic system adopting an integrative medicine system approach would evolve in the near future.

Information Update (06th Sept 2017)

I have written another blog later which gives some more details on this, including the contact details of my friend Mr Bhupinder Singh Bhatia of Bhilai. This may be helpful to those who seek to contact him for possible Ayurveda treatment for TN. You may click the hyperlink to read that blog. 


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  5. Sir my name is Sree and I am from KL, Malaysia. My wife is suffering from the same decease for the past 4 years. Sir can you please give me the contact id of the person who prepared the cure for your sister in law. Or can you please tell where can I get the medicine.

    1. It is not appropriate for me to publish the contact number of my friend here. You may contact me by email which I would then forward to him for the needful. My email is given in the 'about the blog site /author page'.

  6. hi. What is your email address. I wanted to know more about this treatment.

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  11. Hi Sir.. I am suffering from TN problem for 6 months.. I tried to contact Bhatia sir in WhatsApp and didn't get reply..I couldn't speak because of the pain..

  12. Please let me know your email id..


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