Friday, October 19, 2012

Do Not Give Any Advice Unless Earnestly Asked !

Do not give any advice to any one unless he or she seriously request for the same !

My guide book  reiterates this rule many times. The presumption here is that you know for sure what you are advising ! There are people who keep giving false advices. This rule is not for them !
Unlike many others, God has given me a very special ability .

I can analyze certain situations, especially managerial ones, better than many others and come to certain  decisions which would be of the overall benefit to the organization in the long run.

Quite often my conclusions used to be much different from my peers and seniors and I used to be the odd man in the lot that the others being in majority usually go against what I advised. In the end it has been seen that they met with noticeable failures !

Later, as they had been forewarned, they quite often feel some kind of awkward guilt that for most of them it would be difficult to face me after they had met with such failures.

At that time I did not realize the golden rule  that I mentioned in the beginning of this blog !

I used to give my advice freely without any one seriously desiring that from me. It was difficult for me to restrain myself when I perceive some one known to me going to make some serious error.

More than a decade ago, I had an old professional friend who used to be the chairman cum MD of a very prospering engineering company. He used to discuss many things concerning his company's management with me. I was also known to many of the top key personnel of his company. This helped me to gain an overall bird's eye view of his company and its organizational management.

Then the company appointed a new professional man as one of its GMs. I got opportunity to interact with this person too. Soon this person became the closest associate of the CMD because he was too good a sycophant ! He knew the art of buttering too well as compared to all others in this company.

Soon this person began to exploit his closeness to the CMD for his own benefits and causing much harm to the company. The CMD by this time was totally infatuated by this clever man that he only believed him and none other in his company.

Serious problems were developing for the company. At this point of time some other senior members of the management of the company thought it fit to discuss this problem with an outsider like me because they knew of my friendship with their CMD. 

Analyzing the situation from the various pieces of information I came to the conclusion that the new GM was doing things to ruin this company and if continued unchecked this company would soon face bankruptcy. 

So I decided to advise my friend and CMD of this company without him asking for my advice. 

I remember talking to him over phone for nearly an hour explaining the situations and trying to make him understand the ulterior motives of his new GM.

But that was an unsolicited advice. He listened to me but was unwilling to take my advice.

In another one year time this company actually went to bankruptcy. It went out of all business for all practical purposes.

Later at some point of time, I remember receiving a call from this old man who managed his company successfully for so many years.

Now his company was no more in active business !

He profusely apologized to me for not heeding to my advice more than an year ago. Finally he concluded that it is God's wish that all these things happened. God had made his brains blocked that he could not accept the good advice from me ! What a great logic !

In reality he is not alone in making such conclusions. The majority of people conclude this way. They make God responsible for their failures in life on account of not proceeding on certain wise path !

My guide book says that it is not like that. It categorically says God is not involved with the day to day decision making of human beings.

I believe it.

God is not responsible for your human errors and misdeeds. If you have erred, that means you have not used your God given wisdom and intelligence properly !

What God has given is your free-will ! He will not reduce that gift by interfering with your decisions !

For using your free will wisely you have to soften your strong head a bit to allow the wisdom thoughts to be given some weightage.

Now for such head strong people, it is not an easy thing to accept any one's advice ! So, even if they chance to hear good advices, they most likely reject it.

For requesting advice from others you have to be humble. Your head potential should be a little lower for the advices to flow to your brains !

Then only you are in a position to process the good advice for your benefit.

Did you get now why my guide book gives the golden rule as above ?

Learn to live a humble life for making your life a success !

That is a free advice and you have not asked it. I should not have given it.

But then, those of you who are seeking earnestly only would find this advice !

So I am complying with the golden rule !

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