Friday, October 12, 2012

I Wonder Why They Behaved Like This ?

When I was a ten year old boy, I had a friend who was my classmate in my new school where I began my second innings of primary school education. The period was the mid nineteen sixties. The school was one founded by mother's family and later handed over to the Marthomite Syrian Christian Church of Kerala. At that time my uncle used to be the Headmaster of the school.

This boy hailed from a section of the society who were regarded as untouchables and his parents were farm labourers. However, at that time those things made no difference to us and we were good friends.

But then one fine morning, without any known reasons, this boy became my foe. He began to abuse me and openly declared me as his enemy. His verbal accusations and tantrums later culminated into we becoming totally strangers to each other. All my attempts of getting back to the old friendship miserably failed. We were no more in talking terms and that continued even after I left the school and hence forth.

This boy in his later years became a farm laborer himself and I remember meeting him once while he was doing some work for our family. There too he remained as if he is a total stranger to me.

I used to think about this incident a lot and even now occasionally I think about it. What was that thing that happened from my side that made me his enemy ? I remember nothing ever that happened from my side that could have possibly hurt him. Yet this thing happened !

But later I found out the reason for this incident. He was scolded for some thing by the Headmaster of the school who was my uncle. As he could not show his anger to the Headmaster, he decided to vent out his anger on me ! 

Years later, while I began my professional career as an engineer, there were two colleagues of mine who became very close to me. We all got married at that time and continued our friendship as close family friends.

Then one fine day, quite unexpectedly one of them began showing marked animosity to me and cut off his friendship with me. I was at a loss to understand what happened. A few months later the other friend too showed the same kind of behaviour. Here too, I could not figure out any reason !

Naturally, I had to doubt my own behavioural shortcomings that were making such things happen even without my conscious knowledge. That normally happens with people who are insane. Am I of that kind ?

So I kept pondering to know what happened. For years I could not solve the puzzle.

Then years later, quite unexpectedly, a mutual friend of ours telephoned me from the other side of the globe where he was working at that time. He asked me whether this first engineer friend was still keeping his distance from me. When I confirmed it, he told me a simple incident involving him that ultimately caused this friend some how worked out to think that I was the culprit ! Though we both laughed over phone, I was wondering on the varied nature of human beings !

Another small incident not involving me caused the other friend too deducing me as the villain cutting of his friendly relations with me.

I was reason to believe that both these friends found out their follies some time later. But then it was the guilt that made them to continue our separation that they started for no reasons earlier.

All through our prime youthful years they remained aloof from me. And we all became middle aged fellows with grown up children. Both these friends came face to face with me in some place on different occasions. They were trying to avoid me and slip away. But then I initiated the big hello ! In no time the decade old strangeness and unfriendliness melted away ! Once again we became friends ! But it is too embarrassing for both of them to initiate a talk on why they did such a thing after all !

These are simple and relatively harmless incidences and nothing of very serious nature. They should not have happened, but yet happened !

But we keep hearing much more day in and day out about the hatreds, animosities, animistic love lives, vengeance's, cruelties and crookedness of human beings !

But then life is like that !

Human beings are like that !

They keep loving and hating.

Their love can make our planet turn in to heaven.

But they prefer to hate and settle scores more more often than they love !

They keep behaving like angels and demons all at the same time with their demonic behaviours that keep surfacing occasionally subduing their normal angelic behaviours !

They have a godly mind and personality within their bodies of animal origin.

God has given them the power of mind and personality to master their bodies.

But they keep letting the desires and instincts of their bodies to rule over their intelligent mind !

I keep wondering !

Do You ?

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