Friday, October 19, 2012

Treasures,Talents and the PPM Process !

Some years ago I read a story of a South Indian man who owned a small dhaba [a type of cheap motel that is commonly found in India] on a high way connecting Mumbai and Bangalore. 

I do not know the truth in this story. Yet it is believed to be a true story.

One day a fakir came to his dhaba and had some snacks. But he did not have the money to pay the shop owner. Instead, he took out a transparent looking stone from his dirty pyjama pocket  and offered it to the shop owner.

The shop owner understood that this fakir did not have any money.  Anyway he accepted that stone instead. He thought that the fakir might have collected that stone from somewhere while on his routine errands for alms in the country side.

He examined the stone in his hands for some time and decided that it is a good paper weight for his dilapidated cash counter table.

From that day on, the stone was on this dhaba owner's cash table as a raw ornamental show piece and a paper weight. Customers, mainly truck drivers and other high way passengers looked at the odd looking stone curiously, many examining it by taking it in their hands and feeling its smoothness and transparency. 

The stone was on his table always, day and night. He didnot feel it as some thing valuable to be protected or kept in safe custody. 

Then one day, two jewel traders from Mumbai accidentally stopped their Mercedez car in front of his dhaba for some tea. While making their payments for the tea, these gentlemen too examined the stone on the cash table curiously. They asked the shop owner about its source and the man told the story honestly.

Then they asked the shop owner about their liking of the stone and their desire to have it.

The shop owner was too willing to hand over the stone to them for free. But just at that moment the gentlemen offered the shop owner one thousand rupees in return for the stone.

Suddenly the shop owner snatched the stone back from the gentlemen and put it in his drawer and flatly refused to hand it over to them at any cost !

Within seconds, the value less stone became a priceless treasure !

It was later realized that the stone was an uncut diamond of many carats. Eventually it went up and got locked inside a bank locker owned by the shop keeper. It has transformed itself to a treasure worth millions of dollars internationally.

There are certain things that we can learn from this story.

Whether it is a material thing as a diamond stone or an  piece of art or a piece of land or a talent of a person, the value of it depends on how people realize it.

You need some one who realize the value and project that value for the appreciation by others.

Picking, projecting and mentoring (PPM) is an essential process to enhance the value of treasures and talents !

Without PPM,  treasures and talents are worthless !

There could be innumerable treasures and talents in our world. But without some one to do the PPM they  all of them may not get the recognition and the value. 

Those who know the art of PPM are the wealth managers of the world !

Many rich countries are rich because they know the art of PPM better than others !

My own country India is potentially rich with innumerable material treasures and talented people. But unfortunately, there are not many who could do the PPM properly.

India's riches are like the dhaba owner's paper weight stone !

Yet to be picked up, projected and mentored for full realization of value !

Do you agree with me ?

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