Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Do My Blogs Have Any Impact on My Readers ? An Analysis !

A bit humorously I had told my readers this : Why do I write Blogs ?

I started writing blogs in sites like the SiliconIndia and the Wordpress. Then Google came up with Blogger and the Blogspot. Then I shifted blog writing to Blogger.

The reason for that I told my readers : Why I prefer Blogging with Blogger ?

But then to tell you frankly, there was a bit of another motivation for me to start blogging with Blogger. Let me admit it without hesitation.

That was the possibility of making money through Google AdSense.

But fortunately ( yes, fortunately !) the AdSense administrators rejected me as they find me of no value for them.

Had I been accepted, perhaps I would have got hooked up to a system where in my only interest would have been to write such things that most people like to read.

I would have been trying to write those kind of writings that tickle the soft senses of the immature readers for more and more publicity for enabling more and more ads on my blogs.

But AdSense rejection brought good sense to prevail !

The feeble voice in me became clearly audible to me now.

My purpose of writing has to be different.

Even if it is not any thing appealing to most people.

How much money I need for a living ?  

I already have sufficient money for a living. Then why should I need that extra from the AdSense ?

After all,  what is money ? I asked myself !

And I do not have much use with those extras beyond that I normally require for my needs.

But I do not have any heavy needs and unusual desires. Neither do I have the desire to show off !

Then I asked this thing to my self . Will I do some thing if it is not going to give me any tangible benefits ?

Can I do some thing for the simple satisfaction of the self ?

Perhaps, yes.

My knowledge and experience I got freely. Why not share it freely ?

It may not be useful for many. But definitely a few might be here and there whose minds get stirred up to think positively from the lines what I share with every one through my blogs.

Knowing about such happenings is the greatest pleasure that I can have.

Much more than the money and the fame !

So I write the blogs, share it through twitter or facebook or google+ once or twice  and the rest will be done automatically.

Those interested might find my writings and may read it.

For a few of them it might appear sensible ! Many might have a cursory glance and click away !

One or two may think of saying a 'hi' to me. One or two might express their feelings using the comment facility at the bottom of the page.

And many may look those tools at the bottom to find out who all are reading these blogs.

I too am interested to know about that.

It gives me a satisfaction to know that at least about 14500 page views have happened for my blogs which are not on any matters that can be considered as sensational.

People from more than 60 countries have glanced through what I am sharing with them.

Though I write for all who are intellectually mature, my target audience is mainly those of that category who are of Indian origin living any where in the world.

I am happy that it is taking place.

Let me thank all my readers who have the patience and mind presence to read my blogs.

Special thanks to those who take some time to express their views in the comments and to those who visit accidentally and re-visit for exploring more.

For your information, the ABC analysis of readership of this site so far is some thing as below:

5000 (35 %)
United States
4000 (27 %)
1000 (7 %)

And in the last about 4 months 2750 unique visitors from 69 nations visited this site. On the average they have glanced or read about 6-7 blogs out of the 156 blogs already published.

Thank you, for your patience !

Would it be of any use if I keep sharing my thoughts ?

I think I should honour your views !

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