Friday, December 7, 2012

The Phenomenon of Psychic Imprint and the Human Difficulty to Accept Better Things !

Imprint is a word came from the printing and publishing industry, which means making a permanent stamp about some thing (on the printed material or book).

Psychic imprint means making a permanent concept recorded deep inside the mind of a living being, animals, birds or human beings.

Zoologists have demonstrated that chicks of some birds imprint any moving thing that they see first after hatching out of the eggs as their mother. If they see a man, they are bound to be after him as if he is their parent !

Human beings do make certain imprints in their minds during the course of their life from birth to death.

Concepts of father, mother, siblings, relations, manners, cultures, language, religion, rituals and various other ideas and perceptions in the minds of human beings are based on imprinted information that resides deep in their subconscous memory region of the mind some where in their brains.

Unlike animals and birds, human beings have the capacity to change the imprinted concept using their intelligent logic systems that are also somewhere in the brains.

However, for many people having a lower brain capacity with regard to intelligent logic and reasoning, it is extremely difficult to erase an imprint that was recorded earlier in the memory bank.

That is why change is a painful experience for most of the human beings even when such changes are better for them.

More than ninety percent of the human populace come under this category.

So they may find it extremely difficult to change to a new house, new area of work, new method of work ,  a new food habit or a new religious concept.

Out of these the last one is the most difficult.

The imprinted concept of God and the religious rituals are the most difficult for people to change.

Organized religions maintain their hold in the society on account of this difficulty that the majority of people have.

Thinking differently is a difficult proposition for most people because their logical reasoning capacity is below a certain threshold. 

Yet they may be brought up to a different thought level by use of external stimulants such as lure, force or fear.

In that case their imprints get imprinted with a new imprint to remain in that state unless not changed again by similar techniques.

This technique is used by various cadre organizations such as the armed forces and the anti social organizations to maintain their cadres. Religious organizations may also employ this technique !

So long as the people have the biological deficiency in their brains to change their imprinted concepts by self analysis and reasoning this kind of a situation is bound to continue.

For making the society progressive, you need more and more people of the self actualizing types !

They are the ones capable of logical thinking and reasoning who can change their own mind imprints at will.

But brain capacities are birth determined.

Biological upgradation cannot happen overnight !

It took me months to culture out a special bacteria capable of consuming chemical pollutants from waste water from a sample of ordinary E-coli bacteria. Hundreds of bacterial generations passed away before the required ones with the ability of eating phenols developed.

I could see it happening before my eyes because bacteria has a life span of a few days only.

But in human beings that is not the case. Years or ages might be required for a major cultural change !

Though a few individuals might over come their difficulties for adapting and accepting good changes by their own determination and free will, it is not going to happen for the majority of people in any generation.

So those of the advanced types might feel frustrated.

But frustration is not the answer.

Anxiety must be abandoned.

The advanced types must also need to learn patience !

Because, impatience is a mind poison !

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