Monday, December 24, 2012

More Than the Heinous Crime It is the Insensitive Leadership that Makes Us Worried !

Just as the rest of the voiceless people of India, I too am pained to hear about heinous crimes that some fellows perpetuate on their fellow beings. India's capital Delhi is notorious for heinous crimes of all sorts for various reasons .

Delhi was looted and plundered many times in the past few centuries. There had been riots, wars, blood-sheds and repulsive acts of violence perpetuated by humans on humans witnessed by humans. If violent death makes the human soul converts to revengeful ghosts, as believed by most of the Indians, then Delhi's air space should be full of invisible ghosts perpetually executing their revengeful acts !

Could it be the reason for the ills of this otherwise charming city ?

Being experienced Delhi on a number of occasions, I have a feeling about the general culture of this city that is perhaps different from other cities of India. The deep rooted malice towards one and all without any apparent reason that is hidden in the nature of various sections of the Delhi society is perceivable by any outsider who happen to visit this city and observe it closely.

Gentle nature is viewed as a weakness in this city. For success and survival in this city, one has to be rude and arrogant. That seems to be the survival mantra of the Delhiites !

If you show off your power and affluence you are respected. Otherwise, it depends and no guarantees on what is in store for you. If you are sheepish and your power is not apparent, you might get cheated, attacked or brutalized. Even the boy who polished your shoes on the roadside could pounce on you and do such things that you never imagined ! That might even happen from a policeman on duty who was supposedly there to help you !

Delhiites are exploited and are exploiting all at the same time ! They are the oppressing and the oppressed at the same time !

How do you manage a metropolis of this kind ? In the normal way it takes the nuts out of those who are entrusted with the management of the law and order of a city like this !

But Delhi is not even normal ! It is unusually abnormal in that case too ! 

It is the national capital of India, a state and a metropolitan city all at the same time with three major executive authorities looking after its affairs in a complex manner.

Whatever that happens in this city happens in front of the top functionaries of the Indian government. 

But these functionaries appear to be so confused regarding their respective roles. And that irritates the Delhiite who is in his or her break even tolerance limit ! 

In other countries like the USA, the head of the state immediately acts and talks to the people and shares the government's concerns with the people immediately when some shocking incident happens in the country  and even assures the people in an assertive way to win of over their confidence in the governmental system. 

For quite some years, such a thing does not happen in India. When the people are agitated for whatever the reason, it is the prime responsibility of the top leadership to act and win over the confidence of the people. The democratic India seems to work like Hitler's Germany or the non-democratic countries with total lack of sensitiveness to the people's issues.

And that pinches the consciousness of every other citizen of this country, perhaps more than the heinous crimes that take place !

But assurance of confidence can only come from real leaders ! Unfortunately India lacks such leadership now.

I was just wondering. What a golden opportunity those at the helm of affairs in Delhi lost by not responding to the people, rising to the occasion ! 

Emerging India is waiting for some leadership to come forward energetically to tap their energies !

If history is any indication, wherever and whenever a nation failed in finding a good leader, it was the time for its eventual collapse to begin !

Is it the time for the first democratic India to move into that mode ?

Great nations like the USSR disintegrated in about eight decades ! The democratic republic of India too is nearing that age !

It is time to think to save the aging country from a collapse !

There is enough reason for us to be worried ! 

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