Thursday, January 3, 2013

Deity, Divinity and God : Fundamental Concepts According to the Urantia Book !

In this first week of 2013, I have been thinking of a spiritual topic that I should share with my readers from across the globe, even when such readers could be so miniscule. In any case, I am writing this for those with a superior IQ having some potential spiritual orientation. 

Since you have chosen to read this much, you should be able to understand these words, Deity, Divinity and God. 

The first two words are defined like this in the wordweb:  

Any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force.

But the word God is defined like this:

The supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe.

In a sense for most of us, these variations in the definitions and meanings do not make any difference. These are the definitions made by some of us human beings and we have done it most appropriately as possible to us.

But my supernal guide book is from a super human origin (whether you believe that or not, I do and have plenty of reasons to believe that !) Its invisible super mortal authors had chosen to widen the meanings of these three words for the benefit of some of those interested humans by revealing some secrets of universe knowledge hitherto not well understood by most of us.

What difference such knowledge would be to us depends on how we take it. We are at full liberty to choose. That is how we have been created !

Would you like to know what more information my guide book provides regarding these concepts?

Let me take the liberty to quote a small part of those for the benefit of those of you who have not yet come to know about the existence of this book or its contents, but yet possess the potential to grasp as I told in the beginning.

For your information, these quotes as below are from the foreword of the Urantia Book, which is my favorite guide book of knowledge about  many things that I have been eager to know for so many years:

Deity is personalizable as God, is prepersonal and superpersonal in ways not altogether comprehensible by man. Deity is characterized by the quality of unity—actual or potential—on all supermaterial levels of reality; and this unifying quality is best comprehended by creatures as divinity. 

Deity is the source of all that which is divine. Deity is characteristically and invariably divine, but all that which is divine is not necessarily Deity, though it will be co-ordinated with Deity and will tend towards some phase of unity with Deity—spiritual, mindal, or personal.

Divinity is the characteristic, unifying, and co-ordinating quality of Deity.

Divinity is creature comprehensible as truth, beauty, and goodness; correlated in personality as love, mercy, and ministry (service or work) ; disclosed on impersonal levels as justice, power, and sovereignty.

Divinity may be perfect—complete—as on existential and creator levels of Paradise perfection; it may be imperfect, as on experiential and creature levels of time-space evolution, or it may be relative, neither perfect nor imperfect as on certain Havona (the central universe of eternal existence ) levels of existential-experiential relationships.

God is a word symbol designating all personalizations of Deity. The term requires a different definition on each personal level of Deity function and must be still further redefined within each of these levels, as this term may be used to designate the diverse co-ordinate and subordinate personalizations of Deity; for example: the Paradise Creator Sons—the local universe fathers.

The term God always denotes personality. Deity may, or may not, refer to divinity personalities.

There is much more and it is beyond the scope of this blog.

It is not possible for our finite minds to comprehend the Infinite God or Deity.

But we can definitely comprehend those three divinity qualities of truth, beauty and goodness !

Did you comprehend that truth ?

Do you see the beauty of it ?

Can you appreciate the beauty of goodness in you and in others ?

Where is love, mercy and service fit in ?

Can you comprehend justice, power and sovereignty in the true sense ?

If you do, you too are progressing towards divinity !

And that means a lot for you and me !

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