Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Juvenile Justice Act Has Failed Miserably.....We Cannot Hold the Child Responsible For a Crime...!

The title above is part of a quote from a Judicial Commission Report submitted to the Prime Minister of India as quoted by a leading English Newspaper Online.

I read the news as well as the full report of the Commission. [You can also do the same here !]

The Commission Report is over 600 pages. Neither the PM nor his top officials would  have the time and patience to read the entire report. It would indeed a big problem for those down below to make a gist of the things from this huge report for the perusal of the higher ups.

In that process what is going to happen cannot be predicted by even those with divine qualities !

In short, the Commission's observation means that anyone committing a heinous crime is not responsible for that if he or she was not provided with the life as guaranteed by the Constitution during his or her childhood. I may be wrong, but that is what I understood !

There are many other issues that are covered in the report. Perhaps, individually no one in this country would ever be in a position to resolve any of those.

That simply means that it is futile for any one to expect any thing good coming out as a consequence of that report. The Commission Report itself points out to such an eventuality as it cites the fate of many previous Commission recommendations.

What should we do now, dear citizens of India ?

Massive protests and rallies are not going to work !

Commission reports are not going to make any dent !

Pray to God for sending another 'Avatar'. It is long time that the last one has left ! It's already due !

I was just thinking.

If all the destitute children of this country are recruited by the anti-socials just at the appropriate time to commit crimes of the highest order, they need not worry of getting any punishment. Atleast that is guaranteed by the government by enacting cent percent humane juvenile laws.

While guaranteeing the rights of the hapless, if some problems happen to the affluent class, that is just a pardonable thing. Nothing very serious !

Last week a high tech personality from north India dared to commit a high-tech house break and auto theft in a South Indian capital. He was made a celebrity by the committed media of India. And the efficient police from two states took him in their custody at lightning speed.

But what intrigued me was not this. It was the lightning speed with which a high profile criminal lawyer took up his defense even before the police could comfortably reach station with the said accused.

The lawyer admitted in a TV channel interview that he was retained by some people to defend the man and get him released on bail.

What does it convey ? All criminals who are capable of doing dare devil acts  of crime have invisible god-fathers behind them.

No courts or legal system can normally dare to touch such protectees ! At least that is how it appears !

The legal system is essentially drafted to punish law abiding citizens who err or take chances with the law. It is basically made to scare the common man and not to prevent them from the hardened criminals !

Now who makes or drafts the law ? What is the role of the so-called law makers whom the people have elected in making the laws ?

Perhaps nothing much ! Except  saying ayes or noes when they are whipped to do so by their respective parties for those drafts made and presented by someone !

Then there are many more such who's and how's.

Under such a situation how can any one hold anyone responsible ?

If no one is responsible is it not a big achievement that we are still surviving ?

Those aberrations here and there should be ignored !

It is simple Indian wisdom not to see, not hear and not to talk such things !

Have you not seen those three monkeys ?

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  2. Very valid observations, Rajan. We have collectively contributed to building a system that protects those that abuse it. And the problem is that the rot spreads top down, rather than bottom up. The consequence is that the bottom is deprived of basic needs, and the best it can do is to aspire to get to the top, which it can do only through corrupt practices. The solution lies, as you have observed, within ourselves. If we all plug in to that higher self within us, and stay plugged in, in time, all will be well.

    1. And how do we plug in to that higher self within us, Subho ? Would it be possible for the majority of us to do that in the near future ?


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